Why Should You Get a Standing Desk Stool for Home Office?
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Why Should You Get a Standing Desk Stool for Home Office?

|Feb 24, 2021

Working from home is a trend that is on a constant rise. People from almost all industries are adapting to this type of work. However, you cannot expect your home office to be exactly like your traditional office. For instance, your old office probably did not have a standing desk stool, a home office staple!

If you have heard about office stools for standing desks, you are probably aware of how useful they are. They have a ton of benefits that can make your home office experience exponentially better. If you are sick of your mundane home office décor, it is time you introduced a fun standing desk leaning stool!

So, continue reading to find out more about why this piece of office furniture will completely change the way you work and make your life easier!

What are the benefits of using a standing desk stool?

Sitting comfortably on an office chair might seem like the ideal thing to do. However, there are many secret benefits of choosing an office stool for standing desk instead. Here are a few top benefits of using an adjustable standing desk stool that will instantly convince you to get one for yourself.

Benefits of using a standing desk stool

1. It makes movement easy!

One of the most tiring aspects of working from home is that you never realize where the time goes. Once you get too invested in your work, you sit in one place for far too long. This practice is very unhealthy and can trigger a number of health issues in people.

When you use a standing desk stool, you are more prone to getting up and moving out more frequently. It is comfortable, but it also ensures that you are not glued to your seat for unhealthy amounts of time!

2. It is very compact

An average office chair might occupy a large portion of your room. It is very important to be careful about what you put in your ergonomic workspace. If your home office is too cluttered, you will have a hard time focusing on your work.

So, it is important that you use space wisely and invest in an adjustable standing desk stool instead. Save up on space and leave room to walk around as your brainstorm in your home office!

3. Reduces leaning

Sitting or even standing while working can result in you leaning over your desk. This is very common because when you sit comfortably, your core and knees are not engaged. It makes it very easy for you to lean over closer to your computer screen and work.

However, with a standing desk stool like Autonomous Chair Move, most of your body muscles will be engaged. You will be working with the right posture, along with comfort.

How to choose a perfect standing desk stool?

How to choose a perfect standing desk stool

With innumerable choices laid out for you online, picking the perfect standing desk stool can seem difficult. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you are looking for an adjustable desk stool for your home office.

1. Price

These types of stools are considerably cheaper than your average office chairs. The key to choosing the right stool is to make sure you are spending just the right amount of money. Most good models cost you anywhere around $100 to $150. They are long lasting, comfortable, and a great option for your health too!

2. Warranty

If you are getting a standing stool for the first time, it is impossible for you to like it right away. You might even have trouble using it, and so, it is essential that you opt for a stool from a good brand. These stools will not only be of good quality but will also come with a warranty.

3. Design


A comfortable seat, a sturdy build, and overall appeal of the chair is very important. You will be spending hours of your time on this stool, so it is essential that you choose one that is appealing to you. The comfort of this stool directly depends on its design too!

4. Service

There are a number of ways to use an adjustable desk stool. Getting yourself an adjustable one will help you use it in multiple ways and make the most of your money!


When you lean on a stool so much, there are high chances of it wobbling and becoming unstable over time if not right away. The best standing desk stool you pick must be strong enough to withstand all the pressure put on it and must remain stable.

Ways to use a standing desk stool correctly

Ways to standing desk stool correctly

There are several ways to use the standing desk stool. Their versatility is also another reason why you should opt for them. Here are a few ways to use them correctly and make the most of them.

1. Kneel

A few standing desk stools come with an additional space allotted for your knees. You can place your knees on this stool while sitting comfortably on the stool. This way, you get to rest your legs while still mainlining your posture.

2. Stand

Naturally, the best standing desk stool will allow you to stand and work too. You can take support from this standing desk stool and stand upright while working. This is great for when you need to take a break from sitting down and working! All you need to do is adjust its height and make it taller.

3. Sit

Photo of sitting

If you like sitting comfortably and working, this stool can do that too! Adjust the stool to a level comfortable for sitting and hop right on. You can then sit on the stool and continue working. Make sure to adjust it to a height comfortable for your desk, so you do not end up straining your neck and back.

4. Lean

The base of all suitable standing desk leaning stools is designed to allow you to lean. You can bend forward with optimum comfort while still maintaining your position. It contributes to your both physical and mental health. This kneeling is not possible with office chairs.

To conclude with

If you are looking to make a healthy change in your life, it is time you switched to standing desk stools. This purchase will change the way you work and make you a better version of yourself!

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