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Why Space is Necessary for any Office Chair Layout

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 20, 2018

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Office layout plays an important role in the mentality and progress of the organization as a whole. It brings creativity and collaboration among the teammates to achieve their professional goals together in conjunction. An efficient space layout helps in making things simple, cleaner and positive to look at compared to clumsy crowded layouts. It brings teammates closer to each other to share their ideas freely and build cohesion among them.

How spaces create a difference

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Every office has a different objective they want to achieve as a team. It will greatly impact the way of layout and design that is to be implemented inside the office space layout. Most modern offices are aiming for an open style office with dedicated zones for different activities. Spaces create a huge difference when it comes to designing an office layout. It is effective in creating an open and likable space for the team to work around without any barriers or hurdles.

Space management does not only give a makeover but also adds functionality to the office environment. It makes working easier inside the office with spaces to freely move around without obstructing other members on the team. A well-planned office floor layout will attract new talents and make it a pleasurable place to work for the existing employees. Office chairs should be kept apart from each allowing for space for the person to move. It is very essential for the comfort and efficiency of the people inside the office to have spaces but not left far apart.

Makes it more efficient

An efficient layout makes it easier to find the equipments and tools that the employees need in their everyday working. It wastes a lot of productive time for the employees to look around for tools and equipment when they need them to work. It also creates a lot of confusion and frustration when two people go for the same tool but the only one can have it at a time.

Creating designated spaces for every employee separately make it convenient and easier to operate. Similarly, if there is no space between the chairs, it will cause hindrance and disturbance to other everytime one gets up from their chair. There should be a planned space between every furniture, especially office chairs to allow movement and avoid crashing into others chairs.

Builds employee morale

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Design and office layout play an influential role in building employee morale and boosting their confidence working inside an office. Employee morale is directly linked to the quality of work and efficiency, which can greatly impact the organization’s workflow overall. Design not only points out to the colors and decor used inside the office. Spaces and layout are equally effective in building teamwork and cohesion among the employees.

Office chairs layouts are influential in bring the employees together without creating differences and gaps. If the chairs are too close to one another they will get in the way of other which can spark conflicts among the members. On the other hand, if the chairs are too far apart, it will create a barrier for communication and incoherence between the members. It is thus essential to have measured space between office chairs to support teamwork and free-flowing communication.

Convenient working environment

Convenience is key to smooth workflow, having the flexibility to grab things as and when you need makes it more convenient for the person working to better concentrate on the work. An efficient layout brings together people working on similar tasks that need cooperation. Laying out chairs according to the work they perform will make it easier to have departmental cohesion.

For instance, if the billing department is close to the accounting department, they can easily share the necessary documents without wasting time moving around the office. It makes the office function smoother and without any friction among different departments.

Propel Growth

Open spaces and collaborative spaces are the new trends in office design that is effective in increasing employee morale and hence propelling growth. Innovation has been a major driving force for most successful organization in this era. In order to encourage innovation, spaces for collaboration is necessary inside an office to freely discuss new ideas. It also keeps your employees happy and encourages them to dig out new ideas which can propel growth.

While remodeling or replanning the office layout, space is an important determinant to keep in mind.

Points to consider while planning an office layout

While you are out planning the design of your new office or simply shifting to a newer office, there are some points you must consider for effectively planning the office layout.

Plan your space requirement

Every office has different needs and requires a different planning for space and design. Some offices will prefer or be more productive with separate chambers like offices with a sales oriented job. Separate cube or space for individual ensure that the person can work on his sales peach without disturbing the next person or vice versa. This is also effective for the employees who work on target basis and have their unique way to persuade the clients.


On the other hand, technologically driven offices will want more open and creative spaces for the employees to share new ideas freely on the office floor. Office chair layout spacing is also a major point to consider while making changes to the office layout. It ensures better engagement and team building without creating any physical barrier.

Consider technological advancements

Technology is ever changing it will require you to plan for future upgrades before you plan the layout of your office. New and better tools and equipments are always coming into the scene that can help boost the productivity of your office. Not only that, in future you might need space for new research to keep up with the trend and introduce new functionality or product. This will require new space for teams to work on new projects.

It is always a wise choice to keep in mind technological advancement and the impact it can have on the office. This will make sure you do not have to rebuild the whole office when a new technology comes out or upgrade is required.  

Creating an identity

Every office speaks for itself through its decor and layout. Top office spaces in world showcase positivity, enthusiasm, innovation through its layout and spaces. An office filled with cramped separate cubes with dull color and boring decor will give out an unambitious vibe to outsiders. It will also affect the people inside the office who will not feel motivated to work. The decor and layout will make them feel trapped and forced to work without the freedom to express themselves.

This is a major concern as it will hinder the growth of the organization and make the employees mere programmed robots working inside the office without enthusiasm and positivity. Contrarily, an office space with bright color and open spaces will give out positive vibes and project out the enthusiasm of the employees inside the office to the outsiders.

Provide an opportunity for growth

Every organization wants to grow and achieve new heights in their respective field of work. In order to keep up with the competition, there has to be a provision for diversification. New branches and new people can help in building new products or upgrade to match the trend. To grow big, you will need added workforce and effort.

This means that while you are planning for a new office or remodeling your old one, keep a provision for new employees and equipment. Planning ahead will keep you up with the competition and help you to be ready to get in reinforcement when you decide to diversify.

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Encourage collaboration

Creating separate spaces for each employee make them feel like a lonely guy who works on his own. However, an open space will allow him to chuck new ideas and discuss with teammates that can help him to be more productive.

It is essentially a wise idea for modern offices to allow for collaboration and spaces to share ideas rather binding them in their own space. Having some casual meeting areas where people can talk and share ideas informally in seen to increase collaboration among the workers. This in turn greatly impact the productivity and future growth of the organization.

Create healthy workspace

Studies have shown that sitting down for long hours is a major cause for back and neck injuries and problems among the desk workers. To ensure a healthy working environment it is wise to plan the layout in a way that allows the employees to move around in between the working hours.

This does not mean you to have a walking lawn or such, but providing spaces between the rows of chairs that allows one to get up from his chair and have a 60 secs break is healthy and essential. Additionally, proper planning of the office chair layout with ample space will ensure reduce chances of injuries from slips or crashing into another person accidentally.

Every department has different needs

Every office has different departments that work in cohesion or separation. As in the case of editing and writing team who are more likely to interact compared to writing and marketing. These two departments should be placed closer to one another to decrease the latency from carrying a message or idea around the office to discuss. While the sales or the marketing team does not need to worry about the writing team as their work is not related. Additionally, common space between two departments on similar work provides an opportunity to share ideas and work in collaboration increasing the productivity of the office overall.

Positive changes

An office layout change can bring a noticeable change in the attitude of the employees inside the office. Just think of an upgrade from a square box cubicle to an open office space will gradually increase the enthusiasm of the workers and make them feel willing to work. It inculcates positive attitude and allow the employees to have a better flow of communication among the ranks and peers. This helps in building cohesion and teamwork in the office and allow for free flow of ideas.

It is essentially the piece of the puzzle that will drive an organization to success. Spaces also eliminate differences from the creation of ranks and separate departments. Open offices thus make everyone feel more involved in the organization and have the opportunity to share ideas without any consideration for ranks and position.

Storage requirements

Storage in an important factor to consider when planning for office layout and space management inside an office. Every office needs a storage space to keep their supplies and equipment for future use or in the process. You must know how much space your office need to stock for the necessities to avoid any delay or hinderance in the working.

Planning for storage space in advance ensure your office is running smoothly and not wasting time waiting for supplies to arrive. You can always store the necessities to avoid any wait time. As it is something which can be estimated from before, it is ideal to plan for storage while making changes or making a new office. It will ensure you are not in short of space for storing the supplies and necessities for the office.

Final Thoughts

Spaces play a vital and influential role in any office layout. It can impact the morale or the employees along with their productivity. Spaces not only mean the departmental or ranking segregation, but also the space between office chairs and desk. Keep the office chairs too close, it will cause conflicts and accidental crashing in one another. Keep them wide apart and it will create non-cohesion and communication barrier.

In order to make the office efficient, space management and layout are of utmost importance when it comes to the success of the organization. It also helps in reducing the chances of injuries and provide a healthy working environment. Not only that, it builds cooperation and inculcates enthusiasm among the teams to work harder with best efforts. Make your own office layout design with functionality and efficiency in mind to make an identity unique to your organization or office.

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