Why Standing Desks Are Becoming a Necessity In Modern Society

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 10, 2017

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From the health benefits associated with standing while working, to keeping you more focused while in the workplace — standing desks are becoming the norm for modern offices and schools.

Think about your office for a moment. You probably have a desk that you sit at for most of the day, breaking for lunch, coffee, and the occasional stretch. If this sounds familiar then you are just one of the thousands across the world that have the same work environment and likely suffer from the same dangers of sitting all day.

Fewer people than ever before are making their living doing physical labor. Some studies from the 1950s even show that people who worked on their feet had a much lower risk of heart disease. Today, however, the job force has shifted and more people are sitting at desks to complete their daily tasks.

Your children are also at the same risk. Schools traditionally offer low, uncomfortable desks where learning is expected to happen daily. Not only can an adjustable stand up desk help efficiency, but it will also help keep your kids healthy.

Risks of sitting

So what are some of those risks of sitting at a desk all day? Many studies show sitting too much can cause obesity, increased blood pressure, and an increased risk of death. Lack of physical activity has been proven to contribute to more than 3 million deaths a year worldwide.

sitting at an office desk


Sitting too much is shown to have an effect on how strong and useful your legs are. Sitting for long periods of time can lead to your legs weakening, and if your legs aren’t strong you are more likely to fall or strain yourself. This can also affect the circulation in your legs. Slow blood circulation causes fluid to pool and can lead to swollen ankles, and even blood clots.

Hips and back

If you sit for long periods of time you’ll definitely be feeling it in your hips and your back; especially if you are used to sitting with bad posture. Poor posture can lead to spinal compression, plus a strained neck, and sore shoulders.

Obesity risks

Sitting too much can also contribute to weight gain. A recent study on a group of office workers showed those workers who sat more during the day were less likely to lose weight. For children, sitting more during the day can impact their BMI levels, and it’s suggested that more movement can have great health benefits.

Anxiety and depression

If you think that sitting all day is only impacting your body — think again. It’s damaging your mind too. Studies show people who sit more often, are likely to have a higher risk of anxiety and depression.


Several emerging studies are finding links between sitting and developing certain types of cancer. Although research in this aspect is fairly new, studies do show people who sit more throughout the day are more likely to develop lung, uterine, and colon cancers. Physical inactivity has also been linked to breast cancer.

Heart disease

Other research shows sitting for long periods of time can contribute to the risk of heart disease. Some experts have found that people who spend more time sitting or are inactive have an almost 150-percent higher chance of suffering from a heart attack or a stroke.

Benefits of standing

So, now that we’ve talked about the ways sitting can have a detrimental affect on your well-being, here’s some ways you can make yourself healthier. A great way to start out is to invest in a height adjustable stand up desk for work or home. That way you can make sure to reap all the benefits of standing more without even thinking about it!

Researchers have found that if you can limit the time you sit to less than 3 hours a day, you can actually add two years to your life. If you can’t get an adjustable stand up desk right away, there’s other things you can do to make sure you are up and moving.

standing desk first class

Stand up from your desk whenever possible. Some good options are when you’re on the phone, or having a snack. You can even take a walking lap around the office every hour to loosen up your body a little. Also, choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator, and choose to park a little further away in the parking lot at work.Standing has also been proven to burn more calories than sitting, and give you more energy throughout the day.

You can also choose to sit on something a little less stable than a normal office chair. Some great options include an exercise ball or even one of our great ergonomic chair - The ErgoChair 2.

sit to stand smartdesk studio

Even when you’re not at work or school you can do some exercises to help combat the work sitting has done on your body throughout the day. Stretch your hip flexors out and even do a couple simple yoga poses to loosen up your back and neck.

Even just these small adjustments to your day can mean big things. You’ll burn more calories, get the muscle activity you need to keep your legs strong, and even find yourself in a better mood!

SmartDesk 2

Here at Autonomous we offer a line of products that will help you be healthier at the workplace and at school — integrating ergonomics into any environment. That’s where the SmartDesk 2 comes into play.

office furniture

The SmartDesk 2 is one of the best standing desks you’ll find on the market. This height adjustable standing desk has a 26-inch adjustment range and will adjust to your preferred height at more than 2-inches per second. Choose the perfect height for your adjustable stand up desk with the SmartDesk 2 anywhere from 24-inches to 51-inches.

The wide variety of options when it comes to height is important because it allows you to stand or sit while working at whatever height in comfortable for you. The quick adjustment process makes it easy for users to change between sitting and standing. This will ensure that you are able to get the most out of your health while still getting your work done!

The SmartDesk 2 continues to prove it’s the best standing desk with a programmable switch. This switch allows you to set 4 of your favorite heights to make it easier to adjust back and forth with just the touch of a button.

Autonomous.ai also prides itself on affordability. With most cheap standing desks the quality of the product will suffer, but that’s not the case with our products — especially the SmartDesk 2. Adjustable standing desks that fit to your needs are becoming one of the fastest growing trends in offices across the world. The SmartDesk 2 is the best standing desk out there and will be certain to impress you and make your life a whole lot easier than you ever thought was possible!

This adjustable stand up desk can hold up to 300 pounds of weight while still adjusting to your preferred height flawlessly and with ease. This means you’ll be able to set up several monitors and store all your accessories and other electronics. The 30-inch table surface gives you all the room you need to make this adjustable stand up desk the perfect workspace.

The reason a height adjustable standing desk like the SmartDesk 2 is good for you is because it helps make sitting and standing a natural part of your work day. The option to quickly change the height of your desk with the press of a button will help you move around more during the work day, helping you to keep focused and give your body the healthy circulation it needs throughout the day.

All of these easy options will help you combat those detrimental side effects of sitting too much that we talked about earlier. The best standing desk will help you move more during the day without you even realizing it. Suddenly you’ll realize you’re in a better mood, you have more energy, and you can focus better than ever before on the work at hand.

If that’s not enough for you, this cheap standing desk is totally customizable. The home edition of the SmartDesk 2 offers a single motor system, able to lift more than 200 pounds and is completely adjustable. The business edition is a bit sturdier, able to lift more weight and adjust even higher. You can also choose from several different desktop sizes and shapes.

The SmartDesk 2 is the best standing desk out there if you’re looking to delve into the world of height adjustable standing desks. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing you won’t have to be confined to sitting in your chair at your desk all day. You’ll find yourself with more energy and be more productive. No longer will you have constant concern about the damage sitting all day is doing to your body and your mind.

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