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Why the New Mesh High Back Office Chair is the Favorite of Desk Workers

Autonomous Autonomous | Dec 22, 2018

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Happy employees are productive employees as they feel more inclined to work while being comfortable and happy at workplace. Mesh high back office chairs are comfortable to say the least that make it ideal for humid and hot conditions. On top of that, mesh chairs look stylish and modern compared to the bulky traditional office chairs.

Office chair comfort plays and important role in the attitude and work efficiency of an employee. Most modern offices today are moving towards using mesh chairs as their office seaters. They are durable, comfortable and lighter compared to the traditional office chairs.

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How mesh chair is different

Mesh chairs are slowly becoming the trend most desk workers are catching up to. They have their own set of benefits and shortcomings. At the end of the day, mesh chairs are made of fishnet holes fabric which gives a mininalistic look along with modern style. Most modern design chairs are setting up mesh as their choice of fabric for office chairs. Office chairs are meant to be comfortable and durable to say the least as they have to undergo constant usage. They are among the most used chairs with constant friction and pressure.

While the traditional chairs have solid back which do not allow air to pass through thus can get uncomfortable especially in areas where humidity is high. High back Mesh chairs have a breathable back which allow air to pass through allowing breathability to the back of the person. While you are sitting down for long hours, breathability can make a difference for your comfort. Mesh chairs are however short on padding, so if you are someone how like softer padding will find it not very pleasurable to use a mesh chair. For people on padding side of things will always choose the traditional office chairs for the extra layer of padding and foam. While they can trap heat and make your back sweat which is not a case with the mesh chairs.

Why mesh chair is so sought-after

Mesh chair has gain its popularity for its looks and minimalistic design. It makes them an easy fit with most office space without making it look crowded or bulky. High back mesh chairs are also lighter and eco friendlier compared to the traditional office chairs.

Breathable fabric

The biggest benefit of mesh chairs are the breathable fabic that allow air to pass through to the back of the person sitting on the chair. It helps to prevent sweat and irritation from constantly pressing your back with the chair fabric. The breathable fabric allow the back to be cooled and prevent sweating even in hot and humid conditions. Traditional chairs are mostly made of solid fabric with foam for added padding which make them ideal to trap heat. This can make your back uncomfortable and sweat from being pressed against the materials.

Sweaty back is not only uncomfortable but can cause skin irritation and other skin issues. Mesh chairs takes out the possibility of your back to be blocked from ventillation and allow air flow to your back. If you are spending hours sitting on a chair, you are entitled to be comfortable and feel good sitting down on it for long hours.


The mesh fabric is flexibile that allow for great support to your back and adjust to the shape of ypur spine. Providing the support according to the shape of the spine is ideal to prevent any spine related issues and comfortable sitting posture. Sitting in a correct posture is of utmost importance while you are working for long hours sitting down in a similar position. High Back Mesh chairs are adjustable and they can adjust very well to different body sizes and shapes and shift the weight in a more efficient manner for comfortable sitting without hurting the back or neck.

Lasts longer

Mesh chairs may look fragile for the thin fabric that is used in the construction of the chairs. However, they are more durable than expected and can last a longer time compared to the full uphosterly chairs. The mesh are woven very strong with supprt frames made of steel and hard plastic that make it very durable even under constant pressure from the person sitting on them. Mesh back is also flexible thus it can distribute the weight in an more efficient manner which prevent weak spots on the back to wear and tear over time. They are also breathable that prevent sweat and moisture to stay on the fabric to damage it.

Modern design

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The reason mesh chairs have become part of most modern office setups is the modern minimalistic style. They look sleek and professional dwealing very well with any office decor giving a modern approach to the image of a workplace. High back Mesh chairs also come in variety of color options giving wider range of option to choose and match the style need. They also come in different pattern style and look making it look appealing to desk workers and offices. Additionally, they sit well with the modern approach to eco friendly office furniture. Mesh chairs are sleeker making them fit into tight spaces wihout making it look clumsy.

Easy maintenance

The perforated fabric prevent it from staining and getting wet from accidental water drops or sweat. It is easier to wipe out and keep clean from dust and stain compared to the full uphosltery chairs. A full uphosltery chair will have many tough corners that will catch up the dust and make it difficult to clean them off. Mesh chairs are easier to keep clean and keep them dust and stain free over longer period.


Most mesh chairs are made with ergonomics in mind making them great for support to the back. As the mesh is easier to shape to match the natural curve of our spine they are great option for people looking for great ergonomic in their office chairs. High back mesh chairs come with support for your head and shoulders which provide extra comfort while using keyboard or working on the desk. It prevent neck and shoulder pains which can result from a bad posture and lack of support at correct places.

Features to look for in a High Back Mesh Chairs

Support for head and shoulder

Most hig back mesh chairs are highly adjustable making it great choice from the ergonomic point of view. High back chairs also come with adjustable headrest that allow for a comfortable head position while sitting on the chair and working on the desk. A comfortable head support means a great comfort for the head position and correct head posture while using a computer or using a desk.  High back allows for optimum support to the head and shoulder for best sitting posture.

Weight handling capacity

While you are buying a high back mesh chair ensure it has a high weight handling capacity to allow for people of varied vody weight to sit comfortably. A good quality high back mesh chair will have a higher handling capacity for it to be comfortable for most body weights. As mesh is a flexible fabric the weight distribution is necessary for prevent breaking or falling apart under pressure.

Larger seats

Mesh chairs generally come with deep large seats for better comfort and ideal support to the lower back. Seat size makes a difference for the lower back as it need to be deep to provide extra support to the lower spines. It also allow the person to sit deeper into the seat with lumbar support that will keep him in a comfortable posture throughout the working hours. While the back of the mesh chairs are not padded the seats are usually padded. The depth of the seats also indicate the level of cushioning and padding that is present on the chairs. More padding means more comfort and lesser strain on the lower back. Thus take note of the seat size in terms of depth, lenght and breath to ensure it can be comfortable for people of all sizes.

Free rotation

Movement is necessary for every office chairs which make them comfortable and ideal for long office hours. Sitting down in a similar posture for longer hours are known to cause trouble to the back and spine. Most mesh chairs come with 360 degree rotation option that allow it to be useful in most situations. While you in the store poicking up a high back mesh chair make sure you ask about the swivel degree to be sure of the rotaion option. Some chairs are limited to 90 degree or 180 degrees which can be a drawback if you are not aware of the rotation while buying the chair.

Things to bear in mind for mesh chair owners

While mesh chairs are popular and desirable for both offices and office workers they have some points to bear in mind while you plan to use them in your office. There are not deal breakers but something that may be important for you to consider while you are choosing a mesh chair against the traditional chairs.

How mesh chair is different

Can cause skin irritation

While mesh is comfortable fabric but the coarse fabric can cause skin irritation and allergies to people with allergies to nylon, polypropelene, etc. It can also cause damage to cloths and dress fabric as they can get caught with the mesh fabric. There is a wide variety of mesh fabric that will react differently with skins. Thus check the fabric quality for irritation and allergy before buying a mesh chair.

Can be too saggy to tight

Mesh is a very flexible fabric that can adjust to the weight and pressure. Mesh vary in quality and flexibilty and thus them being soft or hard also depend on the material they are made with. Some mesh fabric will be softer while other are harder. In most cases higher quality mesh fabric are softer and they are less saggy. While the others can be tighter and less elastic compared to the ones with higher elasticity.

With usage over time mesh can get saggy, the sagginess level also depend on the quality of the material used. Some will hold its shape and elasticity for longer while other get lose prett quickly. The softer mesh will also be prone to cause tailbone pain and issues with lower back as they expand more and thus is not efficient in dispersing the body weight evenly. It will put pressure on the lower spines which can result in tailbone pain.

Chair frame can be uncomfortable

While mesh chairs are sturdy with their metal or hard plastic frame, they can be uncomfortable as there is no padding between the person sitting and the frame of the chair. The frame will come in contact with the body of the person which can make it uncomfortable to sit for a long time. Additionally, the front of the chairs can cut off circulation to the legs and lower body which can be a major issue if not monitored.

Some mesh chairs have come up with the waterfall seat design that allow the user to have a gap with the under knees and the chair to allow flow of blood. While some use a piece of foam to keep the knees away from the front of the chair to keep the blood flowing without obstruction.

Sometimes too much ventilation is bad

Mesh chairs are known for its breathable fabric that allows air to pass throught and keep the person cool and prevent sweating. It is very useful for hot and humid conditions but not so useful in places with colder environment. The breathable fabric will allow cold air to pass through chilling your back and making it uncomfortable rather being a comfort for the person.

While it has its uses it is not very practical everywhere, especially in places with lower temperature or colder air conditioner. You will want some heat from the body to be trapped for better comfort in colder temperature. In such a situation a mesh chair will work exactly opposite to what is comfortable.

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