Why the SmartDesk Is the Best Desk for Video Editing?
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Why the SmartDesk Is the Best Desk for Video Editing?

|Oct 20, 2020

Video editing is a field that comes with a host of requirements. First, you likely need a powerful PC and reputable video editing software. Unfortunately, many people forget the importance of ergonomics, where this discipline is concerned. This necessity is where the best desk for video editing comes into the picture.

Your editing workstation desk is more than just a place you store your equipment. It's supposed to allow you to be comfortable enough to work productively and consistently. As a video editor, you know how time flies when you do your job. Sadly, your body can take a progressive beating without the appropriate film editing desk. 

While many people are still on the fence about standing desks, the health benefits are hard to argue with. The best video editing tables are those that you can adjust between seated and standing positions.

Why should You use a Standing Desk for video editing?

Pros and Cons of a Standing Desk

  • icon checkGetting out of the unhealthy routine of sitting for prolonged periods
  • icon checkAlleviates chronic pains that may be associated with your sitting habits
  • icon checkPromotes healthy blood flow, while engaging your legs, glutes, and core
  • icon checkMore significant cognitive function and productivity
  • icon timesStanding too long can also be a problem since fatigue, swelling, and joint pain can occur
  • icon timesEasy to practice bad posture if you don't pay attention to the way you stand

SmartDesk – Best Desk for Video Editing? 

Autonomous is known for a host of workspace furniture and accessories. The SmartDesk is one of the latest innovations, and it is everything you've ever wanted in a film editing desk. While other models, such as the Autonomous SmartDesk Core (Home Office) and the Autonomous L-Shaped SmartDesk are great, the SmartDesk improves the already successful formula. 

It would help if you considered several different factors as you contemplate the desk you are going to be using for potentially hours on end. While you would likely never get a counterproductive desk, you also shouldn't purchase one that doesn't support you at all. 7 reasons below come together to determine why the Autonomous SmartDesk is the best desk for video editing 

1. Space for Productive Desk Setup

Space for Productive Desk Setup

Space is one of the most important considerations when contemplating the best desk for video editing. it's not uncommon to have a setup that consists of multiple monitor setups, a laptop or desktop, a keyboard and mouse, and speakers. Depending on your unique use case, you may even have a mixer as well. 

The equipment that different editors have may vary, but one thing that applies across the board. They all need desks that can accommodate all their tabletop real estate needs. It should also not be a tight fit, as you may need space to organize other little things. Even if you don't have many other accessories or documents on your editing workstation desk, having enough space makes you feel comfortable. 

The Autonomous SmartDesk has enough space for you to comfortably fit your desk setup with multi-monitors, books, headphones stand, cell phone stand, mouse, keyboard, etc.

2. Build Quality 

It can't be the best desk for video editing if it doesn't stand up to the durability test. Although people don't always keep a film editing desk until it is no longer usable, you should be able to retain yours if you choose to. One of the best ways to achieve this is to select a desk that can stand up to your usage requirements. 

The Autonomous SmartDesk can easily accommodate the weight of all the work items you place on it. This applies to even those editors who use a bit more equipment than the rest. Additionally, the desk has a sturdy build that supports the rest of the unit well and prevents slipping along the floor. 

3. Work Interval Customization

 Work Interval Customization

As indicated before, it's not very hard to lose track of time as you go through video editing. When you have six hours of footage to make a 25-minute video from, you are going to be at your desk for a while. The SmartDesk makes an argument for being the best desk for video editing, as it helps you to work in intervals that are conducive to your productivity and health.

The built-in functionality is based on Pomodoro, which is the most popular time management method. These management features result in automatic desk adjustment to help you focus well. Since standing indefinitely is not a healthy course of action, the editing workstation desk also reminds you when you need to sit, so your energy levels remain elevated. 

Note that the unit comes with preset intervals, but you can create and customize your own, based on your unique needs.  

4. Energy and Productivity Maintenance 

Work Interval Customization with SmartDesk 4

There are several other desks with automatic adjustment features to help you alternate effectively between seated and standing positions. However, not many can boast using exercise as a tool to help you remain active and productive. 

To this end, the Autonomous SmartDesk provides straightforward standing desk workout guides that you can use without moving from your desk. Once you're on a break, you can follow the elementary steps to get your blood flowing and renew your focus. Many video editors find themselves skipping exercise to work more. Now, your film editing desk contributes to your getting the best of both worlds. 

5. Activity Logging

As you can see, the SmartDesk goes the extra mile to keep you healthy and active. However, it takes the formula a step further by keeping records to let you know where you are and where you need to be. While some people need nothing more than the simple workout routines, others want to keep track of what they've been doing to manage the active side of their lifestyles better.

Activity Logging

The intuitive system maintains a detailed log of your activity. This includes your sitting sessions, standing sessions, and the exercise you do while present at the desk. Note that you can synchronize this data with your health application for seamless tracking. 

6. Customization

Ability to customize with The Autonomous SmartDesk 4

One of the best things about human beings is the presence of uniqueness. This even comes out in video editing, as many people have established their trademark editing styles. However, it also means that persons have different timing and activity requirements. 

Another reason why the SmartDesk is the best desk for video editing is that it caters to editors from all sides of the spectrum. There is no denying that the workflow can be an intense and tedious one, because people work with different schedules. Additionally, not everyone is in the same shape, which means activity requirements differ. 

The Autonomous SmartDesk gives you control and allows you to customize the parameters it uses to help you maintain good health.  

7. Mobile App Control 

Mobile App Control

After reading about all the things that this film editing desk can do, you may have been wondering how you make all the adjustments, view exercise videos, sync tracking data, etc. Autonomous developed an app that supports both Android and iOS operating systems. Once you download the app from the designated app store, all you need to do is connect it to the desk to get started. 

The process works over a Bluetooth link with an effortless setup procedure. However, if you do need assistance, you can refer to Autonomous' guide on how to connect the application to the desk. 

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