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Why we built the Cardboard Standing Desk for Office
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Why we built the Cardboard Standing Desk for Office

|Apr 25, 2017

You may wonder why we decided to build the Cardboard Standing Desk. Why build a more affordable version of an already affordable standing desk product? Why make a product out of cardboard at all? Here are some reasons why we're excited about the Cardboard Standing Desk and how it reflects what we're about.

Autonomous Cardboard Standing Desk

Building a bridge

Well we believe that the shape of office spaces is changing for the better and we understand that sometimes it's hard to make that first step. Standing at work isn't commonplace right now, but for those of you who want to break the mold, here's an entry-level way to try standing at the office, from your home or wherever you may be working.

Idea led SmartDesign

As is often the case, cash-flush companies are the ones to lead the change in work culture, with the resources to experiment and enact daring designs. Well we think we can transform everyday offices with smaller steps, all it requires is being smart about the way we work. That is what the Cardboard is all about.

Being Responsive

We appreciate that as work lives are changing, people need to move around more--whether that’s for a business trip, inspiration, or just to get a breath of fresh air. Whilst we believe in the Smart Office as a hub for people to get together and collaborate, we recognize that people also need to be mobile. We wanted to make it possible  for people to be healthier and more productive even when we're on the go.

Why we built the Cardboard Standing Desk for Office - Image 2Being Inventive

We appreciate the DIY ethos, we are DIY hacks ourself. So this one goes out to all you improvisers and innovators out there. Sure it’s just cardboard, but it works. FYI Check out all the things you can do with bullclips:

Being Flexible

The key to our products is flexibility. An ergonomic workspace is one that responds to what people need as physical and social beings. The Cardboard is one more way of making the workplace more flexible in a simple, effective, and affordable way.

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