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Why You Need An Adjustable Height Office Chair
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Why You Need An Adjustable Height Office Chair

|Jan 5, 2020

You can vary the inclination of your hip joint while sitting by shifting your workplace chair. One approach to alter the extent of the curvature in your lower spine is to control your hip position. Muscle fibers like your hamstrings perform efficiently once you sit appropriately, sparing you from chronic problems.

Each one of us expects to be allowed to approach our workstations in an office atmosphere. It depends if you have an adjustable height office chair. Your seat is too low for your hip joints if your knees are significantly higher than your hips while seated. Lower back pain is a common effect. The difficulty is solved for anyone who sits in an adjustable height chair. A footpad is required if your chair is not customizable.

Physicians emphasize the necessity of taking into consideration your office chair. You can avoid muscle weakness and soreness if your chair is in the appropriate position. Furthermore, ergonomic placement helps to prevent blood pressure problems and distention. Read on to find out the best types of adjustable desk chairs available in the market.

Why Does Office Chair Height Matter?

One of the simplest features of a modern adjustable height chair is also one of the most important. Being able to adjust the height of your chair is what determines how high you can rise and how low you can go! It would be nearly impossible to find the perfect height chair for everybody in your office, so finding a good quality design that is easily adjustable is the key. It sounds obvious, but we’ll look at why there’s more to it than the fun of pulling that lever and trying not to smile as you slowly sink down to the floor.

Modern and stylish adjustable height office chairs.

For all those lucky, perfectly average height people out there who fit into and onto most things, the importance of an adjustable height office chair may not seem like such a big deal. But for everybody else, it’s a huge deal. How can you focus on your work when your feet are dangling off the chair making you feel like you’re five years old? And how about our tall co-workers who must choose between either towering above their desk and monitors or sitting with their knees way above their hips in an average size office chair that won’t go up or down? This is no good. 

There are so many bad things that happen when your office chair doesn’t suit your body or your workspace. You can develop back and neck pains, or arthritis in your hands and wrists from working at funny angles, not to mention having issues with circulation that can lead to cramping and even brain fog, which certainly won’t help you keep on top of your work. Many of these problems creep up on you over time, which makes them all the more troublesome. You’ll sit at a short or tall high rising office chair the first day and think, “Ah, this isn’t too bad. Yeah, it’s fine.” But then a month later you notice your leg falling asleep before lunch. It’s happening! Don’t let it get to this point.

How High Should an Office Chair Be?

The answer is obvious: it depends. So let’s break it down. Are you working in a traditional office setting with standard height desks? Are you an artist or designer, working on angled or vertical boards much of the day? The variables could go on and on, so the right answer is to find a chair height that fits best for your body and workspace.

The most important part of deciding the proper height of your office chair is how your body feels when you’re sitting in it. That’s your starting point. If your feet are comfortably on the floor, your knees and elbows are both bent at about a 90-degree angle and your back and neck are nice and straight, then you’re on the right track. However, what if all of that is true, you’re perfectly comfortable in your chair, but your desk is still too high or too low?

If you find yourself in this situation then you might want to start exploring the idea of getting an adjustable desk to match your chair. The whole point here is that your desk and chair should be working as a team to adapt to you, rather than you trying to constantly adjust your body to adapt to your workspace. That’s what leads to health issues down the road.

A standing desk is the ideal modern office piece to help you get the most out of your adjustable chair. It lets you customize the exact height setting that’s perfect for you and enables you to be your most productive, and it also gives you the option to stand and stretch your legs throughout the day without losing momentum on a given assignment.

How do Adjustable Height Office Chairs Work?

As we mentioned above, it’s fun to pull that lever and magically rise or fall in your chair. But what’s actually happening when you do this? And how important is it to consider the design and quality of this lever system when choosing an adjustable height chair? 

Any chair that has that fancy little lever to adjust its height is also known as a pneumatic adjustable height chair. And the mechanism and system at work when making your adjustments is just as important as the comfy cushion and backrest that sits above it.

Choose an office chair with a high quality lever mechanism and gas cylinder.

It might be fun to pull the lever and drop down on purpose, but it’s really annoying when it happens all by itself because of a faulty mechanism. You’re trying to focus on your work but you’re getting smaller and smaller by the minute. Then you need to pump the lever and let the seat rise up, only to start the whole routine over again. Good luck getting your work done on time while playing out this scenario ad nauseam.

The main engine that drives a good quality adjustable desk chair is the gas cylinder located in the base of the chair. The air chamber inside the cylinder is connected to a piston, and when you pull that lever, the piston is activated and voila, the compressed air gets you moving. It’s simple science, but you want to make sure to invest in quality components from a reputable brand so that you’ll have a reliable mechanism that won’t let you down when you need it to keep you up!

Adjusting Your Office Chair to the Proper Height

Let’s do a quick walkthrough on how to adjust your new office chair to the right height for whatever type of workspace you have with the goal of giving you the proper balance between functionality and support.

Step one

Stand in front of your office chair and get a feel for where the seat is in relation to your knees. You want the seat to be just below your knees so you can easily fall into that perfect 90-degree angle when you sit down, putting the proper pressure on your thighs and taking stress away from your knees while you work.

Step two

While seated, make sure your feet are flat on the floor. If you need to lower your chair to do so, then you’ll need to take a look at where your desk height is and decide whether it’s best to lower your chair or instead to get a footstool to put under your desk to ensure the best balance between the height of your chair and your desk. But, keeping your feet on the floor is important to reduce stress on other parts of your body.

A footstool or footrest can help to improve your posture while working.

Step three

Adjust the backrest of your office chair with the tilt mechanism to make sure you’re getting the proper lumbar and upper back support at your chosen height. Your back setting should feel natural like the chair is cradling you but not forcing you into any seated position that feels uneasy. Your lower back especially is part of your core and has strong connections to your hips and lower body, so think of this as the pillar and foundation of how you sit when you work. If you get this part set up right, with your hips at the proper angle, other parts of your body will thank you later.

Step four

At this point, when you sit at your chair it should feel natural to rest your arms easily at a right angle on both armrests. If anything doesn’t quite line up, make sure to adjust the armrests so they’re not in your way or restricting you, but so they’re there just underneath your elbows and forearms to support you when you need it. This will also help keep your wrists better aligned to reduce the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome if you’re in the same position for long hours.

Step five

If you work in a less traditional office set up or workspace and it’s impossible to work from a chair that’s set in the same position all day long, that’s cool too. In your case, these are just some basic steps to be mindful of so that your chair will be set up to give your body the proper support when it’s time to take a break from standing or leaning and go sit down for a while.

Top 15 Adjustable Height Office Chairs in Market

Whereas a hurting backbone will affect whatever else you do through the day, you might consult a doctor, pay for massages, visit a chiropractor, or search for any other form of escapism. You might get some relaxation, so at what value? Referring to an expert for corrections or massaging regularly can rapidly definitely add.

Rather, you should indulge yourself and your private offices by acquiring one of several ergonomically designed adjustable height desk chairs on the market. Here is a list of a few best office chairs:

1. ErgoChair Recline

ErgoChair Recline adjustable height chair

You desire your armchair to match the rest of the office's décor. You also like to be comfortable. You obtain just with the ErgoChair Recline. This armchair is sophisticated, compact, and ideal for the home office. The swivel chair will keep you somewhere in perfect position, and thus the turn thigh resting feature will allow you to extend your limbs and thoroughly enjoy yourself.

2. ErgoChair Pro

ErgoChair Pro adjustable height chair

Almost the whole of this chair can be adjusted, along with the seat back, armrests, height, and seat inclination. This chair isn't made of cheap materials. It comprises environmentally friendly materials, including one with a saddled mesh that allows for better ventilation.

3. ErgoChair Plus

ErgoChair Plus adjustable height chair

ErgoChair Plus's seat is made of elastomeric substance, allowing you to concentrate on trouble areas such as your back and legs and have the armchair adhere to your posture to improve your alignment. Customers reported the upholstery does not generate heat and keeps them far warmer than standard office armchairs, which is great if you get heated easily.

4. Leap Fabric Chair from Steelcase

This is the finest chair that employs proprietary LiveBack technology, making it the best chair for herniated discs. It will either adapt to cater to the needs of your bodies, whether you are seated, lying, writing on the laptop, or reading the paper. It can not only adjust to your physique, but it also moves with you in methods that no chair can, yet it is made sustainably.

5. The Herman-Miller Mirra 2 Adjustable Office Seat

The Herman-Miller Mirra 2 Adjustable Office Seat

As it comes to comfortable seats that significantly promote posture, this brand doesn't mess around. If you have neck and back pain (and who doesn't these times?), you should pay attention to how you sit. This gorgeous chair has become one of the best methods to do so.

6. HAG-Capisco Standing Desk Chair

This is a tall adjustable office chair. The sleek form eliminates the weight of other seats, making it easier to relax in multiple positions. Front, reverse, or sideways sitting is convenient, and it increases mobility throughout the day even though it is designed to be used with a standing desk (according to its elevation), which you can also use with a regular desk.

7. Steelcase Gesture Chair

Steelcase Gesture adjustable height chair

This ground-breaking new high-rise office chair is provided to assist and support the back muscles while allowing for a range of natural body postures and proportions. It employs patented technology that adapts to your physique and mimics your backbone and neck range of motion.

8. The Aeron Chair by Herman M

It is built on bioinspired characteristics of the physique for increased comfort and is available in a range of sizes so you can choose the perfect height for you. One-size-fits-all chairs may not suit you if you are tall, petite, or anywhere in between, or if you have specific chair preferences.

9. Steelcase second-gen Office Chair

Steelcase second-gen adjustable height chair

It is a stunning option if you're a tall person. You can choose between an armchair designed for a rug and one designed for concrete floors with this armchair. You can move around on both surfaces with either chair, but the wheel's bolts will be somewhat changed, giving you more maneuverability.

10. Serta Back in Motion Mid-Back Office Chair

The Serta Reverse in Kinematic seat features a revolutionary spinal alignment tilt mechanism that swivels your hips forward as you recline. That preserves your spine in a stable position, preventing disc compression and promoting vertebral flexibility and breathing.

11. Flash Furniture's Mid-Back Mesh Seat

Flash Furniture's Mid-Back Mesh Seat

It has a solid six-wheel different base and a scientifically curved mesh backrest that provides the assistance you want to get through a long day at the office.

12. GM Seating's Ergonomic Genuine Leather Chair

With an innovative spinal network of support and altitude adjustable back support, the innovative design includes assistance for your neck and shoulders.

13. Eurotech's Ergohuman Seat

Eurotech's Ergohuman Seat adjustable height chair

IT is one of the most sturdy office chairs, which features a breathable mesh for improved ventilation, as well as the capacity to switch the back angles and position, inclination lockout, tilt pressure regulation, synchronized tilt, arm altitude, and tallness.

14. Ticova Ergonomic Workplace Chair

This stylish office chair has dynamic adjustability and an adaptive mesh backrest that prevents heat and dampness from developing. Because the cushion is infinitely adjustable, you may bend down to ease your face and neck while working.

15. The Amazon's Mid-Back Ergonomic Chair

The Amazon's Mid-Back Ergonomic Chair

It has an ergonomically designed height, as well as black synthetic leather seats and cushioned back, including all convenience. It moves easily because of its double wheels.

Choosing the Right Adjustable Chair

We know when designing an adjustable height chair there is a growing importance on how things look, along with the obvious need for a high level of functionality. That’s why we at Autonomous have dedicated ourselves to producing ergonomic adjustable height desk chairs that are both stylish and supportive, so you can create an inspiring modern workspace for yourself and your team.

Whether it’s our flagship ErgoChair Pro, with its high quality height adjustable mechanism and multifunctional design, or our flexible ErgoChair Plus, which adapts to your every move, we have you covered with sleek, modern and functional designs for your business.

And if you ever have any questions about one of our adjustable height desk chairs or other smart office solutions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our product experts. They’ll be happy to help you out in any way they can and get you on your way to choosing the best office chairs to improve your office and help you work smarter.


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