Why You Should Choose Ergonomic Saddle Chair for Better Posture
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Why You Should Choose Ergonomic Saddle Chair for Better Posture

|Jun 23, 2021

Looking for a chair that gives you better posture? Troubled with persistent backaches and stiff body postures? Look no further as modern science and technology have developed the latest in chairs.

Also called the saddle desk chair, professions like a dentist never gave up the saddle chair. However, research shows the need for a  better lifestyle at work too.

Why? A sedentary lifestyle gives you complex health issues that begin with minor symptoms like back aches and pains, repetitive joints and muscles, and more. The Musco-skeletal system is badly affected.


Ergonomic Chair

As science progressed and automation replaced traditional work styles, users' needs also changed from saddle seat chair to one that offered higher comfort. Enter an office ergonomic chair that offers users freedom to manage the settings for a better sitting posture. Don't miss the OSHA, USA, guidelines on the best sitting postures.

Ergonomic Chair

So it was not the chair itself that wasn’t the best, but folks were using incorrect body postures to complete their work, often turning and twisting without thinking twice of their health.

Here are more details on some of the best standing desk chairs and stools.

What is a Saddle Chair?

A saddle chair replicates the design of a saddle that is used as a seat on horses. The saddle acts as your seat on either half of each side with a slope downwards. A central shaft howls both halves together; this central shaft can be raised or lowered to manage the seat height. The saddle office chair has mobility with casters that are provided.  For example, dentists use an ergonomic saddle chair to come closer to the patient and reach their tools kept at their side/back. Usually, the saddle chair doesn't have a backrest, but you may see some saddle chairs with a backrest, one with changing times.

What is a Saddle Chair?

Over time, the ergonomic saddle chair has seemingly been replaced by an ergonomic office chair or a tall stool for a desk and offers better comfort. However, many users still prefer the good old saddle chair.  

How Does a Saddle Chair Give You a Better Posture?

While some may have a different perspective, sitting in an ergonomic saddle chair has been believed to reduce pain from the back, hips and neck, and shoulders. How? As you sit on a saddle chair, you distribute the entire body's weight on your feet and knees, and your back straightens up.  Your pelvis moves forward, and some folks may find themselves only leaning for support on the saddle chair. This curves your lower back into a natural S position, also called lordosis in medical language. With this in place, your upper back gets a push to straighten up, and it leads to an improved back posture. The entire upper back, shoulders, and neck feel less strained and easy. Quite a task the saddle does, isn't it? You can feel pressure being relieved of your spine, and workplace fatigue is reduced.

How Does a Saddle Chair Give You a Better Posture?

On the contrary, a saddle chair is not for everyone's comfort, and it does take time to get used to it. Having used office chairs where you get great back support, there is usually no support for the back. In addition, some people find it challenging to sit on a saddle chair for long hours at a work desk.  Here is our review on an active sitting chair.

However, modern-day ergonomic stools have taken over this task from the saddle chairs. So, whatever you may call them, saddle stool ergonomic/ saddle chair/ saddle stool/ an ergonomic stool, the purpose remains the same, to provide a better sitting posture for the task at hand.

Let us explore the best three ergonomic saddle chairs for a better posture for you.

Best Modern-day Saddle Chairs for a Better Posture

1. ErgoStool

The ErgoStool is a perfect stool that offers an adjustable height of a magnificent ten inches. With casters provided, you can easily access your workspace and roll over to fetch a work tool or a book, and more.


The weighted base defines the stool's sturdiness; it anchors heavily on the ground and prevents you from falling.  The specially designed seat is set up to give an angular recline to your buttocks. As the hips drop down at a forty-five-degree angle, your body forms a tripod shape with both legs and the ErgoStool. You can easily lean forward or rest your buttocks on the seat as you work. No more aches and pains as your body takes an upright and good posture. Getting off and getting on the ErgoStool is much easier than one would think.

The sleek and elegant ergonomic saddle chair design makes its mark as it is in demand in most offices. Don’t forget to select your choice of color as you proceed to buy it online. 

2. 2xhome Rolling Saddle Chair  

This ergonomic saddle chair is well-padded and gives you an adjustable seat height from twenty-two inches to twenty-eight and a half inches. You can bend the legs between 120 to 130 degrees angle.  The seat is sixteen inches wide, which gives you ample comfort.

2xhome Rolling Saddle Chair

It does not have a backrest, though a backrest variation is available for those who desire it. If you are transitioning from an office chair to a saddle chair for the first time, you will find this transition comfortable. Why? This unit has a well-padded seat that reduces strain on your thighs and legs, and your tush is comfortable too.

With so much to be desired on your health front, an ergonomic saddle chair is surely worth consideration.


To wrap up, the ErgoStool wins our recommendation for the best saddle chair seating with its plush comfort and weighted base; don't forget that the price also tips in its favor. Go for it.

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