Why You Will Instantly Fall in Love with Smart Desk Furniture
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Why You Will Instantly Fall in Love with Smart Desk Furniture

|Dec 3, 2018

If you are bored with the old analog office desk it’s time to spruce things up with a smart desk. What is a smart desk you ask? A smart desk is a desk which use technology to help you be more productive and healthier. A lot of companies like Facebook, Twitter and Apple are using smart desk furniture in their offices and you should too. The furniture has great features you will love immediately you get one. They are also several benefits of using smart desk furniture let us look at some of them.

smart desk furnitureSmart Desks Promote Healthy Living

If you have a desk job you probably spend a lot of time seated at your desk. Those long hours you spend at your desk can cause health problems.  Too much sitting has been known to cause heart disease, dementia, diabetes, obesity and a host of other health conditions. You might say you work out but sitting reverses all that effort you put at the gym. It is, therefore, time for you to get up. With a smart desk, you will be able to spend more time on your feet. The desk monitors how many hours you are at your desk and how many of this you are seated.  If you sit for too long the desk will prompt you to stand up. Being on your feet for hours may also be tiring that’s why the smart desk will also tell you when you should also sit down. When you get a balance between sitting and standing you will be reducing your chances of getting health issues. Standing has been known to burn calories, reduces stress and improve mood.

Smart Desks Promote Healthy Living

Another health benefit a smart desk can help you achieve is hydration. The desk will monitor your water intake and alert you if you are not taking enough water. Don’t you already love what smart desk furniture can do for you, but there is more.

Smart Desks Promotes Productivity

When you get a smart desk it will be like having your own personal assistant. The desk connects with Google Suites and therefore will be able to alert you of any upcoming meetings. We all get extremely busy at times and forget to make calls or attend meetings. This desk will ensure that doesn’t happen anymore. The smart furniture can also keep you in touch with your teammates making communication on projects fast and always ongoing. 

To ensure you don’t waste precious time thinking about what to have for lunch smart desk furniture can help you with that. It anticipates when you are hungry and from previous lunch orders you have made can get you food delivery of something you will love.

At the end of your day with just one touch, the smart desk can have a ride to take you home waiting for you. All these capabilities enable you to stay focused on what counts and leave the simple decisions to your smart desk. If this features don’t make you want to buy yourself a smart desk I don’t know what will.

Tips to Consider When Buying your Smart Desk Furniture

When you decide to give your office a modern touch don’t just buy the first smart desk you come across. First research on what is available on the market and choose a desk that you will be happy and comfortable with. Due to the large choice available settling on one product may prove difficult but here are some things you can consider before you buy your smart desk.


Well, this is definitely one of the first things you will have to look at when deciding which smart desk to buy. The good thing is the prices range from affordable to expensive. It goes without saying that if you are looking for a premium product you will have to spend more to get a luxury item. Products like the Autonomous Smart Desk start at $299 that won’t burn a big hole in your pocket and you are guaranteed a good and highly functioning smart desk.

How long will the smart desk take to ship?

You probably don’t want to order for a smart desk and then have to wait forever for it to arrive. Before you buy your desk, therefore, check how many days it will take to ship to your home or office. Once you make your order it shouldn’t take more than seven working days for delivery. If shipping takes longer than that you should inquire as to why deliver takes more time. If the reason don’t add up you may be better off look for a brand that does delivery in a couple of days. While looking at delivery time also look at the shipping cost. Some companies may include high shipping costs which may be too expensive for you. So find out about the shipping charges and timelines for delivery before making a purchase.

How do you assemble the desk?

If you love DIY projects assembling a smart desk will be a lot of fun. However, some desks may require you to have the proper tools for you to be able to assemble them. Learning beforehand what it takes to set up your desk will help you prepare yourself with the right tools to assemble it before it is delivered. Looking at the installation instructions will also help you determine if it is a DIY project or you have to hire someone to do it for you. Assembling a smart desk may take 30 minutes for those with easy installation or a few hours.


Since you will be using the desk while sitting and standing you have to make sure it is adjustable to your height. Most smart desks have a height range of 29” - 47”. If you are too short or tall check desk specifications to ensure they will work for you. It can be very disappointing if you order for a smart desk only for it not to work as you anticipated.

Tips to Consider When Buying your Smart Desk FurnitureWhat features are included in the smart desk?

Your smart desk should help boost your productivity. One of the ways it can do so is by the variety of features it has that makes carrying out your job easier. Different sellers include various feature which they think will increase your output. Some of the more common ones include planners and monitors which will check your energy levels and tell you if you need a break or remind you of appointments. Check out what various smart desks offer and buy one that will make your work life easier and faster. Some products may also have add-ons such as cable management options, trays for keyboards, drawers etc.

Do you have space for the smart desk?

These products come in different dimensions you, therefore, need to know the measurements of the space you hope to place your desk. Once you know the measurements you will easily know what will fit into your space and what will not.

Is the desk Stable? Before you purchase your desk you need to find out if it wobbles when it is put to the standing position. A desk that is wobbly will make performing your tasks difficult and you are more likely to be thinking of how to make the desk stable than concentrate on the tasks you are doing. To find out the stability of a desk you can check for online videos which demonstrate its stability.

Does the desk have a warranty?

Buying a smart desk will cost you quite a bit. You will, therefore, be more comfortable buying something that has a warranty just in case it develops any problems. The warrant can cover the desk surface, frame and so on. A key thing to ensure is covered by the warrant is the electronics such as the control box, switch, and motors. The electronics can fail for various reasons and a warranty would ensure you don’t have to spend more than you should to get them fixed.  Most warrants start at one year and can run for several years. Looking at what customer service a brand offers is also important. You want customer service that is easily available when you have challenges with your desk.

What is the smart desk weight capacity?

Before you buy your desk you should find out how much it can carry. The manufacture will outline a desks capacity in the products description. Once you know what the weight capacity is you can look at what you intend to be placed on the desk and determine if the capacity stated will be adequate. Don’t make the mistake of buying a desk that cannot carry everything you need on it. It has been established that if you overload a desk its lifespan is likely to be shortened.

Check online reviews

One of the best places to get more information about a product you wish to buy is in its review section. Previous buyers are likely to add their likes or dislike about a product here. From the review section, you can tell if a smart desk is reliable, built to last, stable and more. When you read reviews by other buyers your decision should you buy a product will be better placed and you will know what to expect once a product arrives at your doorstep. When look at blog reviews be sure to get information from credible sources. Some reviews may be biased and not offer the correct information about a product.

Our Pick for a Smart Desk

Now that you know what you should check for when buying your home or office smart desk furniture we would like to suggest to you a smart desk that will totally blow you away. The Autonomous SmartDesk 3 is a product that will offer you all the feature we have previously told you about and more. The desk is an upgrade of the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 and is as good as its predecessor. The SmartDesk 3 comes in three colors titan black, classic white, and grayscale. The price of this desk will not leave a hole in your pocket. Retailing at $499 plus $49 shipping cost this smart desk comes at a bargain given all the features it has. Its height range is 24-50 inches and therefore should fit you whether you are tall or short. The desk can handle 300lbs of weight and is built of industrial grade steel which will definitely last. The Autonomous SmartDesk 3 has a touch screen display which you can use to set your standing and sitting height. This desk will tell you when to sit and stand when you should take water and request your Uber ride home or to the store. That’s great right? Autonomous has also partnered with Delivery.com so making that lunch order won’t be a task anymore. The desks built-in control panel will offer food suggestions which will make it easier and quicker to order your lunch or whatever meal you require while work at any time. Should you buy this desk it will come with a 30 day trial period and a five-year warranty. That means you are covered should you have any problems with it. The team at Autonomous are also on hand at any time should you need some help with your device.

You don’t have to immediately go for the Smart desk 3 you can look at other smart desks form Autonomous and other brands before making your final purchase.


Smart Desks are the future and if you want to give your office that new and modern feel you should get your staff these amazing products. In today’s world where everything revolves around technology the old workstations soon just won’t do it anymore. For you to be more productive and remain healthy while at it the smart desk is a must for any innovative office. We can assure you that you will not regret it when you buy a smart desk!

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