Why Your Employees Need A Smart Standing Desk?

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 14, 2019

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How do you imagine an office? Probably with chairs, desks, and a few employees cracking their heads hard with their fingers on their computer keyboard, right? It is how exactly an average office looks like & you as an employer may definitely have thought of providing the same to your employees. But do you know that those chairs and computers can be dangerous for your employees? Yes, you heard it right; they obviously earn bread and butter for your employees, but they can prove to be detrimental at the same time if your staff members do not take breaks in between. By breaks, we do not mean long chit-chats and coffee hours with colleagues, but a simple switch from their sitting habits to standing.

smart standing desk, best standing desk

The best way to do so is active workstations – these are the current trend and have occupied a place in many offices for the betterment of the employees. It comprises of an ergonomic office chair and a smart standing desk. Offering your employees a sit-stand desk to accomplish their tasks is one of the best ways to get your work done while taking care of their health.

Why are standing desks necessary?

We understand the importance of having a proper sitting arrangement for working in front of computers. But what we fail to understand is the importance of standing. Yes, walking, standing, and sitting, there should be some coordination between these three during working hours. Relaxing back on the rotating chairs will not help, but standing desks can. Thus, there arises the need for active workstations, which requires standing desks to be an integral part of the office.

smart standing desk, best standing desk

The key to adequate workstation requires moderation, and therefore, you should get proper amenities that are custom in such a way that can keep our bodies active. May it be chairs, mats, boards, or standing desks, it must cater to the needs of an individual’s activeness during work hours. The furniture should be such that it can enhance the organic movements and not something that can make one lazier.

If you’re looking forward to investing in standing desks, then it can turn out to be the best decision you can make for the betterment of your employee health. Before you go ahead, you need to know why you should invest in standing desks. So, in this guide, we are going to tell a few reasons for you to believe that your employees really need a standing desk.

Reasons to invest in standing desks

  • To stay at pace from obesity

Obesity has become a common problem nowadays, all thanks to junk food and lack of a healthy lifestyle. According to research, it has been found that sitting for long hours during work is also a reason for obesity. In fact, it is believed that chairs are genuinely lethal. Sitting for long hours not only promotes the accumulation of fats but also lowers down the metabolism of your body. Thus, getting the best standing desk can be a blessing to save you from getting obese. Standing up between your working hours for some time can reduce the risks of transforming you into an overweight person. It will help you to be fit and in shape always and also increases one’s productivity and input towards work. But make sure that the desks you bring are of appropriate height so that you do not suffer backache problems.

smart standing desk, best standing desk

  • Lets you follow the wellness code

Wellness code is a lot more standing and less sitting. So again, a smart desk can surely be a plus factor for employees to be glued to the wellness code. It is said that an individual should take time to stand up after every half an hour and move a bit to stay fit both mentally and physically. Standing desks have profound results and can help in improving physical and mental wellness.

  • Reduces sugar level

A worker who tends to stand for sometime or walk after having the meals is less prone to see a hike in their body sugar level. But the reality is another way round. Usually, employees get back to work soon after consuming their meals, causing their sugar level to increase. Standing desks can save from such issues that may creep up due to constant sitting soon after meals.

  • Reduces chronic neck and backache

Backache is also a result of continuous sitting, and standing desks can give a cure for the same. They help you to shift your position after a regular interval of time, reducing the side effects of prolonged sitting. Hence, introducing standing desks in your workplace can help the employees to get rid of back pain and related issues.

smart standing desk, best standing desk

  • Develops positivity around

Standing desk not only saves you from accruing chronic illness but also empowers a positive work environment in the office. It can help you boost your spirits and helps in keeping your energy level high. Also, it can cut down the anxiety and depression levels. Even the simplest of activities are done by being seated, whether it may be reading a book, watching TV, listening to music, or a long 8 hours work schedule. Sitting for long hours is the main culprit behind various health issues and reduces the movement of an individual. Using a smart standing desk at offices can initiate comparatively more movements and may help in keeping a person more active. It also shows a positive effect on the minds of the employees and acts as a stress buster.

  • It lets you live longer

You may be surprised to hear that there is a great connection of standing has with lifespan. According to research, it was found out that standing while working can add up to two or more years to your life. Hence, an active workstation means a healthy lifestyle, a positive environment, a long lifespan, and a lot more.

  • Standing is equivalent to work out in the office

Many mouths must have gone open wide by reading this statement. But yes, standing and working can be somewhat equivalent to running a marathon race. Standing can burn your calories. It stands in close proximity to running on a treadmill to lose weight. Many studies have revealed that if a person takes out some time for standing and working, then he/she can burn about 30K calories in a year.

smart standing desk, best standing desk

  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases

Not only does standing help in cutting down chronic illnesses such as back pain, neck pain, etc., it also minimizes the risk of getting prone to cardiovascular diseases. Sitting for long consecutive hours can make one fall in the hands of accruing heart diseases. Getting an active workstation where you have a desk to stand during work can let you conquer over many diseases. Implementing simple ideas that can enable you to stand in between your work can spread out the right pixie dust to keep you away from illness. For instance, you can consider discussing something with your colleague while walking rather than calling him/her to your table to speak the words of wisdom. Walking and talking will also help maintain proper blood flow in your body. It also gets you a break between your work schedule, where you can ditch your computers for quite some time & it may be a treat for your eyes too.

  • Helps in adhering to the commands of a doctor

Sitting all day long, hitting your heads in front of your computers can be a dangerous thing. Even the doctors suggest that one should avoid being seated for long 8 hours and should take gaps in between to take a stroll or get up from the chair to stand and stretch for a while. Getting the best standing desk in your workstation can serve to be a helpful factor to adhere to the doctor’s advice. It makes the employee more active and also boosts up the energy resulting in higher productivity.

  • Standing can trigger a good mood

It is a fact that standing-up while working is also a reason behind a person’s good mood and spirit. Those who stand and stretch themselves in between their work schedule experience less stress and strain. It also enhances the energy level of the employee and helps in being in good spirits. So, you can say that a healthy workstation with a few standing desks is the secret behind a happy looking employee. A happy employee will surely work for the benefits of the company. And thus, employers can expect some higher productivity ratio from such happy people. So, make your employees happy so that they can make you happy in return.

smart standing desk, best standing desk

Bottom line

So, these were a few reasons as to why standing desks are essential in your workplace. Many people fail to understand its advantages, but you need to know it for good. Active workstations are superb for the health, body, and mind of the employees. Investing in standing desks can be your best bet to improve the productivity of your employees and taking care of their health issues at the same time.

Thus, every employer should consider getting a few standing desks to give their employees an environment where one will enjoy working rather than sitting and complaining. So now it’s time to take a stand for the employees, and explore our standing desk options and get them the best one that allows employees to stand and accomplish their work.

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