Things You Should Know About Wide Seat Office Chair & Top Products
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Things You Should Know About Wide Seat Office Chair & Top Products

|Feb 8, 2022

Office chairs now come in all shapes and sizes as opposed to the boring office chairs that were Xerox of each other and had nothing unique to offer. The point of embedding ergonomics into the workplace is that you get something exactly for everyone. That being said, an ergonomic office chair might still consist of different features. You could end up picking the wrong one. Yes, because the thing with an ergonomic chair is not to settle for the most popular choice around the world but to pick something that fits your needs.

Similarly, a wide seat office chair is ideal for lower back pain and wide hips. There are many benefits of choosing a wide seat desk chair, and with constant use, you can easily adjust to the long sitting routine despite having difficulty adjusting to any seat in the past. In this article, we will cover some big and tall office chairs and the right guide to picking the best extra wide seat office chair for broader people.

How to Choose the Best Wide Seat Ergonomic Office Chair?

Since being wide means, you will need more surface area on the seat to rest your body ergonomically. It also means that the user must have enough room to slide on the chair and move around easily. And as most of the chairs are made compact to save manufacturing costs and fit into tiny spaces, an office chair for wide people has to be different. Here are some features you should look out for in a modern office chair fit for wide people.

Chair Height

wide seat office chair Height

heavy person's office chair doesn't have to be just big around the base, but it should also be tall to adjust the weight properly. The chair height is a feature that will ensure how high the back will be supported. When choosing a chair for wider or bigger people, an extra high back chair is right.

This type of back height extends your shoulder blades and provides a place for your head to rest. Hence the entire body is engulfed in a comfortable posture. Hence, many computer chair recliners are considered the best option for bulky people.

The Shape of Back

The Shape of Back

While we are at the back support, it is also important to declare that the back shape of an office chair is more than just aesthetics. Different back forms may mold the body differently, offering better support for some persons.

As a result, the decision boils down to how you want to look against how comfortable you want to be in the chair. It's worth noting that some back forms allow for more arm movement when keying because the elbows aren't contacted.

Seat Width

Seat Width

For people with a wider base, seat width will define the comfort level in a clear-cut, straightforward way. A chair with enough space between the two armrests will easily get in and out of the chair. And since common office chairs are 19 inches in seat width, office chairs for bulkier people should at least have a seat width of 22 inches. If you want to know how wide your chair should be, use your thighs to measure the least seat width you need.

Seat Depth

The horizontal distance your buttocks have with the knees when seated on an office chair is known as the seat depth. A sufficient seat depth allows you to sit comfortably on the chair without placing strain on the back of your knees. It will also provide enough buttocks and thigh support while allowing blood flow to be unrestricted.

According to OSHA rules, a seat pan depth of 15 to 17 inches is sufficient for most persons. However, if you're a tall person, we recommend adding a couple of inches to those figures.

Weight Capacity

Wider means heavier. Office chairs for big people should have a weight capacity of 300 to 400 pounds. This doesn't mean that the chairs are made for equally heavier people, but a sturdy chair can be durable and will keep you comfortable when sitting.

What are the Best Wide Seat Computer Chairs?

There are many wide seat computer chairs you would find in a workplace. Here are some of our top picks for office chairs when it comes to bulkier people.

1. Autonomous Chair Ultra

How to Choose the Best Wide Seat Ergonomic Office Chair?

Remember how we talked about high backs when speaking for the best chair for heavier people. Autonomous Chair Ultra is the best office chair for posture for many reasons. This wide seat office chair is made with a frameless construction to support the heaviest of the crowd, and the chair also encourages natural mobility. With a weight capacity of 300 pounds, it can support a larger crowd.

2. Autonomous Chair Ergo

Autonomous Chair Ergo wide seat office chair

If you want an office chair that is both suitable for the heavy crowd and isn’t boring as well, then Autonomous Chair Ergo is the best pick. The chair offers a smooth recline and can be locked in five positions. It also has flexible lumbar support and keeps the spine as comfortable as possible. This wide seat office chair also has a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

3. Autonomous Chair Recline

Autonomous Chair Recline wide seat office chair

Another from autonomous, we count this chair as the best ergonomic chair for long hours. It has a smooth recline, a wide seat pan and enough seat depth. The chair also allows you to rest, work and enjoy gaming for hours at a time. Autonomous Chair Recline is also made up of sturdy material for maximum support.

4. BestMassage Office Chair

This chair lives up to its name for people looking for the best comfortable office chair with wider specs. With a weight capacity of 500 pounds, the best massage office chair is durable and extra strong. It also offers various adjustability features to make it fully ergonomic.

5. Bliss Tall Office Chair

The Bliss Big and Tall is a well-rounded office chair for wide and heavyweight users looking for a big, comfortable, and space-saving office chair. Adjust the armrests, seat height and seat tilt; you are good to sit for hours with this wide seat office chair.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Wide Should an Office Chair Seat be?

For wider people, an office chair should be 22 inches, but it should be around 19 inches as for standard size.

Should a Chair Seat Be Flat?

A little tilt in the office seat near the back is helpful to keep the curvature of your spine in the closest natural position.

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