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Wish List for your Children On Black Friday 2018

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 13, 2018

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Black Friday is an informal day celebrated in the United States on fourth Friday in November every year. It means Black Friday is already a few weeks away so you should start planning to add new things in your wardrobe, decorate your homes and buy the items for your kids what they were looking for a long time. However, we don’t know about the deals and whether this Black Friday will be able to match the standards with the last Black Friday offers or not. We all agree that Black Friday always comes with a new surprise every year and this year we hope nothing less. But one thing for sure it will definitely provide mouth-watering deals which you don’t want to miss at any cost.

Black Friday wish list for your children

Therefore in order to grasp this once a year opportunity, we should start preparing for this massive day right away. But the most challenging part is from where to start and how to make the day successful. For this, we need to know the problematic factors that hinder our shopping day. Yes, this sounds like kids. Being a parent it is the biggest challenge to handle children while shopping, and when it comes to on the busiest shopping day, it will make your experience hell.

So, how to come up with the solution so that we could utilize this day to the fullest and at the same time don’t have to hurt our children’s feelings. Bribing children is easy, and for this, you can prepare a list of items he or she wanted from a long time and promise him or her that you will buy them in order to avoid taking them with yourself during Black Friday shopping. In order to ease your job, we have prepared a list of items and goodies that your kid wished he had it in the first place.Without taking much of your precious time,let’s get straight to the point.

List of things that children dream about to buy:

1. Winter wear

Christmas is near, and it is the best time to buy winter clothes, especially when you can get at low prices for your kids. Kids always demand the winter wears, and they cost a lot as well. However, latest fashion clothes and apparels are one thing that every child wants no matter how much he or she had. 

But what are the main clothing outfit you should choose for your kid that is at the same time classy and in the budget? There are a lot of winter-wears like jackets, muffler, sweaters on huge discounts during Black Friday.

However, we all know that kids can be a pain at times; they don’t easily like things what their parents have bought so be very careful while buying one and don’t forget to keep your kids taste for clothes in mind when going for purchase during Black Friday.

Moreover, it is advisable to take your child to fashion stores before Black Friday and look for the variety of clothes he or she likes. It will help you to know your kid taste and size and ensure that you can get the best outfit for your child and don’t waste your time looking for the wrong items.

2. Gaming consoles

It is the one item you will definitely see in the wish list of your child. Games are like an ultimate feeling of enjoyment for children. So, forgetting to buy one can surely make your shopping day hell.But as a parent, the hardest part is to find out which console is best and is in the budget. Black Friday is the day for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo to come up that show some great offers and deal on gaming consoles and CDs. Therefore Black Friday is known for buying the latest and big brand products at low prices.

It is advised to ask your kid about the console brand he/she is centered to and types of games he/she likes. However, you won't want to buy something wrong that your kid didn’t even want to play. Asking his preferences will help to save the headache of deciding what to buy at the last moment. One more thing asks the game preference and note down the names because all the latest games are on sale during Black Friday.

So, if you have finally decided to purchase a good gaming console for your kid, then go for it as Black Friday is the perfect day for these kinds of purchases. Otherwise, you might have to spend much higher prices in the future because it is the one thing that your kid will take from you no matter what happens.

3. Apple products

apple products

Apple products are not only liked by adults, but children also have a possession about Apple products. Black Friday is the most fabulous day to catch amazing deals on Apple products. There is no doubt how great an Apple product is but at the same time they are not affordable in everyone's pocket.

If we talk about children, there is no second thought of having at least one Apple gadget in his or her wish list. It can be an iPhone, iPod or maybe he wants a MacBook because of the class Apple has on the minds of people.

So before making any move to buy an Apple product, ask your kid what exactly he wants and then rushes to the decision. However, Black Friday is known for Apple available at discount rates. Previously it was seen that Apple product was available at meager prices that is why it is essential that the first product you buy on Black Friday is of Apple otherwise the chance of pleasing the kids with Apple may be lost.

It is advised to check the deals properly and see if any gift card is available to get the best discounts on the Apple product. All products are available at different discount rates, and it may even change every hour, so it is essential for you to find out the best deal on Apple products before it slips off. It is a possibility that you save up to $300 which is fantastic.

So, buying an Apple product for your kid can turn out be a great decision, and it is something he or she wanted in the first place. However, you can’t wait to see the happiness on your kid face when he unboxes on the Apple product.

4. Laptops

There is no doubt that your kids need a laptop if he/she is studying; having it on their wish list should not surprise you. The laptop is one of the essential gadgets that children must have to shape their future. However, we all know that the laptops are expensive these days and buying one without a discount will undoubtedly affect our wallets.

However, not to buy a laptop is not an option at all. So why not wait till November and buy the best-featured laptop at low prices. Black Friday has always been the icebreaker when it comes to deals on various laptop brands.

But, before making a decision, ask your kid about all the specifications he or she wants in a laptop or whether he/she wants any specific brand. Knowing this will surely help you save a lot of time when searching for the products. We all know it is the era of technology and children are more prone with this world as compared to the parents. So, getting a clue what your kid wants can be a lifesaver on Black Friday.

Hence, buying a laptop on Black Friday will make your kids happy without putting a burden on your pocket. Furthermore, don’t forget to follow the deals on the laptop because this is the reason for which you are spending your entire day on Black Friday.

5. Designer accessories

Designer Acessories

Today's kids are fashionable and brand conscious. They have designer collections in their wardrobes and like to follow the latest trend. Designer goodies like handbags, handcrafted jewelry, and other customized things are in fashion nowadays. These designer items are heavy to buy on the pocket, especially on any other shopping day except Black Friday. Black Friday is famous for providing the latest designer accessories at great prices.

If you have a girl child, then you can understand how obsessed your kid must be with the designer accessories. However, if you are planning to gift your kid with some designer product of top-brands like Gucci, Prada and lot more, then go for it. Maybe, this is the one thing that she is dreaming of for so long. The expressions on her face after seeing this designer item is something you will never forget in your lifetime. Hence, Black Friday is the perfect day to buy the designer accessories because on this day you can expect upto 65% off.

6. DSLR camera

DSLR camera

Buying a DSLR camera is one of the things that will be on the wish list of your child. DSLR cameras have gained momentum in recent years and having one during travels is a dream of every kid today. However, it is costly; it is one of the primary reasons for which you are not buying it. Furthermore, its extra lenses are more expensive than the camera, which enhances its price. But, this November you can fulfill your kid wish by buying one on Black Friday.

Cameras are on heavy discounts on Black Friday along with lenses, bag, tri-stand, and other accessories. There are chances that you may get some extra accessories free with the camera. But, before you go ahead, make sure you know what type of camera your kid wants or any specific brand he/she likes. Buying a camera is not an easy task, so knowing what camera brand and model can save your time on Black Friday.

After knowing the exact requirements of what to buy and what not to buy, focus on deals because camera deals are always the last moment deals.Moreover, having an alternate option will help you more if you are stuck on the first one.So buying a camera and ticking one item in the wish list of your child will surely make him happy and seeing him/her happy will surely make your day.

7. Toys

When it comes to shopping for kids and not adding toys to their wish list can’t happen. Toys are made for kids and kids are made to play with toys. But, the biggest problem for parents is that they could not decide which toy should they buy and how much the toys cost these days.

There are many toy manufacturing companies that manufacture toys like Barbie, Lego, hot wheels and lot more. They are ruling this industry which is why toys nowadays are expensive and not all the parents can afford it.

But Black Friday comes every year with some amazing discount which will blow your mind. There are various kinds of toys which will definitely confuse you when you go shopping. Searching online about these toys or asking your kid will surely help you conclude. Apart from these, there is some great discount on toys both online and offline which can save a hell lot of money when paying on the counter.So, buying toys for your children on Black Friday is the best decision you will make and won’t regret in the future.


These are some of the items that will surely be in the wish list of your child and being a parent you want to buy all the product that your kid desires. The Black Friday can be a great day to fulfill all the demands of your child. It is the thing that can bring happiness to his or her face which the ultimate goal of any parent. So this Black Friday why not buy what all thing you kid was asking from quite a while and don’t forget these are on discount so no sweat about the money.

If you want some items for your home interior or other household items, then you can also add to your Black Friday shopping list. And, if you are looking for a store where you can get heavy discount on items likes office chairs, standing desks, gaming desks,... then Autonomous can turn out to be the best option. For more information, explore the website here:

Happy shopping!

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