Work Desk Arrangement Ideas to Layout Your Office
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Work Desk Arrangement Ideas to Layout Your Office

|Apr 28, 2022

The role of work desk arrangement and office layout in employees' productivity is huge. The way you set up your work desk, align your office accessories and choose the type of desk all impact the efficiency of employees and subconsciously affect the motivation to work. Hence modern workplaces have a huge focus on work desk layout, and especially when it comes to home office layout, the significance of office furniture arrangements increases by various folds.

Though it might trouble you to think of finding the best desk, the right layout, and rule out the wrongs from the right, there are various tricks to achieve the best office desk arrangement. This article will cover work desk arrangement ideas to add and practice in your workplace.

Choosing the Right Desk

Choosing the Right Desk work desk arrangement ideas

The choice of the right desktop is always on the list because without a proper desk, no amount of layout planning, space utilization, or accessories will make the work setup sufficient. And since there are various types of desks all aimed to be used for office space, it is important to choose one that suits your needs and matches your requirements.

For instance, an L-shaped desk or a corner desk is ideal when you are planning to set up a desk in the corner of the room. L-shaped desks are also chosen for people who need to maximize work surfaces without utilizing extra floor print. Corner desks come in both electric and manual height adjustability, and you can even find the fixed ones.

On the other hand, a rectangular desk is the most common find for office space, and these desks come in both ergonomic and non-ergonomic types. Only an ergonomic desk such as a smart office desk can be picked as one of the best home office desks over a non-ergonomic one. Depending on your choice, budget, and needs, you can opt for a desk that suits you.

The Right Chair

The Right Chair work desk arrangement ideas

Back problems, in addition to eyestrain, are a concern of working at home, particularly if you spend all day on your computer. You can save money on some things in the home office, but a chair isn't one of them.

The right ergonomic chair can increase your productivity by 20% and keep you active post-work hours. It is good for your work performance, but a good chair adds life to your muscles and keeps your bones from aching and developing multiple health-related issues. Switching your old uncomfortable chair for a good ergonomic chair is not a choice, but it should be the first change you make in a work setting.

Following the Right Principles

Following the Right Principles

You might be amazed to know how tiny things such as the desk angle, the desk view, desk color, light, and air in the room all impact productivity in hidden ways. Thankfully with years of research being carried out, researchers have now found ways to fight off laziness in the workplace and improve the motivation level with the help of just a few changes.

When it comes to optimizing work performance, one might have come across the concept of feng shui office layout, which focuses on the right type of arrangement and tips to maximize activity. In the same way, you will also come across the trend of minimalism and ergonomics in a work setting to keep the workforce active.


Where will you place your work desk and work setup? In the bedroom where the bed appeals to you to sleep or in the kitchen where work-life chaos is happening around you, or maybe in the living room where the family chatter takes place. Having a secluded and private office space is essential since you need the right focus and distraction-free zone to connect with your mind. In the same way, it is also important that your work desk has a sufficient supply of fresh air and proper lighting, so one doesn't strain their eyes or feel lazy in the looming dark.

Decorate It

Decorate It work desk arrangement ideas

Here is one of the interesting work desk arrangement ideas. A dull office will produce dull work, and even if you remind yourself you are here for all work and no play, compromising your sanity with a dull setup is harmful. It will only make you less productive over time, and you will end up hating your expensive home office setup. Choose a color for your home office that you enjoy. Pictures, posters, and other decors can be hung on the walls. Surround yourself with stuff that inspires you, such as memorable photos, motivational quotations, daily calendar, a notice board, and other items that make you happy.

Plan your Setup

You cannot miss planning in your work desk arrangement ideas. The only productive and complimentary way to set up a home office is to synchronize it with the entire home theme. Great wooden designs, natural themes and comfortable seats are all a wonderful way to build a traditional setup. Artistic pieces or trendy metal furniture can be used in a contemporary home office. Depending on your taste and what rules around in your home, you can also opt for an industrial themes home office or a Scandinavian theme.

Control the Clutter

Control the Clutter

Here are some of the necessary items for your work desk arrangement ideas. According to studies, messy people are brilliant. On the other hand, a cluttered workstation can cause stress, deplete energy, and reduce productivity. Your desk doesn't have to appear as a robot arranged it, but it should be tidy enough that you can find what you need quickly. Organize your pens, notepads, paperclips, and other office supplies in a cup or desk accessory.

To manage paper, create a file system. Consider moving to digital tools to reduce the amount of paper and other desktop items you require. You can also opt for tiny additions such as a filing cabinet, so you don't have to meet the paper clutter again, and some stationery items like a magnetic desk organizer so all of your desk supplies are in your reach and a safe, organized manner.

Only Buy What You Need

Only Buy What You Need

Sure, that ottoman looks cute, and the tall metal shelving cabinet also seems handy but is your office a post office with tons of papers and documents to manage? Don't let yourself become a slave of cute office supplies just because you might think they will be useful at one point.

Since clutter is not just limited to what's on your desk, it also covers what is surrounding you. Before buying furniture, think about your workflow and what you need at your fingertips, and then look for beautiful and functional pieces.

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