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Work From Anywhere: New Future Of Work
Hybrid Working

Work From Anywhere: New Future Of Work

|Apr 2, 2021

Learning how to work from anywhere is a recent challenge for most employees and managers. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the work environment and traditional views of work, socializing, and travel. The future of work, home office setups, and working from anywhere must evolve too. Companies, business owners, and employees have the new challenge of finding a balance in their work while also remaining safe and healthy.

Are you an employee who has recently adopted the work from anywhere model? Are you a business owner who has recently implemented a work from anywhere program for your staff? This article discusses the work from anywhere future, debates whether working from home is just a temporary trend or a long-term work trend, and the challenges for employees and managers in a work from anywhere culture.

The Meaning Of "Work From Anywhere"

Working from home and being a remote working employee has become a popular strategy for many business owners and companies. The work from home strategy aims to maximize team productivity and cohesiveness while also considering health and safety factors for all individuals.

However, the idea and branding of "work from home" is not the precise type of branding that you should use in today's modern and comfortable work environment. Work from home fails to communicate the freedom for staff that comes with these new policies. Working from home empowers us to work and think in a private and personal environment where we feel most comfortable and productive.

Instead, we should consider the flexibility of working from home and what exactly this entails. The flexibility factor of working from home suggests that you can work from anywhere. Working from anywhere can mean working from your home with a living room office, but it can also mean working from your favorite coffee shop, the airport before you catch a flight, a friend's house, or a hotel. Working from anywhere gives employees, business owners, and managers a sense of freedom and flexibility that allows us to choose where to do our work.

The Meaning Of

A big question that many employees and managers are asking themselves is "What if I enjoyed working from my office and liked the social aspect of the work environment? ". The flexibility of working from anywhere does not mean constantly changing all aspects of your working environment and schedule, but changing things such as our work from home schedules and locations when you want and need to. Therefore, working from anywhere means working from anywhere, including the office.

The work from anywhere culture allows all individuals to find their muse in the work environment. Allowing them to set their locations and personal schedules. The culture itself is a perfect way to summarize and capture the freedom and dynamic nature of our schedule in recent times. Some days we want to close off the world and dive into working on our tasks, some days we feel the need for colleagues and the social aspect of the workplace, and some days we need a mixture of both. This is what the work from anywhere culture is going to provide us in the long-term. Before we dive into the detailed discussion of the work from anywhere model, it's useful to understand the environment of working from anywhere and the best options for office ups available.

Different Types of Remote Set-Ups and How to Work From Anywhere

  • Co-located: Before the epidemic, all staff and team members were required to work in the same place during set working hours
  • Divided teams: This entails using various locations where workers are divided into different teams and work individually with team members while coordinating with other team members remotely.
  • Distributed (fully remote): Major tech firms like Google and Facebook have embraced this approach, choosing to use technical tools like Google Teams, Zoom, and Slack to keep channels of contact accessible as any employee operates safely from home.
  • Hybrid work from home: As the name implies, this solution entails a combination of on-site and remote staff, similar to the divided teams' technique, albeit with certain employees operating from home rather than on a different team. The term "remote-friendly" or "hybrid remote", "hybrid working" is also used to describe this hybrid work from home strategy.

Different Types of Remote Set-Ups and How to Work From Anywhere

The Advantages of Working From Anywhere

  • Since the remote-working market will include workers from everywhere around the world, a company's recruiting opportunities are practically unlimited for this model. This opens up a lot of possibilities that were previously restricted by the prevalent co-located system framework.
  • This practice allows remote employees to have a more relaxed schedule, allowing them to split up their working hours more loosely and work on their terms. This could mean more time spent with family and friends, as well as more freedom to do tasks that would be challenging to do in a 9-5 workplace setting.
  • A private home office may also be set up for work from anywhere employees. It is easier than ever to find economical and ergonomic options like bulk order office furniture that are more customizable and aesthetically appealing than a bland office cubicle, thanks to the growing popularity of smart office furniture for people working from home.
  • This technique can increase effectiveness and reliability by encouraging critical work to be performed in an on-site, shared environment of limited gatherings; thus, limiting the spread of the infection by enabling other workers to work freely from home.

The Advantages of Working From Anywhere

The Challenges and Disadvantages For Employees And Companies In Work From Anywhere Culture

The challenges and disadvantages for business owners and managers

  • To guarantee that the best people are working in the workplace and that as many people as possible are working from home on the same schedule when hitting crucial deadlines, this strategy necessitates a well-organized and coordinated vision for the staff to manage remote teams. Depending on the size of the staff and the amount of work that you may complete remotely, this could be challenging.
  • Employers must be able to train workers from anywhere employees as well as potential work from anywhere hires. This can be especially difficult for managers who want a more hands-on management style. It requires the use of alternate strategies that, depending on the situation, may or may not be as successful as in-person teaching.
  • Projects may lag due to a lack of leadership and time management mistakes, and team members can fail to achieve what is required on schedule. There can be misunderstandings amongst employees due to lack of clear communication — a challenge that is rendered more difficult to solve for work from anywhere staff.
  • Working from anywhere makes it impossible for certain managers to determine the success of their employees. Occasional video conferences have replaced in-person observation and near interaction, making it impossible to assess each employee's efforts and work ethic.
  • When the majority of the staff operates remotely or adopts the work from anywhere program, it means that employees hardly meet. Therefore, maintaining a positive work culture and team ethic and corporate ethos is almost impossible. Although Zoom parties may be beneficial for team bonding, they do not have the same impact as in-person gatherings.

The Challenges and Disadvantages

The challenges and disadvantages for employees

  • Since team members can work various hours and schedules and are challenging to reach at crucial times, there may be several communication gaps and it takes time to solve miscommunication.
  • The work from anywhere remote and in-person teams cannot work, and together as those that work on-site, resulting in a division between the two groups of team members.
  • Future promotions or job development chances can be hindered for work from anywhere employees who lack in-person work experience.
  • Employees who work from anywhere can find it challenging to maintain a work-life balance, remain motivated, and be as productive and efficient as they would be in a concentrated office setting.

Must Haves for Work From Anywhere Workstation

ErgoChair 2 by Autonomous

A major recommendation we at Autonomous have for any employees, business owners, or managers who are currently following the trend of the work from anywhere model is to invest in a worthwhile workstation and office setup. These are the must-haves office equipment and essentials for your work from anywhere workstation : 

An Autonomous Office Chair

1. ErgoChair 2 by Autonomous

The ErgoChair 2 by Autonomous has a plain yet elegant ergonomic design. The ErgoChair 2 has a five-wheel frame, extra neck support, and adjustable lumbar support. Its Italian-designed tilt tension mechanisms allow you to adjust your chair's resistance and support; it is a luxurious yet affordable choice.


2. MyoChair by Autonomous

This ergonomic office chair is similar to the ErgoChair 2, but the MyoChair is less expensive. The chair has a well-designed breathable mesh backing that provides solid support while keeping your back comfortable during the day. The MyoChair is available in various colors, including cool gray and black, to give your workspace a professional look.

MyoChair by Autonomous

3. Kinn Chair by Autonomous

Autonomous' Kinn Chair is a luxury ergonomic chair choice. The back of this ergonomic office chair is made of a custom constructed TPE material in a fishbone pattern. The Kinn Chair by Autonomous has various adjustability features that ensure the user's ease. For office and home employees, this is the ideal premium choice.

 Kinn Chair by Autonomous

4. AvoChair by Autonomous

The AvoChair by Autonomous is a high-quality, environmentally sustainable ergonomic office chair. This ergonomic workplace choice is ideal for the office worker daily. The AvoChair also has a comfortable cushion and various adjustability options for maximum comfort. This ergonomic office chair is a cost-effective choice that comes in a range of colors.

AvoChair by Autonomous

5. ErgoStool by Autonomous

The Autonomous ErgoStool l is a fantastic alternative to traditional ergonomic office seats. Officers can choose active seating for the ErgoStool, which allows for a seamless transition between sitting and standing at their workstation. The ErgoStool has a vibrant and supportive convex cushion that facilitates blood circulation across the body.

ErgoStool by Autonomous

An Autonomous Standing Desk

1. SmartDesk 2 – Home Office

The SmartDesk 2 – Home office standing desk by Autonomous is a sturdy standing desk that guarantees to boost your productivity and energy levels. 

SmartDesk 2 – Home Office

2. SmartDesk 2 Premium

The SmartDesk 2 Premium boasts a better height range than the home office edition. This is the ideal standing desk for home and office use. With this standing desk by Autonomous, you are going to experience optimal focus and productivity.

SmartDesk 2 Premium

3. L-Shaped SmartDesk

The L-shaped smart desk is known in the industry for its practical and stunning design. With this standing desk, you can be inspired at your workstation and maximize your space while working.

L-Shaped SmartDesk

4. SmartDesk – Double Desk

The SmartDesk double desk was built with privacy and collaborations in mind. The ideal choice for a modern work environment.

martDesk – Double Desk

5. SmartDesk DIY Kit

The SmartDesk DIY Kit allows users to have full creative freedom. You can build your workstation with personalized height adjustability and tabletop surfaces.

SmartDesk DIY Kit

The Autonomous Graphene Antiviral Mask

Autonomous has released an innovative face mask intending to make the world healthier. The Autonomous graphene antiviral mask destroys and repels any virus particles that are present in the air we breathe.

The mask is made of graphene, a thin film that is both stable and convenient. It is a reusable, cozy, washable, and long-lasting product. An Autonomous' graphene antiviral mask will also complement your outfit. This revolutionary face mask is available in black, blue, grey, and white from Autonomous. Did you know that you can get a free graphene antiviral mask? Try it now!

Autonomous Accessories

Investing in Autonomous accessories such as our privacy panel. You can now block all unwanted interruptions and noise with the barriers. It is easy to get into your focus zone with this privacy panel.


The Final Verdict

The work from anywhere strategy seems to have been adopted by employees and business owners all around the globe. The concept of working from anywhere seems to be the future of work. Because there are various challenges for employees and managers it is difficult to imagine the work from anywhere model being a long-term trend.  However, if employees and managers can find a balance for the work from anywhere strategy while promoting health and safety – this may very well be the future of the work environment.

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