The New Work from Home Checklist for Productivity
Remote Working

The New Work from Home Checklist for Productivity

|May 29, 2022

What does your work-from-home routine look like? Are you checking emails with one eye open, depriving yourself of a nice breakfast because who cares? You are not leaving home. Working from home is a chill mode with lots of flexibility for employees, which is why so many people love remote working. Still, a major consequence of such routine is that we are inevitably becoming lazier and less active with each passing day spent working remotely.

From not getting out of the bed to not having proper breakfast, not dressing up in clean clothes, and ignoring the value of a proper office setup, working from home, if not done properly, can do a lot more damage than good. Hence it is important to be vigilant with a work from home checklist, so you don't damage your work productivity or affect your physical and mental health with a sedentary lifestyle.


Though you might be troubled about how to start building a home office and what the top work from home equipment checklist is, with a proper work from home office setup, you can find yourself to be more creative than ever and attain a better work-life balance. This article will cover the top remote work checklist and work from home essentials to make your work experience more pleasant and ergonomic.

Work from Home Ergonomics Checklist

Work from Home Ergonomics Checklist

Here is a work from home checklist to ensure your employees meet the work from home standards well.

Set Up a Space

Set Up a Space

Working from home may be unfamiliar for some of you, so make sure you have everything you need to keep your job running when you can't get to the office. This entails more than just possessing the proper equipment; setting up your workspace. By going over the following requirements, you may establish a setting that is both comfortable and productive.

Office Furniture

Office Furniture work from home checklist

You cannot ignore this one. Even if you don't have to work alone from your home corner far from your bed or your family members, having the right office furniture can create an illusion of a home office right in your living room. With work from home, many employees took their office desks or equipment to homes, but some could not do so or weren't allowed to practice this.

This means that you will need to purchase an ergonomic chair, a standing desk, a few accessories in the work from home checklist, and smart office gadgets. While this takes a toll on your budget, you can take help from the various incentives to help remote employees.

Use the employee purchase program or teacher discounts to build your ergonomic work from home. Without a proper setup, you will suffer a tough time managing work and separating it from home life.

Identify your Job Needs

Identify your Job Needs

If you are a teacher, you probably need a desktop to keep the records, a desk organizer for necessary stationery items, and a notepad to keep records. On the other hand, a programmer, coder, or software developer will need smart gadgets and expensive desktops, so their work efficiency is not compromised. This entails different needs and budget values according to your profession; hence the checklist will vary.

Before buying your office furniture or planning your layout, make sure you are well aware of the essentials you need to spend your space and money accordingly. A programmer purchase program is a good initiative to cover your home office setup.

Stable Connection

Stable Connection work from home checklist

The most basic tool for working remotely in our work from home checklist is accessing a computer with a decent, stable internet connection. While your home connection may have been adequate for occasional work-related activities like reading email, it may fall short if you need to make a video conference call.

Working from home might be difficult if your Wi-Fi connection is inconsistent and does not give adequate coverage throughout your home or apartment. Besides having a stable internet connection, it is also important that you pay attention to your work from home security checklists, so your sensitive information isn't at risk. Consider using a secure and protected internet service or a VPN plan before logging in to your work account.

Follow a Routine

Follow a Routine

After staying at home for months and following a relaxed routine, it seems nearly impossible how we used to get up at 8 and be on time at work. This is because the work from home has messed up routines for most of us. Hence if you need to witness real results, you need to create a proper routine and follow it, so your work hours don't extend more than needed and your chill time doesn't interfere with work.

Another problem that routine settlement will help with is overworking or burnout. Work from home employees have a harder time drawing boundaries between work and home life; hence they spend more than healthy hours dedicated to work.

Communication Tools

Communication Tools work from home checklist

If you are a remote worker with your own business, you might not need online chatting tools at first, but for those who are a part of a bigger team, communication tools – both virtual and physical hold great importance. Invest in a good high-quality wireless camera, a mic, and a high-quality pair of noise-canceling headphones, so your work and work-related calls are not interrupted. Such tools will also save you from future embarrassment during important calls with clients and bosses.

Don't Forget to Dress Up

Don't Forget to Dress Up

Dress in something you would regularly wear to the office to feel the difference between relaxing at home and working from home. It's unnecessary to dress up, but stepping out of your pajamas will make you feel more awake, put-together, and ready for the day. Getting ready for the day will put you in the correct mood for work and demonstrate to others that you are serious about your job.


The number of organizations shifting, loving, and promoting remote work is probably rising. It will continue to follow the same trend because of the numerous work from home benefits to employers, employees, and organizations.

While this comes at a cost where the procedure to follow proper work from home seems daunting and tough. Still, it is a one-time investment and effort to make your employees feel productive in their home offices, so they have zero commute responsibility and maximum efficiency.

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