Work from Home Tips to Start Right Away (2024 Updated)
Remote Working

Work from Home Tips to Start Right Away (2024 Updated)

|Oct 3, 2021

Working from home gives you enough flexibility to do your job the way you want to. More often than not, this luxury can turn into a missed opportunity. That happens because of incorrect planning or, in some cases, time-wasting. 

One of the most important things about working from home is time management. If your scheduling is not taken care of correctly, you could miss your deadlines and in the worst-case scenario, lose your job. 

You see, remote work is challenging, especially if you are someone who gets easily distracted. A good suggestion would be to split your workday into increments so that you aren't sitting for hours on end. 

A study proved that the average human's concentration span is no longer than 90 minutes. That means for every 90 minutes you work, you should take a 10 to 15-minute break. Spend this time outside in the sun, talk to a loved one, or stroke your cat.  

Whatever you do, though, make sure to separate yourself from your work entirely. We know it can be challenging, but trust us, this is the best thing to do, especially when working on intense projects.

People often say working from home can boost your productivity, but you might not perform your task efficiently without intrinsic motivation. Remember, remote work doesn't mean you get to skip meetings or be late on deadlines; it's precisely the opposite. 

Don't lose performance due to motivation at work and distractions. Build a basic well-organized routine to help you avoid compulsions. 

When a person works from home, they need motivation and drive. That is why we bring you some essential work from home tips. Let’s learn how to work from home efficiently!

Get Ready for Your Work Day

work from home tips: Get Ready for Your Work Day

The simplest work from home best practices begins with you and your attire. Most remote workers roll out of bed and start working in their pajamas or gowns. While this might be nice and comfortable, it is also detrimental to one's work performance. 

Yes, you heard correctly. Working in your sleepwear can lower your productivity. That is because it usually provides you with a sense of comfort and freedom, making you a little lazy daisy when working on projects.  

It doesn't mean that spending 48 hours straight in sweatpants makes you a better worker. 

You don't need to dress as formally as you would for work, but the mere act of putting on some new clothes signals the brain to wake up and get the job done. 

Our minds are programmed to take cues from our personal and social outlook while working and making decisions. Dressing up for work gives your brain a reason for doing it. It is something that helps to keep you alert throughout the day. 

Be sure to take care of other appearance-based tasks such as doing your hair, taking a shower, and applying minimal makeup. By looking presentable, you feel better about yourself and add to your motivation. 

Choose a Proper Home Office

work from home tips: Choose a Proper Home Office

Here is another work from home tip for you. The space you work in is as vital as your general well-being. Comfort is one of the things people love the most about working from home. Are you aware that this comfort can often cost you focus, productivity, and target goals? 

Using products that boost productivity and comfort while still maintaining a work attitude is key to remote work. Often ergonomic injuries occur due to improper seating arrangements or incorrect desk height. 

These problems can be resolved with an ergonomic chair or a standing desk. Items like these are essential to create a balance in the workplace. If you are a person who suffers from back or neck pain and spends long hours at the desk, these two things are going to be a lifesaver for you. 

A simple chair such as the Autonomous Chair Recline can match with any modern remote office desk setup and has an ergonomic mesh back that molds to the shape of your spine.

Remember, distractions come from all angles, so positioning your Smart Desk in a corner with good natural light is a great idea. Be sure to keep all your necessary materials such as a water bottle, lamp, diary, and pens nearby. 

Having a dedicated workspace is one of the tips for working remotely, which enables you to remain focused and oriented on the task at hand. 

Make Sure Your Technology Is Updated

work from home tips: Make Sure Your Technology Is Updated

Slow computing power leads to frustration and a lack of motivation. That's why it's essential to have quality technology. Your computer and internet connection are part of your livelihood, so why not ensure your equipment works properly? 

Be sure to research thoroughly what internet service providers offer the best plan before choosing. Get recommendations from fellow users or friends on which laptop you should be using for the work you do to get an effective work from home performance. 

If you are a person that needs multiple screens, a 3 monitor setup can be added to your home office to increase productivity. 

Of course, you need to take a few things into accounts, such as aesthetics and budget. That varies from person to person, so be sure to put the utmost care into this process. 

Maintain Consistent Work Hours

work from home tips: Consistent Work Hours

Being consistent in whatever you do always pays off. Why wouldn't it be the same while working from home? 

That doesn't mean that you should work longer hours because you can. You still need to maintain a healthy work-life balance and take the necessary breaks required for your well-being. 

People often get so deep into their work that they end up sitting at their minimalist desk setup for eight hours straight. That completely disregards one's health and can cause a host of ergonomic ailments in the future.  

It doesn't matter if you have the best home office setup. If you don't take regular breaks, you are going to suffer later on. 

Start by making a timetable so that you can set out the required work hours for each day. 

A good suggestion and work from home tip would be to set your alarm for one hour before work starts. That way, you have a chance to get ready and prepared for the day ahead. 

The same goes for after work. Set your alarm for when work should end, and when it rings, shut down your laptop and move away from your workplace. 

Separating work and personal time is imperative if you wish to remain sane and still have a social life. 

Eat Right

work from home tips: Eat Right

Diet is one of the most underrated parts of working from home. Remember we spoke about comfort earlier? Well, that's where diet comes in. At home, most people often have tasty snacks or sweets that they indulge in while working. 

Sure, a sugar boost can be beneficial at times, but that doesn't mean you should eat it every day. That does not benefit your health at all and can be damaging to your productive work schedule

You see, a lousy diet drains your energy and kills your proficiency while working on essential projects. 

Some good food suggestions to keep in the office are fresh fruits, berries, nuts, and natural juices. Try not to overeat during your workday either, as this makes you sluggish and could cause delays in your work. 

Be sure to eat energizing meals for lunch. These meals should contain protein, iron, and complex carbohydrates. Some leafy green vegetables, fish, and legumes sound like the perfect lunch. 

Oh, and one of the most important things to always remember is to drink plenty of clean water. If you eat healthy every day, you are bound to see a difference in your performance, productivity, and appearance. Don’t forget to plan for your health in your work from home strategy.

Maintain a Good Sleep Pattern

work from home tips: Maintain a Good Sleep Pattern

Sleeping is just as important as eating, but people often overlook this crucial aspect. When you maintain a proper sleep schedule, you set yourself up to deliver the best results. In most cases, sleep gets compromised because of binge-watching Netflix and working. 

It's time to put down the remote and get in that beauty sleep because it helps you perform optimally. 

Rather binge-watch over the weekend and get into a healthy sleep routine in the week. Setting an ideal bedtime is the start to restructuring your sleep pattern.  

When you get a minimum of six hours of sleep, you allow your body to recharge fully. Between the hours of 10 pm and 3 am, your body is in a deep REM state and effectively repairs itself. 

Try to make sure you are asleep during those hours so that you can reap the maximum benefits. Following your new sleep pattern routine, every day eventually becomes a habit. 

That is one habit you do not want to break as it improves all aspects of your life.  

Exercise Regularly

Exercise Regularly

That should be a no-brainer, but people neglect exercise as much as they do their diets and sleep cycles. Training is one of the best ways and work from home tips to increase performance and concentration. 

When you adopt the habit of exercise, you can see the benefits in both your professional and personal life. The increased blood allows more oxygen to enter the brain, which alters and further sharpens your mind. 

Adding exercise to your work-from-home strategy is essential if you want to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Since the rise in remote work, more people have been affected by mental health issues due to social isolation. 

Exercise helps with this by heightening endorphins which boost enjoyment, interest, and happiness. Not only does it help with all those beautiful things, but it aids in maintaining a great posture. 

Be sure to add a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise or stretching to your daily routine for maximum reward. 

Set Ground Rules for Family Members

Set Ground Rules for Family Members

A tremendous work-from-home tip is to make ground rules for friends and family. That doesn't mean being rude to them when they interrupt you during a meeting. 

You see, most people don't understand remote work and think that it's just a walk in the park, especially those who are not used to it. The older generation is mainly the ones who are not familiar with this idea.  

It's a good idea to sit them down and show them your work schedule. Explain that those are your working hours and you cannot be disturbed during those times. Tell them that there might be days that you don't have that much work, but that shouldn't be a signal that shows you are available. 

Kids can also be a distraction during a workday. We love our kids, and they love us, so maintaining a healthy balance between work and children is essential. If you have young ones who could distract you while working, a good suggestion would be to let an elder or babysitter look after them during your business hours. 

It would be best to focus on what you are doing to achieve top-class results for your boss or colleagues. 

Leverage Social Media

Leverage Social Media

Social media can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you use it. People are often on their social media account within the first few minutes of waking up. That is not the right way to go about things, as social media can be detrimental to mental health. 

If social media is leveraged correctly, it can beneficially boost mood and enlightenment. When misused, it can cause delays in work, fatigue, mental breakdowns, and lack of dedication. 

Facebook and Instagram are here to stay, so you need to find a way to manage your time correctly while using these apps. Some good tips to consider would be to limit your social media time to a few minutes each day. 

Let's say 30 minutes each for Facebook and Instagram. Once those 30 minutes are done, you must be sure not to open them up again. 

Commenting on photos and videos of friends or celebrities might be fun, but it is killing your work productivity. 


All these work from home tips can help you to achieve success in your home office. If you are worried about equipment price, searching for an employee purchase program would be ideal for you.  

Ergonomic equipment such as the Autonomous Chair Ergo can be found at a great price through programs like these. 

Whatever way you look at it, your success depends on your input. If your efforts are full of distractions, you aren't able to put on your best performance.

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