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Work From Home Wellness Tips to Maintain Work-life Balance
Work Wellness

Work From Home Wellness Tips to Maintain Work-life Balance

|Dec 7, 2022

In older days, a typical workday involved a morning full of stress, having the tiniest breakfast or skipping it altogether, getting ready on a time crunch to rushing to find the cheapest possible commute. However, many employees found themselves more relaxed with work-from-home flexibility. Getting up and having breakfast to sit in their home offices saves time, money, and effort. But to some, working from home has been nothing more than a mere challenge.

From not finding a proper work-from-home office to lacking in office accessories. Suffering from isolation to having no one to talk to. As much as we enjoy and are excited about the work-from-home benefits, the challenges are also real. Hence the work from home wellness should be paid proper attention to. To ensure work-from-home wellbeing, one has to take care of several tiny things that all build up to encourage a healthy work-from-home routine. This article will cover some of the top work-from-home wellness ideas that can make a huge difference for someone suffering from work-from-home blues.

Tips to Maintain Work from Home Health and Wellness

Home Office

You may call just a desk your home office or an entire room with dedicated space where only you sit. The real thing is how well you have designed and planned your home office. When it comes to a home office or a work desk setup, you must pay careful attention to comfort, privacy, efficiency, and health.

While comfort depends on how well you have planned your space for mental health and physical wellbeing. Modern studies have encouraged the workplace ergonomics concept to cover all the comfort points. This includes having an ergonomic office chair that removes any chances of back pain from the computer chair while ensuring proper posture while typing.

Another crucial ergonomic solution is the standing desk. Standing desks are a wondrous product for office setups. In addition, a standing desk can be a great change for people who suffer from unhealthy lifestyles due to sitting all day and hence develop a wrong posture.

Tips to Maintain Work from Home Health and Wellness


Mindfulness in life helps with stress and anxiety, but mindfulness at work will help you overcome several work challenges. This includes the mental load of the work but also the physical aches that emerge after a long day of work. First, when sitting at your desk, practice mindfulness to avoid the types of postures that are unhealthy. Secondly, with a standing desk, be mindful of your time standing and obtain the proper balance between sitting and standing so you don't face any physical fatigue. For people in the initial stages of using a standing desk, practicing a proper posture at a standing desk might also require some conscious mental effort.


Workout at Home

Finding work-life balance when you commute to an office is difficult enough, so it's critical to establish boundaries and a routine when your house is your office. Numerous advantages come from regular exercise, including improved immune function, a healthy body, and a happy mind. In addition, you can improve your mood and ability to process information by just getting up and exercising for a 15-minute break.

Establish a proper exercise at-home routine or buy yourself a set of office gym equipment to crush off those push-ups later in the day. Whether it's a few minutes of treadmill or an hour-long workout routine, never let a day slide by without a little exercise.

Workout at Home

Optimize Your Workplace

Personalize it with plants and photographs; if possible, work in decent lighting; keep your workspace tidy, and attempt good illumination. Productivity may be enhanced by having a separate workplace organized according to your preferences and working style.

Interact with Colleagues

What if you are not physically together to chat over coffee during lunch? Virtual chat sessions have been the new trend for a while. Since you and your colleague go through the same amount of frustration and isolation and are under the same workload, one of the best work-from-home wellness activities is to have virtual chat sessions. This doesn't have to be work-related. You can chat about life, other things, issues, or even gossip about the office – just for older time's sake.

Interact with Colleagues

Separate your Workspace from Home

Having a dedicated office is vital to rest your mind because you probably don't want to think about work everywhere in your house, whether it's an extra bedroom, the basement, or a small area of your living room. Additionally, doing this will make it simpler to stop working at the end of the day.

Maintain A Proper Sleep Schedule

Have a conference call scheduled for midday? Regardless, get up on time. Is your Netflix binge still going strong at night? Shut it off and go to bed at a reasonable hour. Sleep schedules may suffer when you suddenly spend more time at home as you attempt to adjust. But maintaining a regular wake-up and sleep schedule is essential for self-care because it improves the quality of your sleep. Without that, you can experience significant energy swings or feel sleepy throughout the day.

Work-life Boundary

I am at home, might as well work while chilling on the couch. This routine has set our work and home life out into chaos. Experts say it is important to have a proper and clear boundary between work and life, even if you are working from home all day. Refrain from checking your work email after you log out at the same time every day. Leave email until the following day and only respond to SMS after work if there is an emergency. On the weekend, avoid working!

Work-life Boundary

Keep a Healthy Diet

Make an effort to start your workday with a healthy lunch and plan out regular snacks like fruit and carrots. Because it can enhance your overall nutritional health, this step is quite significant.

You can lessen mental problems and battle obesity with a better diet. Remember that good physical health is one of the strongest weapons you can use to combat emotional and mental challenges.


In conclusion, while working remotely has many advantages, it also has some drawbacks. For example, without your coworkers, you can experience social isolation, excessive screen time, difficulties switching off from work at the end of the day, decreased productivity, and a shift toward a more sedentary lifestyle. Above are some tips to encourage a healthy work-from-home lifestyle that you can practice now to achieve a work-life balance and improve your health at work.

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