6 Extremely Amazing Work Team Activities for Your Employees
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6 Extremely Amazing Work Team Activities for Your Employees

|Apr 14, 2021

Team building activities are necessary for every manager who is managing a team to complete a project. These activities are important to maintain the company's culture and many other benefits as well. When employees come together to discuss and complete a task, you may say that your company is moving on the right path. 

Work team activities build a bond between the manager and his/her teammate and bring them together to focus on a particular assignment. With all the minds at work, you can get fresh and innovative ideas that make the discussions more interesting and efficient.  

So, if you are looking for some team-building activities, go through this article to find the best ones that improve your productivity. 

8 Best Team Building Activities

1. Blind Drawing

blind drawing

Blind Drawing is a popular game, especially for small groups. It improves the communication as well as leadership skills of the employees. To play this game, all you need is a pen, paper, and few pictures. You may use your phone or laptop for the images. 

Divide the group into teams of two and make them sit with their back against each other. Give one picture to one of the members, who will then describe it to his/her partner without telling them what's exactly in the picture. 

The other member has to draw the picture within 5 to 10 minutes to win the game. The team that draws the correct image in minimum time will be the winner. 

The results will determine how well an employee understands the other and interprets their directions. With better directions, they will be able to develop their communication and leadership skills.  

2. Sneak a Peek

Sneak a peek is a game that helps you understand an individual's efforts in the team's overall success. It sharpens your memory and develops problem-solving and strategizing skills.   

For this activity, you need building blocks to build a sculpture and hide it from all the team members. Divide the teams with at least two people in a group and provide each team with building blocks. 

It’s time for the employees to move from their affordable standing desk and come forward. You may call one member of a team to come and sneak a peek at the sculpture for 10-15 seconds only. After that, they will go back to their team and get 25 seconds to instruct other members to build the sculpture.  

After 25 seconds, the team sends another member to sneak a peek at the sculpture. This process continues until a team successfully builds the exact copy of the original sculpture. 

3. Mystery Dinner

mystery dinner

Mystery dinner allows teammates to get out of their comfort zones and ergonomic chair gaming furniture while working with each other. Unlike other teamwork activities, you have to conduct this one at your home or a restaurant. 

Invite your team and other teams of the organization to the decided place for lunch or dinner. It will be a fun activity for the employees to bond with each other. Also, no one has to pay for the lunch or dinner as the company will incur all the expenses.   

The mystery in the game is that you can only tell your team members the time and date of the dinner. Right before dinner, mail your employees about the venue and the partner they have to accompany. 

It helps employees meet new people and understand how to work with other teams in the company. 

4. Winner/Loser

Winner/Loser is one of the best team bonding activities that encourage employees to take everything positively and learn from their experience. 

The game requires a team of two people to sit opposite each other on their respective good ergonomic chairs. One of the members has to share a negative situation they have faced in real life. Once they are done, the other member retells the story but with a positive perspective. They may switch roles after talking about the problem. 

After the end of the game, every team member will be able to focus on the positive aspects of their terrible life experiences and learn from them. 

5. Minefield


Minefield is a team bonding activity that focuses on building trust among the employees and help them communicate better with each other. You need a few soft objects and blindfolds to play this game. Make sure the objects do not have rough edges. You can take cups, soft toys, or balloons to start the game. 

In an open space, you have to place these objects that act as mines all across the floor. Divide your group into a team with two players each and ask one of them to put on the blindfold. 

The other member has to direct their partner to go from one side to another without touching or stepping on the mines. Moreover, the blindfolded partner is not allowed to speak at all during the game. The team that reaches the finish line in the least time wins the game. 

It is one of the best work group activities to build trust among the team members. Since the blindfolded person cannot talk, he/she has to trust their partner, who gives them the direction. 

6. Flip It Over

flip it over

Flip it over is an effective team-building activity that helps the players acquire problem-solving and communication skills. It also boosts their creativity, which results in better ideas at the time of team meetings. 

For this game, you need a piece of cloth and must have at least 6 participants. Ask the group to stand on top of the clothing. Now, the teammates have to flip the cloth such that they are standing on top of the other side. 

The only problem is that they can only use their feet to flip the cloth. Also, no member can get off the cloth or have their feet touch the floor. 

The game forces employees to work as a team and think of various ways to flip the cloth over. And since no one can get off the cloth, the members have to work as a team to reach the ultimate goal. 

Summing Up 

With these team building activities at work, your employees will be able to work with each other more conveniently. In case some of your employees work remotely, there are multiple activities for them too. These games will motivate your team and allow them to work together to reach the organizational objectives.

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