Yoga Poses You Can Easily Do At Your Work Desk
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Yoga Poses You Can Easily Do At Your Work Desk

|Apr 27, 2021

Yoga lovers need no reason to stretch and flex those muscles. Yoga is a healthy addiction that makes you strong and a positive person. If you are someone who loves their yoga mat, then chances are you cannot wait till the end of the day to do some stretches and backbends. What if you didn't need to wait? Office desk yoga poses and yoga at work is the new cool to de-stress during your working hours.

Now you don't need to daydream about going home and dedicating an entire hour to yoga; you can as easily practice office chair yoga in your office ergonomic chair and do various healthy exercises with the help of an adjustable standing desk.

While the benefits of yoga at your deskare not unknown to anyone, there are still many people who cannot convince themselves to do it. Yoga is hard, and no matter how simple it seems, the poses exert a certain pressure on your body, and without a focused mind, it is hard to get into practice. But the benefits of yoga serve as every right reason you should make yoga a mandatory part of your routine. 

What Are The Benefits of Yoga?

Yoga is not only effective for our posture or physical health. It also plays a vital role in strengthening our minds. Psychologists prefer yoga as a strong mind training exercise and a way to relax. Studies prove that with regular practice of yoga, depression can reduce up to 50%, and there is an observed decrease in anxiety levels due to yoga by 40%.

The best thing about yoga is, whether you are at a beginner level or an intermediate already, you just get better with time. It eases into you, and thus you get more flexible and confident as you hold various asanas and get to that down dog without falling even once. Unlike other exercises, yoga is easy for any age group, and everyone can reap its benefits.

What Are The Benefits of Yoga?

For starters, yoga brings stability and balance to your life. Not to your checking accounts or work directly, but it brings a sense of confidence and peace to your mind. You can enjoy slow movements and deep breaths, and the brain gets relaxed to the core, so you make better decisions and have more control in life.

Yoga also helps you sleep better. A bedtime yoga can remove all the tension and entire day's build-up from your shoulders, and thus you can relax as you hit that head to the pillow. Though the benefits of yoga are hard to put in a certain way as they stretch to various horizons but to define them, yoga's benefits can be divided into either mental or physical health benefits.

Mental Health

Mental Health

Ever thought about why you feel so great after the child’s pose? Because it acts as an anxiety relief.

  • Yes, yoga at your desk relieves natural anxiety, and for anxious people, yoga can help bring peace to your mind.

  • Yoga modulates the stress response system, thus relaxing your mind to develop a positive and controlled stance regarding things.

  • Yoga at work increases pain tolerance. Thus you can stay strong even in tough times.

  • Yoga at your desk brings mental clarity and calmness into your life

  • Yoga increases the blood flow to your brain, so your brain works stronger

Physical Health

Physical Health

Doctors usually recommend light to moderate yoga to people who are suffering from various health issues. The purpose of yoga is to increase body balance and provide stability to the brain and great coordination. By doing yoga, you can create a strong focus and increase the coordination between your brain and body parts. There are many physical benefits of yoga at work: 

  • It releases back pain by providing lower stretch and mobility

  • It can reduce the arthritis symptoms

  • It improves heart health and gives strength to your core.

  • Increases your immunity and healing power

  • You can reduce weight with yoga

  • It promotes a healthier metabolism and a strong Body Mass Index (BMI)

Easy Office Desk Yoga Poses

Sitting in your office chair for hours does no good to the body. It also unease your mind, and you feel constant tension building up in your muscles. Whether you are in the office or following a hybrid working mode, you cannot just spend hours on a chair without getting physically and mentally exhausted. So, you should do some yoga at your desk. 

Easy Office Desk Yoga Poses

The benefits of standing desk exercises and yoga stretches at the office desk go beyond measures. With just the right combination of office chair yoga and multiple sitting at desk poses, you can regulate your blood flow, get more productive, and enjoy an improved mood as well. And the best part is there are many simple yoga poses that you can add to your home office exercise routine or even practice with a colleague at work.

  • For people who spend hours typing, wrist stretching is a great and effective yoga at your desk that can release tension from your wrists and arms; just place your wrists on the edge of your desk and hold firmly. As you pull yourself away from the desk, try to flatten your arms as much as possible and feel the stress.

  • A seated spinal twist is a way to refresh your coordination. All you need is to sit straight on your chair and look forward. Rotate your body to one side and look past your shoulder. Keep your lower body intact and repeat for the other side.

  • A seated forward bend is a release of tension from your shoulders and muscles. Firmly place both feet flat on the floor and interlace your fingers. Stretch your joined hand as much as possible to the back of your head as if they are trying to escape from you. Bend down as you do so. Feel the stretch in your shoulders and relax after a few seconds' hold.

  • Cat-cow stretch is a great way and yoga at your desk to release the back muscle tension. It helps to prevent back and neck pain. Sit straight on a chair and firmly place your feet on the ground. Place your hands on your knees and inhale to form an arch by pushing your chest forward. Exhale to touch your belly with your back and repeat for a few breathing cycles.

  • Neck Rolls are the easiest yoga at your desk, and you can get a great sense of freedom in your neck muscles with them. Sit straight and close your eyes. Circle your neck slowly from one side to another. You will feel great tension release instantly.

Easy Office Desk Yoga Poses

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