15 Remote Work Essentials to Improve Overall Efficiency
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15 Remote Work Essentials to Improve Overall Efficiency

|May 13, 2022

Working from home can be as easy as you think or as hard as it can get depending on the type of home office setup you have planned since there are many challenges of working remotely - with lack of remote work essentials, distractions in the not so professional work zone and loss of work-life balance because there is no end to it as you have a work desk right in your home.

But fighting off all these challenges and achieving discipline in work from home routine is the only way to get productive and achieve the desired efficiency level with the tasks. With the right collection of work from home equipment, you will find yourself capable of achieving various challenges and also find it easier to find an environment closest to a professional space that plays a vital role in productivity. But ever since the concept of remote working or traveling while working remotely has been on the rise, many remote work office essentials are making the rounds in the market.

This infinite choice of remote office essentials opens up various options. It also confuses the user about what to buy and what to not as they need to consider user-friendliness, budget, and comfort as top deciding factors. Hence, this article will cover some top remote work needs that play a vital role in making your remote work setup professional.

Monitor Arm

Monitor Arm remote work essentials

You will find a monitor arms desk mount, making all the top remote work accessories essential. A monitor arm isn't just for show purposes but is a useful accessory to make your work desk ergonomic regardless of its shape, size, and height. With a monitor arm, you can mount multiple screens in one tiny space and get a height-friendly option to keep your neck away from the strain and prevent various spinal injuries.

Desk Mat

Many people consider the purposes of a desk mat solely for aesthetics, but that's not true because a desk mat does much more than just make your desk setup pretty. A desk mat such as this vegan leather desk mat from autonomous defines a boundary on your work desk, so you automatically achieve tidiness on your desk. It prevents the friction barrier between your laptop, keyboard, or any other accessory with the table; hence neither your expensive furniture nor the lavish gadget is subjected to wear or tear.

Seat Cushion

Seat Cushion remote work essentials

One thing that troubles and is problematic for remote workers or entrepreneurs is that they are spending an unhealthy amount of time sitting or in front of the screen. While a standing desk is a great alternative, you cannot stand all day. This ErgoActive memory foam seat cushion is a highly recommended remote worker accessory because it makes any chair more comfortable and prevents strain formation in your spine.

Cable Clips

Cable slips are simply the solution you didn't realize you needed but wait until you get them. These are one of the most essential because not only do they minimize cable clutter but also increase the life span of your expensive gadgets by keeping all your cables organized and mess-free.

Wrist Rest

Wrist Rest remote work essentials

People with typing jobs and hours of work on the keyboard are more prone to wrist injuries because the typing and working angle they form with their keyboard might not be the most comfortable one out there. Even though it seems minute stress initially, working in such positions can lead to serious issues like carpal tunnel syndrome. An ergonomic wrist rest is the simplest solution and one of the cheapest remote work essentials you should not just pass by.

Noise Canceling Headphones

It takes some time to acclimatize to a new environment and learn to focus. It's even more challenging when the environment—for example, a home office—regularly introduces new, distracting sounds. Noise-canceling headphones can be really useful. You may plug them in, turn on some white noise to help you concentrate, and get back into the swing of things.

Laptop Table

Laptop Table remote work essentials

This is one of the must-have remote work essentials. Even if you have your work desk, sometimes you don't want to get out of bed, which happens with remote workers. Get a laptop table for those blue days rather than being in bed and working in unhealthy postures. A laptop table can also help you with work while traveling or staying elsewhere because it is portable.

Keyboard Platform

Another great way to prevent any wrist injury in the workplace is to buy an ergonomic adjustable platform for your keyboard. While this is a bigger purchase than earlier, it will help you get extra space for your keyboard and mouse and an ergonomic placement for your wrists while working.

Filing Cabinet

Filing Cabinet remote work essentials

If something directly doesn't affect your body doesn't mean it is not influential. The same is the case with workplace clutter. Workplace mess and clutter are often ignored, thinking a professional workplace is always full of papers and other items.

But a filing cabinet like this one from autonomous counts as a highly essential workplace accessory because it provides an ergonomic solution to the clutter and mess which usually frustrates you while working. This also helps separate important work essentials from other home items effectively.

ErgoFoam Foot Rest

The ErgoFoam adjustable footrest is a high-density footrest to eliminate the high nerve pressure from your feet. This footrest has a mesh cover, so it doesn't cause sweating, and the flip-over technology allows you a smooth ergonomic work position on both sides. The footrest also has an adjustable height so that each user can modify it as per their needs.

Bluetooth Speaker

This is one of the necessary remote work essentials. A speaker that connects to your phone via Bluetooth is useful for more than just blaring your favorite Spotify productivity playlist. With superb sound and a built-in microphone, the correct one may also make conference calls more enjoyable, eliminating the need for headphones.

A Notebook

Even if you are all digital, you never know when an important detail pops up, and your mobile and laptop are both busy, and let's be honest, twisting and bending to find a piece of paper does not seem too professional. Hence always have a notebook just in case.

Desk Organizer

When it comes to organization in the workplace, you should not take its significance lightly. This magnetic desk organizer is the wisest and cheapest purchase you will make. The magnet ability sticks to your desk surface and keeps your desk essentials close and arranged healthily. This is especially for those people who want to control clutter but don't wish to go out of style with some boring desk organizer.

Wireless Charging Pad

This is one of the important remote work essentials. How many times does it happen that your phone dies away during an important meeting or checking an integral email? Remote workers are always on the go; hence, they need to be prepared for client interaction. This Otto Q wireless charging pad is a small accessory that can always help you form an established connection with a client.


Studies suggest that being in the presence of plants is beneficial to your health; they purify the air and are soothing. Plants may help us cope with stress and refocus our resources, and psychologists have discovered that adding some flora to a desk can boost productivity by up to 15%.

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