15 Helpful Ways to Lift Your Mood at Work

15 Helpful Ways to Lift Your Mood at Work

|Sep 17, 2021

Work and stress are a combination known to everyone. Workplace stress is the real issue faced by almost all adults at a certain time in life, and if you are lucky enough, you might get out of a toxic workplace or even learn to manage stress in the workplace effectively. While stress management in the workplace might seem like a mental situation to control, the truth is, it is much more than that. To lift your mood in the workplace while completing a tough report, there are few ways you can adapt to make things more under control. 

This doesn't mean you should consider chilling and let the work pile up, but no matter how cliché it sounds to lift your mood instantly, this article will cover a few ways to lift your mood and help you relax at work when you are having a tough day.

How to Lift Your Mood When You Feel Down At Work?

The million-dollar question of how to de-stress at work. While you could be thinking about opening that medicine cabinet again to let the anxiety take a rest, there are ways to lift your mood without medication. And medications should be your last resort when managing stress because, with our tips, you can learn to deal with the stress effectively.

1. Change your Surroundings

Did you know that our surroundings play a major role in our mental and physical health? Have you ever noticed a sudden uplift in your mood when close to nature or certain environments? Various studies back the impact of surroundings on the mind's ability to work and be productive.

Our workplaces are no different. So here are some ways to make your surroundings improve for the better.

2. Desk setup

Desk setup

Besides workload, the attitude of higher management and comfort level, the desk you work on could be a source of stress. Especially if you have been cluttering a lot, then you might have some next-level stress while working. Locating a file could be a hazard. You can easily transform the way your mind thinks and perform just by playing a bit with desk setup inspirations.

Always remember, a clutter-free desk will give rise to clearer and more organized thoughts as opposed to a desk full of accessories or maybe the files you are too lazy to sort out. So please invest in a filing cabinet to achieve a little freshness.

3. Paint

If you are working from home and not able to get hold of that productivity level you think you are capable of, you may not get the vibe yet. Setting up a home office is important to make sure your mind runs the same way it performs in an organized workplace or even better.

Start by playing a bit with colors and choose paints that look good on your home office and make you happy about the work you are doing.

4. Tiny Plant

If your work has been stressing you out lately, get a plant. This might seem like the most unrelated thing you have heard, but studies show plants and proximity to nature can give rise to better productivity levels. People who have homes with natural plants, complete tasks earlier and also experience improved energy levels.

5. Better Comfort

Investing in comfort in the workplace is like investing in productivity. So comfortable furniture in the workplace is something which will pay you a lot in the longer run. After all, this is what the whole study of workplace ergonomics is about. Workplace ergonomics is targeted to provide better comfort levels to employees, which is why modern workplaces are now taking this change seriously.

6. Desk


The right desk can help you achieve the right comfort level. Yes, with the right desk as your workstation, you can have better posture, improved energy levels, and a serious rise in mood. In addition, many workplaces now opt for standing desks, which is a great way to improve health and thus de-stress.

7. Chair

Get an ergonomic chair, and you will forget the backache. Workplace and long hours of work give rise to issues like backache and muscle spasms. The right ergonomic chair can align your posture while sitting in the most comfortable position, so no part of the body is subjected to undue stress.

8. Cushion

If you already don’t have an ergonomic chair with lumbar support and cannot buy one just yet, then investing in the seat cushion is the right approach. This will keep your lower back stress-free, so you won't experience physical fatigue in the workplace.

9. Mat


Get an anti-fatigue mat with a standing desk to make the most of this experience. Anti-fatigue mats are great at encouraging micro-movements and also bring tiny exercises to the body.

10. Lamp

Sometimes the stress you feel while working is because of improper lighting in the workplace. With us working from home, our bedrooms weren't prepared to bring enough light into the room. While changing the entire room setting is not economical, a great option is to invest in the right desk lamps and get a safe amount of light to work easily.

11. Workstation Exercises

Workstation Exercises

Workstation exercises are an inexpensive and easy solution to remove stress and lift your mood in the workplace. You can carry out many workplace exercises right at your work desk or chair. Here are a few standing desk exercises and easy yoga chair postures to effectively eliminate those stresses in the muscles.

12. Wrist Stretch

Move your wrist from side to side, keeping your palm extended and facing down until you feel a strain at each extreme. Hold for a slow count of 10 on each side. Rep various times to get the desired results.

13. Neck Stretch

Slowly tilt your head to one side, bringing your ear to your shoulder until you feel a slight stretch. Hold for a leisurely 10-15 count. Repeat on each side to get rid of those neck cramps.

14. Arm Stretch

Stretching is also a good way to lift your mood at the workplace. Hold the right arm slightly above the elbow with the left hand. Gently press your elbow on your left shoulder until you feel a stretch. Hold for a few seconds to get rid of any gathered stress in muscles. To each side, repeat 3–5 times.

15. Desk Push-ups

Place your palms straight on the desk and stand a little far from the desk. Tilt at an angle to lower your body towards the desk, then push back up with your forearms and arms. This simple exercise will activate the energy levels and remove stresses from your entire body.

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