How Technology Has Changed for People Working From Home
Remote Working

How Technology Has Changed for People Working From Home

|Apr 3, 2020

Free work-from-home jobs are available across the world due to the evolution of technology. Presently, many people want to work from home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, popularly known as coronavirus. The availability of the required technology makes it possible for you to realize this dream without any trouble if you know how to deal with everyday challenges.

Unlike a decade ago, when people could not find free work-from-home tasks with exceptional ease, the emergence of teleconferencing and modern communications technology now makes it a common practice to find businesses allowing their employees to work remotely whenever necessary. Learn how technology has evolved over the years to determine the effectiveness of working from home.  

Better connections

better connectionsIn the past, working from home was not a possibility due to the lack of the required communication tools. If employees wanted to speak with their boss, they could not shoot an email or make a call. Despite the advent of cell phones, remote work was still a dream for many.

The emergence of video conferencing as well as the widespread adoption of broadband internet in the last decade changed the future of employment. Many employers currently rely on this change to operate from co-working spaces, as they do not need the costly traditional offices to manage their remote workforce. In the face of the present global health crisis, if you have access to free work-from-home jobs and a comfortable chair, you can join the list of those who are pleased to fully perform their duties at home to protect themselves and others from the deadly virus.

The fact that technology is still positively evolving indicates that it is time for everyone to embrace the change. Opposing it may cause more problems than solutions to modern and future organizations. Fast Company envisages that many visionary companies are about to drop face-to-face meetings in favor of virtual reality conferencing, mobile work tools, and other work software.

Moreover, close to 40 percent of employees who work remotely would readily take a pay cut to get an opportunity to continue working from home, according to Global Workplace Analytics. This finding reinforces the fact that you, as an individual, should consider buying a smart standing desk for your homes, not offices.

Efficient collaborations

Efficient Collaborations

In situations such as the current health crisis that the world is experiencing - that require people to maintain social distance - advanced technology comes in handy to facilitate remote collaborations. Real-time interactions are great. However, with the emergence of YouTube and other efficient media tools, non-real time interactions also help to reach a large pool of employees with the same information. 

With a comfortable chair and a smart standing desk, they can sit for long hours watching and listening to the content to be able to work as per the advice of the other experienced members of the workforce.

However, for people who want to reach a large pool of customers, real-time interactions grant companies the chance to close more sales.

Increasing personalized experience

Increasing Personalized ExperienceA few years ago, all that customers needed was individualized attention. The reason for this is that companies had no reliable technology to cater for personalization needs, which has become a top expectation in the customer shopping experience.

A few people who were concerned with personalization were forced to keep a specific card or use some particular credit cards to be able to get special discounts. Presently, your customers do not have to do any of these for you to identify them and give the required special treatment. Once your Company allows the clients to create things such as wedding registries and wish lists, you can serve them properly from your smart standing desk at home without any difficulty.

Through artificial intelligence, businesses can know who their customers are, and what they need at any given time. Organizations can analyze personal data and provide their customers with the best experience. With the way technology has evolved, you can operate as you sit on your comfortable chair and deliver the appropriately priced products to your customers conveniently.

Social media

Social Media

In the past, companies had to spend many resources to reach out to their audience and get free jobs. Many small businesses relied heavily on word of mouth. Today, health experts advise against socializing, and that means word of mouth cannot be efficient despite that it is one of the cheapest ways to market many products.

The advent of social media, however, means you can still market your products from home. As you sit on your comfortable chair, you can create a website and link it to your social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Be active on most or all of these sites, and be sure to be social. As the name suggests, "social media," you should avoid hard selling if you want to generate leads from these profiles and convert them to customers on your website. Most people who succeed using this method also create a regular schedule to post and interact with the audience. Moreover, they are patient.

As we can see, social media can enable you to market and sell many of your products from the comfort of your home. However, since you have to be patient and sit for long hours to achieve your milestone, ensure you use the right furniture, such as a smart standing desk, to be able to protect your back from unnecessary suffering. Your ideal chair should also be comfortable.


Now that you are considering working from home, you know more than many other people who are still hesitating to make the right move that technology has been changing over the years for individuals that work remotely. Several decades ago, it was impossible to think about free work-from-home jobs because the possibility of remote communication, collaboration, and analytics was just a dream. 

Today, if you use the right tools and techniques, you can make a lot of money at the comfort of your home, provided you work with reliable employers to avoid fraud.

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