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The Office Oasis Dual Computer Monitor Stand

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• Made With Premium Quality Materials • Supports up to 100lbs • Reduces Neck Strain • Adds Storage Space
• 5-year warranty


Extremely sturdy, solid bamboo monitor stand with stainless steel legs. Supports up to 100 LBS and provides space underneath for extra storage.
The Office Oasis Dual Computer Monitor Stand
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Most ergonomic workstations provide you with a lot of control over the height of your workstation. Adjusting the height brings the screen closer to your eyes. A bamboo dual monitor stand can prevent you from looking down at the keyboard or display with your eyes drooped. Consequently, the muscles in your back and neck are not stressed. Slip disc and other back problems are possible side effects of overworked muscles. However, here are 25 essential home office accessories for you by Autonomous. The majority of computer monitor risers, like the Office Oasis dual computer monitor stand, let you choose whether or not to work sitting or standing. This has been studied by the National Health System (NHS) in the United Kingdom, making it one of the must-have office accessories. Rather than sitting all day, they recommend standing up as much as possible. Why? You'll notice that your muscles move when you stand, even if they seem little to you. This necessitates the usage of energy by the muscles. Blood glucose provides this energy. Muscles are unable to use glucose in the circulation if you remain seated. It builds up in your body and raises your chance of developing several ailments, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease, which, we are sure no one wants for themselves, that is why we recommend you should get a dual computer monitor stand for desk. Reduced desktop clutter might have a positive impact on your productivity. You'll have more room to work if you increase the monitor. Don't forget about the look of it, either. The cherry on top? They're lightweight, well-made, and provide a nice aesthetic touch. You will notice a change in your health by utilizing an adjustable widescreen monitor riser. With The Office Oasis dual computer monitor stand, nothing hurts anymore. Staying healthy and happy at work is essential!

Reasons You Need to Use Wooden Dual Computer Monitor Stand for Desk

Productivity Increases

Switching between windows and computer software, or looking for missing spreadsheets in a sea of open files, may take up significant time and resources. It is possible to increase your productivity by allowing you to work on numerous displays at once with The Office Oasis monitor stand, while also reducing the amount of time spent on tasks that are uninteresting or frustrating.

Maintain a Healthy Neck and Eyesight

It's a good idea to have The Office Oasis dual computer monitor stand for adjustable displays so that you don't get caught in one place. With several displays that may be positioned in a variety of ways, there are additional options. Utilize a dual-monitor setup or three-monitor setup with frequent head turns to each side while working, for example.

Space Saving Workstations

Because they are designed to be compact, multi-monitor mounts and stands make it much simpler to put more displays in smaller places. With a wood dual monitor stand, you can fit two, three, or four displays together in a compact area.

Key Features Of The Office Oasis Dual Computer Monitor Stand

Up to 100 lb. capacity - Monitor & TV Sizes Can Be Easily Adapted

Even the strongest computer displays can't endure the weight of the bamboo surface. A sturdy stainless steel base supports The Office Oasis dual computer monitor stand with rubber feet to avoid scratching or sliding on the surface. This platform can accommodate anything from a 15-inch laptop to a 75-inch flat-screen TV. All of your monitor stand demands may be accommodated by the 42-inch height and 10.5-inch depth.

Prevents Neck Strain

Most individuals spend their days staring at computer displays that are too low. Chronic back discomfort might result from this as well as neck strain. This bamboo dual monitor stand solves this problem by raising the screen to the ideal height for you.

Supports a Wide Range of Items

With its dual-monitor setup in mind, this stand is ideal for a wide range of additional uses as well. The area under the wood dual monitor stand may be used for extra storage or to house a printing station.