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Modern design for your inspiration

A graphic designer needs a clean and inspirational workspace. A big part of the workspace is the desk! So, all autonomous desks are created to inspire.

Clean design desktop

Clean design desktop

Autonomous standing desks have a range of colors that all exude a calm and clean aura. They're easy to style as well as being perfect for a graphic designer. The large surface and clean colors make it the ultimate designer tool.
Powerful and stable frame

Powerful and stable frame

Much like an ergonomic chair, the standing desk for designer is comfortable. It can handle the weight of a graphic designer desk setup with its powerful and stable frame. Even when changing heights, there will be no shaking or instability.
Sit to stand means you can stay focused on your designs

Sit to stand means you can stay focused on your designs

The cure for the dreaded midday slump is continual movement. Easily transition from sitting to standing with Smartdesk Core. Maintain better posture, boost your circulation and stay focused on your work throughout the day.
Plenty of desk space for all your designing needs

Plenty of desk space for all your designing needs

We know that designers spend hours everyday at their desks and that cramped spaces leave no room for creativity. Autonomous stand up desks have plenty of desk space for you and all of your designing tools.

Enjoy the space to let your creative juices flow

SmartDesk Core

SmartDesk Core

Designer standing desk SmartDesk Core brings all you need, 24/7:
Sit-to-stand tabletop follows your spine, be you energized or relaxed.
Smooth and quiet movement keeps your clutter in place.
Spacious table-top is the perfect landing stripe for any kind of business or crafts.
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ErgoChair Pro

ErgoChair Pro

A chair is just a chair? Not ErgoChair Pro. It's a true back saver in a box.
Flexible lumbar support for increased lower back comfort.
Head support that improves blood circulation.
Adjustable armrests and seat cushion will answer all your personal kinks.
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Filing Cabinet

Filing Cabinet

To embrace minimalism fully, you must have a great storage.
Steel filing cabinet with double finish, built to last.
Convenient lockable wheeling system.
Built-in custom organizers.
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How Can A Standing Desk Help Graphic Designers?

Standing desks can help multiple people, but there are some specific benefits when looking specifically at graphic designers.

Health Benefit

Standing desk for designer have proven to be great for your physical health. By switching positions throughout the day, you're moving around more often. The break in positions gives you a chance to clear your head for a second and reduces the aches and pains that could follow. Using a standing desk has also proven to burn more calories when you're standing, which could promote weight loss.

Improve Posture

Since your graphic designer standing desk is adjustable, there isn't any need to be hunched over a desk to work properly. Since the table will be at the perfect height for you, it will improve your posture and reduce any back and neck pains.

Boost Creativity and Productivity

Being seated at a designer standing desk to do your work can leave you chained to a certain train of thought. Artists tend to be more creative when on their feet, which is exactly why a standing desk is so useful.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. For this purpose, the shipping policies, trial periods, and warranty periods are all created to fit the customer's needs.


All shipping is done using third-party shipping partners. Generally, this would be FedEx; however, we're branching out to provide faster shipping for our customers! So, along with FedEx, you'll see UPS as a delivery partner.
We ship within the USA and internationally as well. Except for Cyprus, Russia, and Andorra, our products are available worldwide. If you're ordering from outside the USA, make sure to check what the customs and duties are as it is not included in the price of the products, but all shipping is free if you purchase directly from the Autonomous website.
The time frame of shipping also depends on your location. Within the contiguous states of America, it will take 3 to 5 business days. Outside of this location, it could take anywhere between 7 to 9 business days.

Return and Trial Policy

The trial period for any product is 30 days in the contiguous states of America. Outside of these states, the trial period lasts 15 days. The trial period starts from the moment your package is delivered. If you choose to return the product, it will have to be initiated within these 30 days.
Any return shipping costs are covered, and the full amount is returned if the package is approved. To be approved, the product needs to be sent back in its original packaging; make sure to keep the packaging.

Warranty Policy

Different warranties are dependent on the part of the standing desk that needs to be taken care of. The standard warranty is for one year but can go up to seven years.


A desk isn't just a piece of furniture but a designer's best tool. Nothing can happen without the best designer standing desk being in place to inspire and motivate you to create. For a graphic designer, a standing desk is the perfect mixture of functional, aesthetic, and inspiring.

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