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Creating a Graphic Designer Room Setup in Your Backyard
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Creating a Graphic Designer Room Setup in Your Backyard

|May 22, 2024

If someone had told you that years later, you would have the comfort of working from your own home, and you would have laughed. Commuting hours to reach your workplace, being chained to a desk for over 6 hours, and having to sit in an uncomfortable chair all day were some acceptable norms up until a few years ago. Thanks to ergonomics, which has transformed all things as per changing situations and has come up with solutions that are beneficial in many ways.

Amongst them is the freedom to work from home. And as we speak of home, it is common to think about four walls and a small chamber somewhere in the corner of your bedroom. But to take creativity up a notch, let's not forget our backyard spaces for an office setup. In this article, we will cover the benefits of a graphic designer room setup in the backyard and how to create one perfect backyard office with lots of creativity.

Benefits of an Outdoor Graphic Designer Home Office Setup

Outdoor workspaces are a blessing. And when someone comments about the harsh weather conditions in the backyard, let us tell you a backyard office doesn't necessarily mean an open, under-the-sky office setup. Especially after the advent of prefab ADUs, there is an increased number of people shifting towards a backyard office. The reasons? Let’s take a look!

Better Health and Well-Being

Bigger homes equipped with world class facilities have made our lives much easier but also have chained us inside the four walls where natural light and wind are rare. This might seem like a luxury, but it is slowly affecting our health in many negative ways.

Spending time outdoors has many proven benefits for stress levels, physical energy, mental peace, and emotional stability. People who spend time in open spaces handle emotions in a better way and improve their ability to think critically. This access to better air quality ensures you are not easily tired and feel fresher with each inhale of air. All these benefits help in better energy levels during work hours too.

Better Health and Well-Being - graphic designer room setup

Boosted Creativity

A study carried out proved that 60% of people experienced better energy levels when working outdoors instead of indoors. Foremost, this is because of the calming view of nature, where you can look at greenery, open sky, and birds right from your window. While this view improves easy thinking, it is much better than a blank wall inside the home, which can only hinder your mind from wandering.

Intelligent Space Utilization

None of our homes were designed with the idea that we would be required to work from home one day. Hence space availability is a big issue for people who must work from home. A Man Cave shed in the backyard is one way of increasing the space area for a home. You can use this additional space as a gaming shed, a backyard office setup, a spare bedroom, or anything else, while the free space in the primary home can be used for an office. This is a great long-term plan from a monetary point of view as well.

Intelligent Space Utilization

No Distractions

When it comes to graphic designer room ideas, we know one thing they desire the most is quiet. The act of designing and art requires creative thinking and lots of mental imaging, so a zone full of distractions can seriously affect your ideas. This is why an art studio away from the busy routine of the home is the ideal choice.

How to Design a Graphic Designer Outdoor Setup?

Designing an outdoor graphic designer room setup seems tricky, especially when you have to start from scratch. But if you already own a backyard she shed, then an office conversion is a fun summertime activity. Here are some things you must take care of when designing an outdoor studio.

Work-Play Boundary

If you have a backyard, then it is most probably used for fun activities, playtime with the family, and BBQ summer parties. But building a backyard office doesn't mean you will have to give all that up. You just need to create a healthy boundary so your work-play routine doesn't get interrupted. In such cases, a work pod or ADU is the best solution. A work pod is a small four-walled space with a view of the outdoors and properties like soundproofing and weather insulation. It is a perfect choice for building a backyard office setup without compromising on anything and just a bit of initial investment.

Comfortable Furniture

No, not that chaise lounge you use to relax on weekends. But it would help if you created a clear distinction between relaxation and office. Similar to working indoors, you should make sure you have a supportive and comfortable area to sit so you can work outside for lengthy periods while maintaining good posture.

Comfortable Furniture

Light and Ventilation

Most pre-built ADUs have proper lighting (both natural and artificial) and ventilation, but if you are building your own ADU, this important factor needs to be considered. Especially for an ADU garage conversion, you cannot use the same dark and humid area as a workspace. It is both uncomfortable and unhealthy. Make sure to install and position windows directly in the flow of light (not sunshine) and natural air. This will keep your work pod cool throughout the day and provide plenty of natural light.

Electric Connections

If you are designing an ADU graphic designer office setup, then it is not a concern because most of the good ADUs come with built-in electric connections. But for an open-space office plan, you need a proper and safe wiring setup to reach your devices. There should be plenty of wiring for your laptop, phone, tablet, or whatever other gadgets you use. Charging your devices indoors and then working outdoors seems like a risky play as your battery might drop suddenly during an important work call.

Electric Connections

Storage Solution

An office means lots of paperwork and documents, no matter how digital you have gone. Investing in plenty of storage solutions will ensure your office remains mess-free and relaxing to work in. It also ensures your ADU is open for other uses on weekends, as you have the space to tuck away all the office supplies for the off days.

Multi-functional furniture

Use multipurpose furniture pieces to help your house and use the limited space in your graphic designer room setup, like a storage ottoman or a foldable desk. These pieces are practical and stylish, fulfilling two roles. When not in use, a foldable desk is simple to store, making it effortless to convert your workstation into a place of relaxation.

Multi-functional furniture


A graphic designer's office should promote creative thinking and put those thoughts into action throughout the day. And what better inspiration in such cases than a view of nature and the chirps of birds?

For a graphic designer, an outdoor space can serve a multitude of purposes. It can be a co-working space, a meeting area, an individual workspace, or a walk area where one can roam and let the creative juices flow.

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