ErgoChair Core | The essential ergonomic computer chair
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ErgoChair Core


An ergonomic chair that’s comfier than your couch. And much healthier than your computer chair.

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• Adjustable height, armrest, and seat tilt

• Adjustable headrest and leg rest options

• Comfy, supportive foam seat

• Reclinable mesh back with lumbar support

• Comfortably carries up to 250 lbs

1-year warranty

• Pay over time with Affirm: $28/mo


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How easy is the ErgoChair Core to recline?
It takes you only a few seconds to get the ErgoChair Core reclined. Change the angle of the headrest and activate the footrest by pushing or pulling with a gentle force. You then can get relaxed.
I see there is lumbar support in the ErgoChair Core? Is this lumbar support adjustable or fixed?
We build ErgoChair Core to an ergonomic chair for computer work, therefore, the lumbar support is extremely important. ErgoChair Core lumbar support is easily adjustable. You move the lumbar support up and down to embrace your back the best.
Is the ErgoChair Core's headrest adjustable?
Sure! The ErgoChair Core’s headrest is totally adjustable. You can change the height and angle of the headrest easily to fit your head position or make it become a reclining desk chair while opening the footrest.
What body height range does the ErgoChair Core support?
Our computer ergonomic chair - ErgoChair Core, supports the body height range from 4’9 to up to 6’4 thanks to the height adjustable feature.
If I buy the ErgoChair Core without headrest and footrest, can I then buy headrest and footrest separately to attach to the chair?
The ErgoChair Core without headrest and footrest version is not designed to support the headrest and footrest attachment. Therefore, you cannot buy the headrest and footrest separately and join them to the version without them. If you need a reclining ergonomic chair, you should buy ErgoChair Core with headrest and footrest version.

An Ergonomic Computer Chair with Reclining Feature

When it comes to office chairs, the perfect one for you doesn't have to be heavy duty, clunky, or even costly. The ErgoChair Core intuitively placed controls and graceful silhouette are contained within simple, classic lines making it a highly-adjustable and beautifully ergonomic seating solution.

Recline in an Instant

Twisting your neck talking to a colleague? Need to make a long phone call? Want to put your feet up and dream of the next big thing? Recline with ease as this ergonomic computer chair tilts you back smoothly into the zone of complete comfort.

Crafted From Fine Materials

The finely woven mesh of this desk chair not only supports the contours of your back, it helps it breathe. Paired with a durable foam seat that features just the right level of resistance, this reclining ergonomic office chair will keep you both comfortable and focused.

Adjustable and Ergonomic

An Italian-designed auto-balance mechanism switches you from upright to reclining in one smooth action. Find your optimal sitting position by fine tuning the highly adjustable arm rests, lumbar support, seat height, incline and tilt. Within moments you’ll be sitting or reclining in bliss.