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Best office chair from Autonomous

On average, we spend 2000 hours a year in the office. Each hour, we live with the threat and reality of nerve damage, chronic pain, repetitive strain injury, anxiety and stress.

best ergonomic chair 2019

Stop forcing your body to adapt to sub-optimal environments. Go Ergo. This means making a conscious choice to take back control of your health by choosing products specifically built to support and engage you.

The blueprint for healthier sitting

Autonomous ergonomic office chairs are intelligently designed to keep your spine supported, your circulation flowing and your focus sharp.

Brought to life with the latest in mechanical and textile engineering, they are rigorously tested to ensure durability and functionality. So you can always feel and be your best self.

Engineered with you in mind

They gently support your unique shape, improve your posture over time, and are endlessly customizable for your shifting needs throughout the day, everyday.

Autonomous Ergonomic Office Chair
It’s time to listen to your body.

Instead of continuing to crush your spine in unnatural
positions to fit your furniture, the Autonomous Chairs fit you.

Essential for staying
balanced at work

Standing for long hours can be counterproductive and harmful. Sitting is not smoking if you’re doing it right. Our adjustable, breathable chairs ensure you have 360 degrees of support in any position.

We all have a golden sit-stand ratio. With our ergonomic chairs, your optimal balance is now both easy and comfortable to keep.

Autonomous Office Chair
Better back,
better brain

Productivity and focus begin in the body. A pain-free body is the very foundation of optimal functioning.

All the Autonomous office chairs are designed to target and soothe the body’s pain points. Choose from a range of solutions that help you protect your knees, support your neck, cushion your lower back and give your muscles a break.

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