10 Adjustable Small Desks for Saving Space
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10 Adjustable Small Desks for Saving Space

|Feb 5, 2022

Workplace efficiency isn't just defined by the fact that it makes the employees feel comfortable. If you study and deeply research workplace ergonomics, you will realize that an office space has to be efficient both in terms of comfort and space utilization. Hence ergonomic furniture also means having more work areas without comprising square footage. This means that one should adopt ways to establish a workplace without taking up too much space.

Hence in this article, we will cover adjustable small desks and the best selection of ergonomic small standing desks for your home office or professional workspace.

Best Small Adjustable Computer Desks

A small adjustable standing desk is especially a need for home offices. Since the pandemic hit, work from home has begun a constant routine that is far extended in the future. Even though work from home has its benefits, it's not the same for everyone. Especially for those people who have small spaces at their home and have to manage their work and life accordingly. Below are some small adjustable height desks that you can find in the market.

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

Electric height adjustable desks offer many perks compared to a conventional office desk. They also take the lead because of their easy-to-use approach hence are very ergonomic. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) is a simple height adjustable option for limited spaces. The desk is made with a simple frame with minimum square footage but offers maximum surface area.

Best Small Adjustable Computer Desks: Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

With a steel frame, you can rely on this small adjustable laptop desk's strength and even create a multi-monitor setup. Although this desk might not be as compact as the other options, it is efficient in saving space because of its XL desktop option compared to the space it occupies.

2. Standing Desk Converter

sit-stand laptop desk or a standing desk converter is ideal for people who are especially limited on the square footage. This Mount-It! standing desk converter is similar and offers complete ergonomics with minimum money spent and square footage used. The desk can elevate your laptop or desktop to a range of height; hence one can easily work while standing and, once down, can lower the height as needed.

Standing Desk Converter

Even though this converter is space-friendly, it is large enough to fit normal-sized monitors for your home office easily.

3. Electric Monitor Riser

Another one from the line of ergonomics converters from autonomous, we love this Mount-It! motorized standing desk converter for many reasons. Firstly, this electric monitor riser, as the name suggests, is electrically controlled, and secondly, it has generous laptop space for your laptop as well as desk accessories. The two separate stations allow you to keep the desktop and ergonomically use the keyboard at the other. We love this monitor riser for its user-friendliness as well as the minimum cost possible.

Electric Monitor Riser

4. Autonomous Desk Expanse

This might not be the ideal corner desk for small spaces, but it will enhance your work surface area. Autonomous Desk Expanse is a height-adjustable work desk that allows you to operate the height level with just a button push. Another great thing about this desk is that it fits in most corners, so no space is too tiny for it.

Autonomous Desk Expanse is a height-adjustable work desk

5. Compact Desk

We love this Pillar desk that happens to feature a two-minute assembly process. Yes, that's how easy it is to set up your workstation with this no tool process desk setup. The compact desk by happens offers a complete range of functions and durability. It is made with a laminate finish so that you won't be compromising on looks in any way as well. The desk also has a LED display memory keypad so you can preset the height you need to achieve.

Compact Desk: Adjustable Small Desk for Saving Space

6. Micah Desk

The Micah Desk may be the way to go if you're searching for a basic, stylish writing desk that you can tuck away in the corner of your home. This adjustable small desk has a large surface area and two drawers, providing ample storage space for your house. It's also available in white or sophisticated black, so it should fit nicely with most decor designs.

And because of its classic black color, this desk doesn't look only for work purposes, and you can easily set a decorative or two to make it a statement in your home office or even the common sitting area.

7. 4NM Folding Desk

This minimalist computer desk is appealing and will fit into any space. It also folds up quickly, making it great for any compact space. When packed away, it measures only 2.55 inches in depth. However, once set up, you'll have a spacious working area.

This adjustable small desk is built to last, with clean, basic lines and robust materials. You can fold and reassemble it as often as you want.

8. Duvall Work Desk

Consider this Duvall 36" small adjustable computer desk if you're searching for a desk that can fit into your modest home or apartment. It offers a modern, fashionable style with a useful configuration, with a sleek steel frame and tempered glass top.

The second metal shelf on the desk provides additional storage for files, binders, and anything else you need close at hand. And you can pack a lot of stuff on top of it without going over the 35-pound weight restriction.

9. Vivo Standing Desk

Is it just a standing desk converter or an entire standing desk on its own? With a dominating style, this vivo standing desk is a simple solution for small spaces that are yet to transition to ergonomics.

This adjustable small desk has a weight capacity of 38 pounds, so you don't have to worry about it being weak or anything. The desk also has a spacious surface area for your monitor and various accessories.

10. Halter Adjustable Desk

Do you have a very large setup? Don't worry; the Halter Adjustable Desk can handle up to 44 pounds of weight. You'll have plenty of areas to keep your monitors, laptops, and input devices on both the upper and lower levels, which are both 36 inches wide.


Only then would it be possible to create productive home offices and set up workplaces without you having to spend a lot. It may turn out to be more ergonomic with an adjustable small desk for your working corner at home. Ten options above are among the most popular products in the market. Let’s pick one and shop it now!

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