10 Best PC Gaming Desk Mats for Smooth Gaming
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10 Best PC Gaming Desk Mats for Smooth Gaming

|Jan 5, 2022

Other than the perfect gaming furniture, many things make an efficient gaming PC setup. Since gaming is about the virtual and real world both, it is important to create a gaming setup that provides you the right comfort and has the must-haves of gaming. If you are also looking for ways to make your gaming setup the best one could have, you must realize that the tiny accessories sometimes make up the biggest difference.

In this case, we are talking about the gaming desk mat. Yes, a gaming desk pad is an underrated need for an aesthetic gaming setup, but once purchased will provide you with a wonderful time. There are many benefits of a PC gaming mouse pad and an entire PC gaming keyboard pad, but to choose the best PC gaming pad, you need to shuffle through the options online.

Below are some of the best desk pads for gaming that will protect your desk surface as well as provide you with a strain-free surface to play games endlessly.

1. Cork Desk Pad

Cork Desk Pad - gaming desk mat

The cork desk pad is the ultimate and budget-friendly option for people who prefer simplicity. This desk pad is made from sustainable cork; hence you don't have to worry about using the hazardous product in your gaming setup. The desk pad comes in pretty beige to add a little freshness to your gaming zone. Another great advantage of this cork desk pad is that it protects the desk surface from all kinds of scratches and movements from your gaming mouse and keyboard.

2. Topographic Desk Pad by Deskr

Topographic Desk pad by Deskr

This Desk Topograph Desk pad is popular amongst gamers for many reasons. It has an eco-friendly rubber for starters, which makes it an ideal desk placement to avoid scratches and have smooth movements. Another big advantage of this desk pad is that it provides an enhanced gaming experience for all the users. You can love the aesthetics with special gaming effects and enjoy the tiny details.

3. Vegan Leather Desk Pad

Vegan Leather gaming desk mat

If you are tired of cleaning your table all day and hate those stubborn scratches because of the mouse and keyboard movements, then a leather gaming desk mat will provide you with the smoothest interface for gaming as well as work. This vegan leather desk pad comes in two colors for people who love a dark theme or need a little light in their home gaming setup. Another added advantage of this desk pad is that it improves mouse performance and has quick mouse movements while killing those enemies.

4. Logitech G440 Desk Pad

Nothing compares to the quality of Logitech when it comes to gaming. This gaming desk mat has a unique and modern design loved by all. Made up of hard plastic, this desk pad gives off soft vibes, allowing the person to feel comfortable. Although it is one of the bits pricier options, the low friction allows your mouse to glide freely and enhance your gaming performance.

5. Novelkeys Desk Pad

Novelkeys gaming desk mat

Novelkeys gaming desk mat is a customized desk pad that every PC gaming enthusiast will love. With multiple size ranges, the desk pad covers the needs of many gamers and office workers. The soft surface type might fool you as an improper surface for your mouse, but the opposite is true. Another great quality of this desk pad is its rubber base, and the material provides minimum strain to your wrists. Hence, if you want a product at an affordable price, the Novelkeys desk pad is the ultimate pick.

6. Razer Strider Desk Pad

A hybrid product in terms of quality and durability, the razer strider is known well for many reasons. The desk pad offers the softness of the cotton fabric and toughness of rubber to provide smooth, error-free gliding action. Talking about the layering in this product, the top surface is made with a hard fabric that allows the mouse to glide over without any hassle.

Even though one might not find the softness and smoothness as desired, this gaming desk mat is comfortable on your wrists and arms.

Underneath that is anti-slip rubber, which effectively secures this mouse pad to your desk while preventing lateral movement. This extra layer also helps to firm up the entire mouse pad.

7. Steelseries QCK Prism

Steelseries QCK Prism gaming desk mat

Many gamers love an RGB gaming desk setup, which meets all the requirements. The Steelseries desk pad is more than just a protective surface for your desk with the best gaming performance. The heavy rubber feel keeps all your desktop and gadgets in place, and you can easily enjoy moving the mouse without having to compromise the response time.

Another commendable feature is adjusting the preset RGB settings to achieve multiple looks and color codes on the desk pad each hour.

8. Razer Firefly V2

The mouse pad has a "micro-textured" plastic surface that feels slightly rough and allows for quick mouse movements but rapidly collects fingerprints and smudges, making it suitable for competitive gaming. Although the Firefly V2 from Razer is only 3mm thick, its rubber base prevents movement when gaming. Also, the new cable catch design is in charge of maintaining the mouse movements intact.

9. Corsair MM300

Corsair MM300 gaming desk mat

With gaming furniture and gaming chairs costing you a lot, one might not want to spend a handsome amount on desk pads. Hence this affordable yet top-quality product is on our list. The Corsair MM300 is an economical and sturdy option that provides a surface that your mouse will enjoy gliding across. It has a low-friction fabric build that enables high-precision control and tracking to help you flourish in the virtual world.

Not to mention, the design is also very pleasing for gamers and usually matches the dark themes. Another friendly feature about this product is the thickness which keeps all your gaming gadgets in place, so you don't have to worry about slippages.

10. Asus ROG Desk Pad

Asus is a popular company for gaming and accessories; hence this Asus gaming desk mat is also a commendable product. Although a different design with a vertical orientation might not appeal to all people who love a little innovation, this desk pad checks all the boxes of quality and performance.

Another added advantage of this product is wireless charging. Yes, this desk pad isn't just a desk pad, but it can charge your devices in no time. With multiple functionalities, you don't have to worry about interference in your gaming, as the smart product is made with an error-free design and performance.

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