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10 Best Standing Studio Desks for Producers
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10 Best Standing Studio Desks for Producers

|Dec 1, 2020

As a producer, using a studio desk standing up can be really helpful in your workspace. Studies show that a standing desk helps improve productivity and encourages a more active lifestyle. Plus, going from sitting to standing can be a good switch-up needed to enhance your focus. Many standing desks exist on the market right now, as more desk workers want unique ways to get things done. Fortunately, we created a list of the ten best standing desks for your studio. 

The Benefits of a Standing Desk as a Producer

Due to your job's intensity, you may have to sit for hours on end thinking, creating, and well, producing. Unfortunately, when you sit for too long every day without much other activity, you can experience harmful health effects like weaker bones, lower metabolism, and obesity. Of course, you don't have much time to think about all this as a producer. Thus, as a healthier alternative, a height-adjustable studio desk can help prevent these issues. 

Experts believe that you can boost your activity level by working at a studio desk standing up. However, that does not mean you need to stay standing all day. By sticking to your comfort and taking care of yourself, you can reap all the benefits of a standing desk - both the health benefits and the productivity benefits. 

The benefits of a standing desk as a producer

What Are the Health Benefits of a Standing Desk?

Since standing desks are relatively new to the ergonomic office furniture market, there is not much research about them and their health benefits. Some people believe that not enough research has been conducted to prove the health benefits. However, based on the current data, standing desks seem to be a better alternative to sitting all day. 

Some of the health benefits include:

  • Burning more calories per hour

  • Preventing weight gain and obesity

  • Lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease

  • Promoting circulation

  • Reducing neck and back pain

Although these benefits have not been concluded officially by the scientific community, these are health issues that sitting does not protect you from. If you do not have much time to be active, then a standing studio desk can be greatly beneficial. 

Can Standing Desks Boost Productivity?

Again, there has not been much research on the effect of standing studio desks, but the ones that are complete show that using a studio desk standing up can boost productivity. When you change your work environment, you are taking steps to be more efficient. You can feel more comfortable and promote circulation in the body by standing up, maybe this is the antidote to get your creative juices flowing. 

10 Best Standing Desks for Your Studio

There are tons of reasons to get a standing desk studio, but not all are made the same. Here is our selection for the ten best standing studio desks to use as a producer. 

1. SmartDesk 4

The SmartDesk 4 is one of Autonomous' best standing desks on the market right now. With a 350-pound weight capacity, it can hold all your equipment while automatically transitioning from a sitting desk to a standing desk music studio.  

SmartDesk 4

2. SmartDesk 2 Home Office

The SmartDesk 2 – Home Office is a classic staple of Autonomous' standing desk collection. With the press of a button, you can transition from sitting to standing. It has a lifting capacity of 300 pounds and a steel frame for durability. 

3. SmartDesk 2 Premium

This desk is perfect as a standing desk music studio or creative workspace of any kind. The SmartDesk 2 Premium has a larger height range than its Home Office counterpart but has the same weight capacity of 300 pounds. It does require assembly, but it is easily manageable.  

SmartDesk 2 - Premium

4. L-Shaped SmartDesk

If you are a more hands-on worker, the L-Shaped SmartDesk is perfect. Its shape can easily fit into any corner and allows you to have more surface area for equipment, organizers, and more. There are so many possibilities with this standing desk. 

L-shaped SmartDesk

5. SmartDesk Art Desk

Sometimes a basic rectangular desk is too boring and ineffective for fostering creativity. The SmartDesk – Art Desk was created specifically for artists and creatives. The curved design keeps all your materials close and easily transitions from sitting to standing.  

Smartdesk Art Desk

6. SmartDesk Double Desk

As a producer, you may work with other people a lot, so the SmartDesk – Double Desk promotes that. With two connected workspaces, you and your collaborators can get together to work and share ideas—while at a studio desk standing up. 

SmartDesk Double Desk

7. UPLIFT 120-Degree V2 Standing Desk

With a 120-degree design, as shown in the name, this standing desk is great when you need to spread out your creative materials. Though on the expensive side, it is made from sturdy materials with a 355-pound lifting capacity. 

8. Remi Standing Desk

The Remi Standing Desk is an ordinary height adjustable studio desk that considers customers' budgets. It has a sleek design that looks great in any creative studio. 

9. Corner Ryzer Standing Desk

On the larger side, the Corner Ryzer Standing Desk slides perfectly into any corner of the room. It has a dynamic shape that can spark creativity and enhance your productivity. 

Corner Ryzer Standing Desk

10. Stand Steady Tranzendesk Crank Standing Desk

Though it is not automatic, the Stand Stead Tranzendesk is a cheaper alternative to other standing desks. It offers two levels so that you can spread out all your equipment. The only downside is that it requires some cranking to transition from sitting to standing. 

stand steady tranzendesk

How to Choose the Best Standing Desk Music Studio?

When it comes down to it, you must find a standing studio desk that works for your space and budget. Autonomous standing desks offer some of the best quality surfaces for all desk workers, and everything usually comes at a great price. 

To promote your creativity and boost productivity, using a studio desk standing up is a great tool. With our suggestions, you can make your workspace the best it's ever been.

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