10 Computer Office Desks for Home Working
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10 Computer Office Desks for Home Working

|Sep 21, 2021

We never expected to be checking emails right in our bed and attending meetings in our PJs, but sadly, the pandemic made us realize how things could be shifted suddenly, and work from is the new norm consequently. Sure, everyone had their fair share of challenges when getting to work from bed to the nearest work table, but we all adapted to this change as time passed.

From leaving our beds (thanks to the back pain) and setting up tiny home office corners, we all struggle to find ways to make us feel more like a professional work environment and have better productivity levels. At the same time, some may still think that the best home office setup is a myth, but you can reach close with the right choice of home office desktop computer. Yes, the proper computer office desks at home and the perfect pick for a home standing desk can help you combat remote working challenges.

Hence, we are with the best home office computer desk ideas to make working a breeze and get a cozy office computer table for home.

1. SmartDesk Corner

SmartDesk Corner

Smart desk corner, as the name suggests, is an ideal product from the category of corner standing desks. It is a height-adjustable L-shaped standing desk that offers electrically powered motors. The motor operation is quiet so you can work those late hours. The L-shape provides an extra workspace and a large surface to keep most of your stuff organized.

With a smart desk corner, you can set up dual or triple monitor setups and divide the surface area for half work and half gaming.

2. SmartDesk Core

SmartDesk Core

If you want a simple standing desk with modern features, then a SmartDesk Core is where you lay down the money. This desk has a whopping weight capacity of 250 pounds, and the solid steel frame will last you for years. In addition, the desk has over four programmable settings, and you can adjust the height from 29 inches to 48 inches. SmartDesk Core is known for its high-powered dual electric motors and single push height adjustability.

3. SmartDesk Pro

SmartDesk Pro

Here is another choice from Autonomous for your computer office desks at home. SmartDesk Pro is a height-adjustable desk with over four programmable settings. In addition, this desk has an upgraded electric motor which offers a quiet height adjustable option. SmartDesk Pro is suitable for large and XL desktop setups thanks to its solid steel frame that provides the highest strength level. The tabletop and the desk frame can be chosen in different colors to match the theme of the workplace. And the best part? You can score a great discount on this product with the Autonomous promo code.

4. Sanodesk

A simple desk for a simple workplace. The sanodesk is an electric desk that comes with pre-programmable settings. You can easily switch between sit-stand positions, and having this product in your home office will substantially improve your posture. The desk has a white surface to it that complements most of the home office themes, and the smooth, scratch-free tabletop is a feature worth noting.

5. Jahnke L-shaped Desk

Jahnke L-shaped Desk

A corner computer office desk at home for maximum work efficiency in the corner. This desk can be placed right in front of your windows, and you will have a tiny yet spacious home office setup. The aesthetics of this product are one a kind, and the nice brown color combined with white gives a pretty touch. The smartly engineered drawers and shelves are also a plus-plus in this product.

6. John Lewi’s Wooden Desk

Wood is all-time classy furniture, and you can never get bored with it. Most people love the make and idea of wooden furniture in their homes, and can you blame them? Take a look at this great example from John Lewis, if nothing but a solid wooden desk. It might be big, but you can organize your files with a lot of room with four drawers. Made from solid American wood, it is a stunning investment part that becomes a true focus in your studio and has a tragic wire-brushed finish.

7. Frankie Walnut Desk

Frankie Walnut Desk

On the surface, the computer office desk at home smartly maximizes and retains its delicate shape. Thanks to its stunning, slender legs and sculpted angled body. The desk is manufactured from a mixture of materials, including acacia, engineered wood, and a solid walnut and walnut furnace. A smart drawer with a crimson inside draws the sharp lines of the piece from the angled front without disturbing them.

8. Wayfair Jillian Desk

Those who detest loose wires while working around them will be delighted to learn that the cable management at this desk is helpful and that the cable can easily fit on a laptop, keyboard, and more when you need a taper to keep vital goods. There's another shelf that's useful if you use a printer or only to keep extra documentation, and there's a desktop slot to rest on for your tablet or smartphone comfortably.

What's the best thing? It's quite tiny and can be moved easily so that it looks excellent in almost any place in your home because it is oh so elegant. Our choice for people who want something elegant is the finest standing desk.

9. Argos Home Office Desk

Argos Home Office Desk

If we state this computer office desk at home from Argos as one of the best products you could get, then we won't be wrong. The Argos home Malibu desk is pretty for starters, but looks aren't everything, so this desk offers a lot more. You will find the price very reasonable and fall right into your budget. The desk has both side shelves and spacious drawers, so you don't need an extra cabinet to store the items.

This should be more than enough as a simple WFH option or as an adolescent study desk. You do not need to invest hundreds of pounds on your work desk if your remote work demands are rather modest - save money instead for a nice ergonomic chair.

10. Vox Lori Desk

We love the simple design of this product. The Vox Lori is sleek and attractive, made with graphite-finished melamine, and stands on smooth wood legs. It's not only a gorgeous face, but it also has some convenient functionality, with three storage racks on the front and a rear compartment for storing stray cables.

You may equip the desk with additional features, including stackable clothes and desk clothes. However, this is at an additional expense.

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