10 Dark Wood Office Tables for Home and Office
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10 Dark Wood Office Tables for Home and Office

|Apr 24, 2022

An office desk is no longer just a workstation where you place your accessories, pair your gadgets and have a hard time managing all the desk accessories. But a modern workplace focuses on an office desk in more than one way, and the final choice of desk depends on various factors, with aesthetics and looks being the major ones.

The looks of our office desk might not seem as important at first, but as you realize and learn how our surroundings impact our subconscious minds, you will soon learn that your desk needs to be functional, but it should be equally attractive and pleasing to look at. Hence as you search through the internet for various desk choices and options, you will find that wooden desks are considered the epitome of grace and looks.

A dark wood office table will help establish a productive workstation and build a natural, minimalist look in your home office. Besides being sturdy and long-lived, a dark wood desk modern is the best pick for a modern office setup, and hence you might be out on a search for the best dark wood home office desk. Below are our top ten picks for the best dark wood office desks in 2022 for a dark home office.

1. Compact Desk by Wistopht

Compact Desk by Wistopht

How fun would it be if your desk could do everything you want it to do? This adjustable standing desk with drawers has the right amount of storage with its built-in drawers, but it also has a tabletop with a wireless charging pad. The table works with digitally screen controlled commands and a tempered glass surface that acts as your screen to control and modify the desk height.

The dark wood office desk with drawers is available in a dark black color which we love for its seriousness, and white color is charming for minimalist office design. The desk is ergonomic, powered by electric motors and allows you to play with the height with just a touch of a few buttons.

2. Home Office Standing Desk

Home Office dark wood office table

While we are on dark themes, is there anything that depicts darkness more than the color black itself? This black standing desk from Autonomous is one of its kind with a spacious work surface of over 53 inches by 29 inches. The desk is specially designed for all-day productivity and helps you monitor the height with just a touch of a few buttons.

It has a weight capacity of 270 pounds and is supported with the help of a solid steel frame. The dark wood office table works with a dual electric motor and can be height adjusted from 25 to 45 inches. Moreover, you will also get four programmable settings that will make the desk easy to control and remember the ideal ergonomic height.

3. Topsky Computer Desk

This desk does not have exactly the black desktop for the darker theme, but the dark brown and black texture makes it suitable and uniquely fit for a dark home office setup. It has enough clever storage options in a keyboard tray and the bottom shelves.

Besides enough storage underneath, the desk also has a top tier shelf which you can use for your books or even place a second screen. Another great thing about this desk is that it comes with cable grommets to manage your wires.

4. Red Barrel L-shaped Desk

Red Barrel dark wood office table

This L-shaped desk is an executive office due to its large design and wonderful work storage options. The desk will never lack storage, made up of high-quality wood and combination MDF. You can enjoy the frosted glass cabinet, large drawers and even special tilt storage for your cellphone and similar devices.

5. Flexispot Standing Desk

The FlexiSpot standing desk is a complete black desk with a great shiny finish. This dark wood office table is height adjustable for maximum comfort, and you can enjoy a wide range of memory settings with it. The desk is easy to assemble and has a spacious work surface for a dual or triple monitor setup. 

6. Walnut Standing Desk

Walnut dark wood office table

The two best kinds of woods are oak and walnut when used in a standing desk, besides a bamboo desk. While the other two have natural light colors and patterns, a walnut standing desk is a great solution to achieve a darker theme in your home office.

This walnut standing desk from Autonomous is a height-adjustable electric desk powered by dual motors for easy movement. This dark wood office table has a load capacity of 270 pounds and is operated with a two-stage frame. It works with a simple up and down keypad control and comes with a five-year reliable warranty.

7. Walker Edison L-shaped Desk

The walker Edison work desk is class and looks as well as combined ergonomics. This desk is suitable for people who have a large monitor setup, use multi-screens or even work with many accessories. The design of this dark wood office table is known for its uniqueness and durability and the tempered glass surface also looks regally pleasing. According to reviews, the glass is fingerprint-proof, a keyboard tray is included, and the unit is not too difficult to put together with assistance.

8. Coavas Folding Desk

Coavas Folding dark wood office table

The Coavas Industrial Folding Desk is the ideal choice for searching for a simple, efficient workspace that takes little installation and is reasonably priced. Another wonderful feature of this desk is that it comes all assembled with no extensive procedures involved hence it saves you a lot of time and trouble while working.  It's so simple to assemble the desk that it's even portable.

9. Black Desk Top

If your desk frame or body is well functioning, it might not be wise to throw away the entire desk just because it doesn't fit your description of the perfect dark wood executive desk. A cheaper and more fruitful solution is opting for a black desktop instead of buying a whole new structure. This black desktop comes in a classic black matte finish which is anti-scratch and free from any stains. The bamboo top is versatile and gentle for everyday use, and it is also environmentally safe in the longer run.

10. Gregory Rattan Desk

Gregory Rattan Desk

A classic dark desk with a black to a navy blue hue, this desk comes with storage options and has a classic look. It is not height adjustable but makes a great choice for a part-time writing station or a study place for kids. Though highly-priced, the desk is entirely wood and reflects high-quality craftsmanship.

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