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10 Portable Tiny Home Plans for Your Own Dream Space
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10 Portable Tiny Home Plans for Your Own Dream Space

|Aug 7, 2022

Having large homes with a separate room for everyone as well as one or two to spare is a thing of the past now. With the modern world crisis and rising inflation, it is hard to afford a huge space, but fortunately, you can make do with your limited home setup. And with the pandemic and after the Covid life, people are now inclined and required to build their office setup too in their homes. 

While making a work-from-home space is challenging and comes with many things to take care of, it is possible even if you have limited space. And especially if it's a tiny portable home, then you have dozens of ideas to choose from. With our mobile tiny house plans, you can build a comfortable ergonomic home where you set up both comfortable living space as well as an ergonomic home office setup. Below we are listed the best portable tiny home plans and tips to make one you will love right in your budget.

Plan it Thoroughly

Plan it Thoroughly

You may design your tiny house in a variety of ways without spending a lot of money on experts. There is much software used and developed for this purpose where you can virtually design your home and identify the loopholes.

It's beneficial to have a sense of your creation before investing a lot of time and money in it. To get a sense of how easy it will be to move around, tape the areas where you will be able to walk. If not, you can complete the construction of the house of your dreams only to discover it is a nightmare.

Bohemian Style Office

Bohemian style interiors are all about chic, wooden accents and proximity to nature in the best possible way. They are also about minimalism, so for those who are looking to minimize clutter from their lives and minds, a bohemian-style office is the best. Our pick is to make your tiny home in a modern bohemian theme which is a combination of both an urban house with wooden walls and a wooden ceiling as well as a large window to invite natural light and fresh air as much as possible.

Get a Pod

Get a Pod

Office pods or work pods are the best way to extend your living space’s square footage without making any permanent changes. And with an Autonomous pod, you can choose from multiple options such as a furnished office pod, privacy podprefab office, or anything as per your likes. Indoor office pods are also a popular pick for when you don’t have a backyard space but need a separate space within your home.

Office pods can also provide the right type of privacy as they can be soundproof or even solid walls. However, if you are choosing to build your office outdoors, a transparent pod is a wonderful idea as it will open up your view to the natural beauty around you. Moreover, pods are also portable, so when you shift, there is no need to leave your entire structure behind.

Extendable Home

If you are not sure about your living location or might be planning to start from scratch, then mobile tiny home floor plans are the most budget-friendly solution for you. Our bet is to opt for a design that can be extended in the future as the family increases or one wishes to have a bigger home. A wooden pod for the garden is a simple and cost-effective solution for people looking to build a private living space without having to rent out a whole apartment or big home.

Fold Down Furniture

Fold Down Furniture in portable tiny home

If you have a limited home space, then you need to opt for interiors that meet and match the standard. Rather than opting for huge designs and elaborate furniture, our suggestion is to pick fold-down furniture. This could be a sofa cum bed which resides in the living room and provides an extra sleeping space at night. Moreover, you can also get foldable compact work desks and chairs that can work and slide under the desk. For your home gym, a foldable walking treadmill is a wonderful solution as well.

Choosing the Right Colors

Many owners of tiny homes often paint their interiors with bright hues to make them appear larger. Make the ceiling and walls something a little lighter than the floor and outside, which can be any color. For curtains and walls, opt for beige and similar shades. Don't forget to install natural light lighting options to make the most of a tiny space.

Use the Walls

Use the Walls  for portable tiny home

In the same vein, don't overlook the value of your walls. Walls that were intended to play a crucial function frequently appear in portable tiny homes that have the most activity inside.

One excellent illustration of this is your kitchen. There will be less clutter on your kitchen countertop the more objects you can hang or otherwise keep on the wall. Less mess and more space for cooking result from this. However, consider how much drawer space you would need for your utensils if you stored them vertically instead of horizontally.

Avoid Clutter


If it lies on the floor and comes in your way, it is cluttered no matter how useful it is. For small spaces, the vertical space is equally or even more important than the horizontal space. Hence make sure your home has storage options that are waist above so you can get an illusion of the entire floor being free and spacious enough to walk. Other than kitchen counters, ensure your TV is on the wall instead of a trolley, and even a bookshelf should be that floats and hangs on the wall rather than standing tall and wide on the floor.

High Ceilings

High Ceilings in portable tiny home

Play around with the ceilings. Choosing a trailer that allows you to add extra height to your tiny house is necessary if you're constructing one, but the results will be well worth it. Any portable tiny home will appear much larger if the ceiling is a shed, gable, or another type with a high peak. In addition, it will allow you more room to add windows and let in natural light, which will save you money and give your home a pleasant aspect. A Tip? Pair your high ceilings with low-sitting furniture and enjoy the extra free space.


Who doesn’t love a peek of themselves when they are all dressed up? Strategically positioned mirrors are yet another method to keep your compact house seeming spacious. Though this can also expand the appearance of your home, you should have at least one option that can show you from head to toe. Some owners of tiny homes have even covered an entire wall with mirrors. They're also fantastic ways to help illuminate the entire portable tiny home.

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