Top 10 Common Problems with Motorized Standing Desks
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Top 10 Common Problems with Motorized Standing Desks

|Jun 19, 2022

Your workstation is not only a temporary abode. Your work environment can have a major impact on your body posture and ergonomics, which would have a direct impact on your living standards and cardiovascular health. Motorized standing desks can help you improve your general health by addressing physiological and psychological problems.

There is nothing more likely to raise your cardiac output than a standing computer workstation that becomes your arch-nemesis after a week or so of acquisition. We will look at some common challenges with motorized standing desks and how to prevent them so that your sit-stand desk promotes your comfort and wellbeing rather than making you angry.

List of 10 Common Motorized Standing Desk Problems

Everyone enjoys using the latest technology until it breaks down. If you've arrived at this page, your motorized standing desk is also not working, and you are hardly getting any support. Considering that the desk contains electronic systems, it's natural to suffer a snag at some moment. The most typical problem is that the motorized sit-stand desk will not rise or fall. The desk becomes immovable. We'll go over the most likely problems people face after purchasing a motorized standing desk.

1. Investing in a motorized desk can be costly

Investing in a motorized desk can be costly

The pricing is the most frequent query and the problem most customers have regarding this motorized computer desk. The cost will likely be higher than an equivalent sitting table since the technology is incorporated into the table. While the asking price may surprise you, remember that you can get what you invest in. Choosing the inexpensive standing desk may get you up and running faster, but problems with cheap standing desks are much more likely to emerge in the first year.

2. Motorized tables can be quite noisy

It seems likely that the usage of motorized standing workstations will produce some noise. Like the desk's capacity grows, it becomes even more apparent. The maximum dB ratings will likely come from two motors operating at full power. This sound could even become a nuisance if the standing desk is used in a calm location. The sound generated by the standing desk dual motors isn't the only sound you'll hear.

3. Electronic errors

Electronic errors of motorized standing desk

Electronics failure appears to be a common event in our everyday lives. It's a bad problem since they always fail at the worst opportune point. We are all so connected that it doesn't seem important when something happens; it's always unfortunate timing. For electric standing workstations, the situation isn't much different. When this happens, you're likely to be left with a table at an inconvenient height. Desks with several motors may become misaligned and unusable due to their use.

4. When it is overworked, it is more likely to slow down or burn out

If you do thorough research, you'll realize that the total weight of motorized standing desk frames varies significantly. It's vital to remember that often users don't require a carrying capacity of further than 150-200 lb., along with the load of the desk surface. If you need more capacity, keep in mind that many Chinese products do not have overload safety. It implies you could be unwittingly overcrowding your desk and shortening its lifespan.

5. Adjustment range is limited

Adjustment Range is limited

The total range of adjustability for motorized workstations can be rather large. The ergonomic efficiency of users above 5'8" is limited by several of the least expensive standing desks, which have a maximum altitude of 42". Likewise, other low-cost desks have a wider maximum range but a lower minimum setting. The normal sitting desk elevation is around 29" and 30"; regrettably, many individuals under 5'5" will find this excessively high.

6. Repeated up/down cycles can cause overheating

A duty ratio function is one that many standing desks manufacturers do not disclose. The circuits will automatically switch off when a table is excessively cycled up or down. This is unlikely to matter for users because sitting or standing modifications are only made every 20-90 mins; however, showing off your beautiful new motorized standing desk may leave you stuck if you become a bit too button happy.

7. Electricity is required

Electricity is required

Although this may seem self-evident, the electric element of workstations could become an issue if you reside in an area where power is routinely lost during thunderstorms or constantly relocate the desk. Some companies are now including rechargeable batteries with their workstations; nevertheless, this reduces the load-bearing capacity and makes the desk run slower than it was plugged in.

8. Resets are required in the event of a power outage

In addition to the energy need issue, most motorized standing workstations may require a necessary reset if the power goes off. The reset necessitates lowering the desk to its very minimum level, which might be problematic for folks who have file cabinets beneath their desks.

9. Assembly is required for motorized desks

Assembly is required for motorized desks

The level of assembly required varies by brand. Some types include motorized standing desk parts such as feet and table supports already connected to the motorized standing desk legs, whereas others demand assembly. A solitary hex rod powers each leg of a two-legged desk with a solitary motor. Connecting the engine to the leg and passing the hex rod through every leg will be required.

10. Desktops of poor quality

Chipped, dingy, and scratched desk surfaces aren't just a problem with standing desks. Everyday use can cause apparent wear - and - tear on any low-cost or low-quality table. The most efficient way to detect if your desktop is sturdy is to understand the message in customer reviews.



A seated, standing desktop should help you achieve your goal of a balanced work-life, not complicate it. You could eliminate slow engines, damaged products, instability, and other frequent concerns with adjustable tables by completing careful research before purchasing one. Autonomous is a good company to begin your search for a good motorized standing desk. The brand offers desk motor kits to DIY adjustable standing desks and avoids all the aforementioned problems.

Furthermore, if you are someone who wants to buy corner standing desks or automatic standing desks for their homes or office spaces, you should look into the Autonomous employee purchase program. Autonomous currently offers exceptional reductions through their Employee Purchase Program, which itself was created for folks who have wanted to be able to buy high-end furniture at a reasonable price.

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