10 Reasons Why You Need A Reclining Office Chair With Leg Rest
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10 Reasons Why You Need A Reclining Office Chair With Leg Rest

|Nov 12, 2018

If you need a chair that can keep you as comfortable as possible when you are in the office, you could as well choose the best reclining office chair with leg rest. It is alright to want to pause a bit in the office and take a breather. You will need to. The human body is not made to sit down for all those hours without needing to take a stretch.

For people working long hours at the office to perform to the best of their ability, they need the most comfortable office chairs. These do not come any better than the best reclining office chairs. The ability to touch a lever and stretch out, with the legs and spine fully supported is just too endearing to miss.

For a reclining office chair, it is very important that it comes with a leg rest. If it does not come with one, it is going to feel totally incomplete. If you need a chair that you can fully relax on and feel happy, then make it a complete outfit with a leg rest and it must also have a full reclining ability.

Contrary to what many people believe, a reclining chair with a leg rest does not have to look too complicated in design. As you will see with the ErgoChair Pro, it looks simple, easy to operate and has incredible comfort features such as headrest and breathable meshed backrest.

In the market, there are many chairs with headrest, armrests and leg rest. The latter is a foldable rest that you pull out when you need to rest your legs. It is designed to hold your legs by the calves or the back of your ankles. This is very comfortable no doubt, but it is not as comfortable as the leg rest.

Where you can only use the leg rest for resting, you can use the leg rest even when working. It is a great feature especially if you are short. It allows you to keep the chair at a good height compatible with the desk, at a good height for using the computer too, without your legs hanging in the air.

But, as you will find out in this post, feeling comfortable in the office is not the only reason why you need a reclining office chair. There are more reasons to buy one for yourself or for your office staff.

Here they are:

Photo of Office Chair

1. Bring the comfort of home to the office

Sure, you are not paid to be comfortable; you are paid to work. However, when you are not comfortable in the office, you will find that you will not be as productive at work as you should be. This is something that you can solve with the use of a comfortable reclining chair such as the ErgoChair Pro.

What do you do when you are at home and you feel beat? You stretch out on the couch, give yourself about 10 minutes of a sort sweet nap and that is that. You are ready to bounce back to your chores, refreshed and with your batteries recharged for work.

In the office, you will find many reasons to snooze for some minutes. The work could be too much, you could be working overtime, or you could be burning the midnight oil to finish an assignment before the deadline. Whatever the reason is, a good recliner office chair is a good investment. When you choose to nap in the office, better do it in the best way possible.

As you nap down on the recliner, you will love the fact that this chair has a breathable meshed backrest. Thus, it does not make your back all sweaty and damp even in the warm seasons. The circulation of air on your back is quite commendable and a feature that many people take for granted, only to find out later that it was very important.

2. The leg rest is very helpful to your knee health

What most people do not know is that a leg rest is not a feature that is included so that short people can use the chair. On the contrary, this is a good everyday feature, one that you should have on your chair if you stay long hours in the office.

A good leg rest lets you move your feet around, thus enhancing the circulation of your blood. Because of gravity, considering that your feet are always down carrying all of your weight, they (the feet) can cramp easily.

This is why doctors advise you to lay with your legs higher than your head when you get home after a long day on your feet. Now, when you sit down on a good chair, it takes some of your body weight off the feet, leaving you feeling more comfortable and rested.

Be active while sitting down! How is that even possible? Only a good leg rest can make it possible. As explained above, this thoughtful addition makes it very comfortable for you to keep moving your feet around as you work, as you type on your computer.

Working in the office is quite a sedentary lifestyle, much like that of a long distance truck driver. However, a truck driver is more active sitting down because he/she has to work the pedals with the feet.

3. When you are short …

They say that life does not favor the short people, that tall people get promotions faster, are happier and so on. That is not entirely true. There are some things like height that you can do nothing, but be comfortable with. If you are short, that is the way you are, that is who you are and no one should ever chide you about it. Thus, the only thing you should do is find a means to be as comfortable as possible with your height.

However, note that most of the equipment and the furniture that we have at work are not made with short people in mind. Thus, you want to make your stay at the office as comfortable as possible by getting the best reclining office chair with a leg rest.

Remember, the most comfortable sitting posture for the office is to have your feet flat on the floor. When you are short, that is not always possible! You will be stepping on the floor on the balls of your feet. That will be so uncomfortable for you. Thankfully, you can just buy a recliner chair with a leg rest. That should help your case very well.

4. Leg rest helps keep the knees from the edge of the seat

That is right. When you have a leg rest, you will find that you are able to keep the back of the knees from being pressed to the edge of the seat.

This is very important. Just imagine the kind of discomfort that you could experience spending the entire day with the back of your knees pressed against the edge of the seat. It also prevents proper blood circulation.

Since blood from the heart carries oxygen to your cells, when your tissues are depraved of oxygen, you tend to feel more tired, more cramped and you could be setting yourself up for serious knee problems in future.

A reclining backrest and leg rest enhance blood circulation to your knees. This can help prevent inflammation.

5. Recliner office chairs are so comfortable

Photo of comfortable chairRecliner chairs are more comfortable than the regular office chairs. You should see some office chairs that can go almost level for you to lie down as if you are on a bed. While not every reclining office chair will open up to go flat, well, a good reclining angle, comfortable and soft for your tired back is a good respite for all the long working hours.

If reclining wasn’t this important, the regular ergonomic office chairs would not be able to recline. Thus, if you know that the recline factor in a chair is important for you, you had better get the chair with the biggest recline and that is the fully reclining office chair.

Because these chairs are made with reclining in mind, you will find them extra comfortable for sleeping in as opposed to doing that in the regular office chair. Everything about this chair oozes comfort. The headrest and the leg rest are made to support you both as you sleep and as you sit. Thus, even when you lie down for a snooze, you will not feel any pressure on your neck.

6. Reclining office chairs are ergonomic

We all know that no matter how comfortable an office chair is, unless it is ergonomically designed, it will not be good for you. Thankfully, the reclining office chairs are made with ergonomics in mind. They are made to offer reprieve to all of your body. From the headrest to the leg rest, you will be amazed just how good and relaxed you will be feeling when you sit back to relax or when you lie down to grab a nap. Not even one bone in your body will feel any pressure.

Photo of ergonomic office chairs

While the reclining office chair will not go fully down flat, it will give you a great angle for napping. As you recline, your arms will rest comfortably on the armrests, thus the whole ergonomic factor of the chair is not lost on you.

These chairs are designed with good lumbar support. Thus, your lower back is safe from chronic back pain in future. Although many other things can cause lower back pain, sitting down on a bad chair is one of the most common causes.

7. Gets the pressure off your rear

When you sit down for too long, you will feel a lot of pressure on your buttocks, at the base of the spine. The L5 vertebra is the last of the 23 vertebrae of the human spine. As the lowest of them all, when you sit down, it bears all of your weight. That is why many people develop serious lower back pain in their senior years.

Photo of Pressure off rearOwing to the complex nature of the office jobs that we do today, when you sit down to work on your computer, you can spend far too much time without even looking up. When you should walk to the cubicle of a colleague to deliver a message, you send an email instead.

You miss the opportunities that could have given you a break, leaving you to relax and stretch your limbs as you walk about. Thus, you miss on the important and active exercise that you should get after some time of sitting down.

If you are going to sit down for all that long without standing and stretching, then you had better have a chair that assuages your body, leaving you feeling comfortable and relieved.

When you recline back, you help distribute the weight of your body relieving the L5 vertebra of the pressure that it would otherwise feel throughout the day.

8. A reclining office chair with leg rest helps in boosting circulation

We have already looked at how the leg rest helps in relieving the pressure of the back of your knees and leaves you feeling more comfortable. However, it also enhances blood circulation in all parts of the body. When you recline fully, blood circulation to your arms, legs, shoulder and head is improved a lot. With better blood circulation, nutrients and oxygen delivery to different parts of the body is enhanced thus leaving you feeling happier, more rejuvenated and productive.

9. Adopt the best posture for your body

Photo of best postureThe best thing about choosing a reclining office chair with leg rest is that you can choose different postures for your body at different times in the day, and for different tasks. Sometimes, you feel that you want to bend down a bit to ponder a certain problem on your computer screen.

The backrest of the reclining chair not only goes backward, but it also leans inwards, thus giving your neck and spine support even when you are bending down. Just pull the recline lever when bending down and the backrest follows your back, and then it locks into place. You can change reclining angles, leg rest heights, armrest width and height to help you get the best posture.

10. Chairs with leg rests also work well with standing desks

Photo of chairs and standing desksWhen you are short, you are short even when it comes to using the standing desks. Thankfully, just as the leg rest increases your height when you are sitting down on the reclining office chair, it also increases your height when you have to use a standing desk.

You can even get adjustable leg rests to use with your chair or with your standing desk. Nothing beats the ability to “grow” taller when you want. Only an ergonomic office chair with reclining leg rest can help you achieve that.

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