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10 Small Computer Desks with Drawer for Organized Workspace
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10 Small Computer Desks with Drawer for Organized Workspace

|Sep 18, 2022

Having proper storage space on your work desk is indeed a blessing. You no longer deal with the clutter on your desk nor have to keep your essential items far away from your reach and hence waste time getting up from your chair every few minutes. Many ergonomic office desks come with ergonomic storage solutions such as a drawer or a cabinet. This helps keep your valuables in your proximity but not too close so that they come your way when you work.

This ideal way of working is proven to be beneficial for employees' mental wellness and work efficiency. As proven by many studies, a desk filled with too many objects and accessories will clutter the mind and result in a mental block. But it is also equally important to have all the necessary accessories when working. In this article, we will bring up the solution to this dilemma with our best picks for a small computer desk with a drawer.

1. Wistopht Compact Desk

Wistopht Compact Desk - small computer desk with drawer

This tempered glass standing desk from Wistopht is one of the best computer desk with drawers that are not only functional but also very attractive. The desk offers a 45 by 23 inches wide table top and a height-adjustable mechanism to allow you to work in both sit-stand positions. It has a load capacity of 176 pounds, but that's not even the highlight of this desk.

It has a tempered glass surface with a touch control keypad on it. You can monitor the desk height and movement through the digital displays and enjoy working with a modern workstation daily. Moreover, one noteworthy feature of this desk is the wireless charging surface which allows your devices to be ready and running all the time.

2. FENGE Ultralong Compact Desk

An electric standing desk with drawers, check! But make it compact too. This small computer desk with a file drawer is the perfect solution for working smoothly in cramped spaces. This desk has a work surface and a free monitor stand where you can easily place your screen.

The desk has adjustable height and a built-in drawer. It moves with the help of electrically powered motors, and the nice wooden finish sets this desk apart from others.

3. FENGE Ultrawide Compact Desk

FENGE Ultrawide Compact Desk

Available in black and brown and oak wood finishes, this small standing desk with storage highlights many workplaces due to its small size and ample storage. The desk is made up of aluminum, iron, and particle board; hence it is a product to be relied on when it comes to strength.

It is height adjustable with electric motors and comes with a 2-year warranty. Moreover, it is easy to adjust with just two buttons controlling up and down movements.

4. Furinno Computer Desk

This desk is a fantastic choice for people seeking a space-saver because it has a slide-out tray for your keyboard and mouse and a shelf on the right side where you can put your PC. There is also an additional drawer present.

This is an excellent purchase for individuals who don't want to spend much on their office desks due to their construction and versatility.

5. Nexera Desk with Drawer

Nexera Desk with Drawer

Get your hands on this Nexera desk with a drawer, a compact study or work desk, as you need. The desk has a large drawer that goes around the entire desk length; hence you get a storage space unmatched by others.

It is available in three colors black, white and brown, and also has an open back panel for easy cable management.

6. Northread Compact Desk

Northread Compact Desk - small computer desk with drawer

A compact desk doesn’t have to be cluttered. Especially not with this adjustable standing desk with a drawer. The Northread smart, compact desk has several features but lets us begin with it being touchscreen and having a wireless charging surface. The desk is easily height adjustable with a push of a button and moves with the help of quiet electric motors.

The tempered glass table top keeps the wood underneath new and free from any scratches while looking aesthetic at the same time. With a solid steel frame, it has a weight capacity to bear up even multiple monitor setups. All these features add up to the price of the desk, but you can score a good deal with the employee purchase program too.

7. Catrimown Office Desk

This desk is perfectly suitable for a bedroom office setup because it doesn't offer the traditional boring office look despite being used for office work. The desk is elegant and available in white color as well as options to go darker if you wish. Besides being spacious with the surface, the desk has three big storage drawers on the side and one tiny storage drawer underneath for tiny accessories. The thicker legs provide high load capacity and ensure the desk remains sturdy even under load. Moreover, the MDF structure is a good reason to provide durability to this desk.

8. FENGE Monitor Stand with Drawer

FENGE Monitor Stand with Drawer

Not exactly the true definition of the desk as you would desire, but for those who need a little investment, get a proper workstation with a storage option. The FENGE monitor stand, despite being as compact as possible, has a storage drawer. It is made up of MDF particleboard; hence it will be durable in the longer run.

Place it over a desk to increase the height or work with it on the bed; the monitor stand can easily support your laptop and a mouse. It has a weight capacity of 55 pounds.

9. Ikea Linnmon Desk

Consider the IKEA Linnmon desk if you're looking for a sturdy workstation with plenty of storage space. This desk can be purchased separately or with Alex drawer units installed underneath, allowing you to adapt it to meet your needs.

The desktop is also remarkably large at 150cm long by 75cm deep and has a rather good build quality relative to the asking price.

10. OFM Office Desk

Get this OFM office desk with a rather simple and elegant design. This desk has a wooden desk top with wooden drawers and a metal frame. It is as simple as it could get. One of the best things about this desk is the rectangular legs which don't overload the desk but also provide stable placement of the desk even with enough load. Moreover, the wood grain texture adds to the aesthetic and gives a natural finish to your home. Get this small computer desk with a drawer if you enjoy a minimalist look in your office space.

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