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10 Small Studio Apartment Design Ideas for Limited Space
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10 Small Studio Apartment Design Ideas for Limited Space

|Sep 22, 2022

A congested or insufficient work area might not be counted as an ideal workplace situation, especially If you have a big family and a lot is happening around you. Besides the work-life chaos conflict, you will also find it hard to manage the office essentials, giving rise to clutter, which is a threatening situation for office workers. But can’t a small room or shed be utilized as an ergonomic office space? Why not! With modern small studio apartment design ideas and organization tips, you can make do with any space for your office setup, no matter how small or limited.

You must work on carefully utilizing space and following certain small studio apartment layout ideas. While technically, it seems hard to make work with an office pod where a part of the space is dedicated to other activities, too, in this article, we will cover some easy and creative small studio apartment setup ideas.

Divide the Boundaries

Divide the Boundaries - small studio apartment design ideas

There are no boundaries in a small studio apartment because there are no separate rooms. But do you need walls to divide up a space? We don't think so., and there is nothing more inviting and cozier than an open space where the light flows maximum and fresh air is always invited. You can create boundaries for your small studio apartment to work as an entire home and not just a room. For instance, paint a wall different from the rest to mark the bedroom.

If you are not allowed to paint, then temporary stick-on wallpapers also work. You can paint a different wall for the living room and set up a couch in the front. Use a rug to mark the end of a room, or maybe some room divider ideas also work great. For a more regal look, you can also use a glass divider.

Consider A Pod

They are almost the same in a studio apartment vs. a pod, with the latter adding the benefit of moving with you wherever you need them. Autonomous pods work for the office and as a living space and are good enough. You can find various sizes and types in them too. For instance, a wooden pod for a garden is an ideal studio apartment for people who love natural homes surrounded by open air.

privacy pod is suitable for someone who needs to set up their living space in the backyard but is not happy with the interference of others in the house. You can also pick a prefab studio with all the built-in design and furniture based on your needs. Lastly, these pods come cheap because you can purchase them with the employee purchase program and score a decent discount.

Utilize the Vertical Space

Utilize the Vertical Space

With a loft bed, you can create a more livable space if your home has high ceilings. Using vertical space more efficiently than horizontal space results in a clutter-free living area and helps you deliver more with less.

The staircase with built-in drawers is a fascinating feature if you're obsessed with storage. If you decide to use this concept, remember to include safety handrails.

Personalize Your Space

Here is one of the important points when you come up with any small studio apartment design idea. Whatever the size or configuration of your area, always add personality. You want your home to reflect who you are and what you like, and you can easily do this with artwork, accent pieces, and other decorative items, including lighting fixtures.

Start From a Single Point

Start From a Single Point

Consider a feature that unifies the many parts of your studio as a starting point. This is also known as the red thread or throughline in design. This doesn't have to be utilized in the same ratios in every section of the space and might be any color, finish texture, or practically anything. Any open area, including an apartment or an open plan kitchen idea, can be designed using the sense of coherence it fosters.

Keep it Simple

Making a space more open and inviting is opting for subtle colors and minimalistic designs. There is no better option for limited space than a minimalist small studio apartment décor. With a minimalist design, you can go for lighter shades, make a space more inviting and let the natural light take charge of the room. Dark-painted walls, heavy curtains, and thick rugs are some ways that look good and regal, but they can cramp up the room.

Use A Bookcase

Use A Bookcase

The only thing that makes a place look more sophisticated, even when used in great numbers, is the books. And the in-home library setup works well for a studio apartment too. All you need is to plan the careful placement of the bookshelf in the home. And here it is—a bookcase behind the bed! You have designed a distinct bedroom space. Make the bookshelf a focal point by decorating it with plants, books, and unusual artifacts.

The Right Furniture

This one is highly important. The selection of furniture, whether for your home or office, determines the entire look and feel of the space. For a small apartment, it is integral to opt for the right kind of small studio apartment furniture that doesn't cram up the space too much nor lacks in features. Pick for options like sofa cum bed, a foldable desk to come out when needed for work, and then folded away. You can pick folding treadmills for your home workout, so the space looks more open and relaxing compared to permanent large furniture options.

Go Big

Go Big

When decorating a small studio apartment, there is a desire to keep things small out of concern that something enormous will dominate the room. It might be the opposite. Numerous little pieces lead to clutter; choosing one or two larger items might make the space feel more organized.

A sizable floor rug is the idea of the apartment living room, and the room's focal point is a sizable work of wall art. Even the fireplace concept isn't a wimp; it has an unabashed magnitude that makes the plan feel daring and opulent.

Make It Industrial Style

An industrial style apartment never goes out of style. The brick, concrete, and pipes make it seem like a DIY project you worked on with all your heart. Don't be afraid to pick industrial-style options when bringing style into your limited space.

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