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10 Smart Desks that should be in your Shopping Wish List
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10 Smart Desks that should be in your Shopping Wish List

|Nov 30, 2018

A work style that makes one sit for a long time can gradually deteriorate the health. It is this habit that one should put effort on for a change. The work style would change only if one would think about investing in appropriate furniture for the workspace. The new trend has started where enterprises are investing in the smart desks and furniture that allows the employees to adapt to a much healthy working style.

An efficient and ergonomic smart desk would even be a great pick for the home office. Choosing and testing the best standing desk would need consideration of various models, prices, and features that would fit the budget. The standing desk models that stand by its own and the ones which can be used as an attachment to an existing desk are the best options one can find in smart desks.

Standalone standing desks are usually the ones which can be used to work while sitting as well as standing. Considering whether to have a motorized desk or not is another concern while buying a smart desk. The durability of the desk, the material of the desk are some of the other factors that need consideration while choosing the smart desk.

1. Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

If one is looking for a standing desk that is tagged with so many customization options at an affordable price, Jarvis Bamboo standing desk is the most appropriate choice. The programmable microcontroller, the awesome lush bamboo surface and all the features it has are very appealing and people find them very useful. The smart desk is even equipped with powered grommets on both the sides that make it easier for the users to easily set up the table.

This smart desk is also capable of lifting 350lbs of weight which is a very incredible factor. The smart desk also works comfortably for tall people and they can work without any strain. It can be easily assembled and set up and comes with many customization options. It is also a smart desk that comes with a warranty of 7 years. The only flaw with the desk is that it is not advised to use it at maximum height without a brace or support as it may turn a bit wobbly at maximum height.

2. StandDesk

Stand desk is the brand that is there from a quite long time in the niche of the standing desk. It is a desk that comes with very less cost compared to any others that have got similar features. The bamboo top of the desk is stable and also very durable. The smart desk has a programmable memory controller that allows to raise and lower the desk without any noise and it is a very helpful feature to use in a crowded office environment. It is a very simple desk that comes with minimal features, operates without any noise. It is tagged with a programmable memory controller and also comes at a decent price. The desk may become a bit wobbly at the maximum height and so it is advised not to use it at the maximum height without any support. The smart desk has only limited options of size but it is worth the choice for the features that it offers at an affordable price.

3. Autonomous Smart Desk

Autonomous Standing Desk

Autonomous SmartDesk 2 is the one that comes with the minimalistic option and top standing desk if one is looking for a desk with not many extra features and that comes within the budget. This smart desk is available in different colours and also comes with some optional accessories which include power strip and the standing mat.

The major focus in the design of this smart desk is to create a simple smart desk. The material of this smart desk may not be a very high-end option but it provides what is worth for the price that is paid. It is a good pick that one can have for kids. You can even look for the cheaper desktop replacement options available from the company.

There is a home edition for Smart Desk 2 which comes with so many features and also at a very high price compared to the low-end version. The low-end version of Autonomous smart desk 2 is the cheapest option that one can find in motorized standing desk.

4. VariDesk Pro Plus 36 – Top Sit & Stand Desk Converter

Varidesk is the cheaper and the easiest way for adding standing capability to a solid desk that one has. The smart desk has got very easily configurable features that helps in easier adjustment. It goes on top of the desk and so one can just use it for converting an existing desk to a standing desk with moving anything. It has got a very curious design that allows it to get latched onto the corner of the desk and easily move between the sitting and standing position. What one looks for in a smart desk is the ability that it has in easily switching between standing and sitting positions and this converter can do it instantaneously. The smart desk is very easy to use for adjusting at different levels. It is the table which allows for different kinds of set-ups and also numerous monitor screens. The keyboard stand is also very easily adjustable to the height that one is looking for. The smart desk gives room for a huge amount of customization. The Varidesk also has the issue of complete sturdiness like many other smart desks when it is used at maximum height. Varidesk can be a great companion for a healthy working style if one chooses to attach it with a very sturdy table.

5. Focal Locus – High-End Adjustable Desk

Focal Locus is the standing desk which is designed specifically for artists. It also suits those who look for a lot of space and also would want the light on the desk at the required angles. It has features to hold the laptop but is also capable to hold larger monitors. The slant that is there with the desk may or may not be useful, depending on the way the smart desk is used. It is necessary to ensure that one understands the design well to find whether it suits the kind of work they do.

The smart desk is featured with a hand crank for changing positions, the handy grommet for cups or cords and it also has cable management clips. It has a desk that works perfectly for the ones who look for frequently switching standing and sitting positions. It has got a simple design and is also electric and programmable. The desk also supports phone pairing which makes it easier to attend any calls during the work. It has a warranty of 2 years.

6. Uplift Desk

Uplift Desk

The UPLIFT desk has so many options for different demands in the market, making them a great pick if one is looking for different options to customize and adjust on the standing desk. The UPLIFT desk has several options that one can find based on the features that one is looking for.

The budget options that one can get from them are worthy for the money as they are associated with numerous features. The rubberwood and the bamboo models of the UPLIFT desk are really very good choices as they are the best real wood smart desks available at a much lesser price. The company also offer discounts and offers during the festive seasons and so they would really be a very affordable smart desk option available in the market. The smart desks from UPLIFT are equipped with a motor base that helps in changing the height of the desk. The instability of the desk at the maximum height and a bit delay in lifting the desk may not look like issues that need to be considered as they are very affordable and are equipped with the best features.

7. ReadyDesk 2 – Ultra Budget

It is the very highly rated add-on standing desk that one can find in the market. It is the perfect blend of the elegant and simple design and sturdy materials. The smart desk has a very simple mechanism for switching between sitting and the standing positions.

The ReadDesk 2 features static stands which slide to various slots and it makes it very hard to switch between positions if multiple monitors or a heavy monitor are placed on the desk. ReadyDesk2 does make a good choice for those who would like to take advantage of standing and working. The smart desk is popular for the simple design and is perfect for any budget shopper. The smart desk operates without any complications.

8. LifeSpan TR1200-DT7

LifeSpan is a walking desk and is the one that is suitable for those health freaks who would love to burn the extra calories even while they are working. The smart desk is equipped with a treadmill underneath, which allows one to walk while working. This option to use the treadmill helps in taking care of the issues like blood clots that may occur due to prolonged standing.

If anybody uses the treadmill for walking around 3mph for about three hours, it helps in burning about 800 calories while being engaged in finishing any critical task.

The LifeSpan smart desk brings the gym to the workplace and so one can use the treadmill whenever they want to burn the calories that they target tp. This smart desk is not very easy to be adjusted to the sitting position as it is equipped with a treadmill. This is not a smart desk that one who is working in a very congested space can use.

9. iMovr Omega Everest

iMovr Omega Everest

If one is looking for the best option in standing desk then iMovr would be the right pick. This is the smart desk that is very high in quality and also the one that has incorporated many innovative features. The SteadyType keyboard tray is a feature in iMovr which helps in adjusting the keyboard tray based on the need and ergonomics. It is one of the features that cannot be found in any other smart desks that are available in the market. Usually, the keyboard trays make the smart desk very fussy to use with the issue instability, it creates. The SteadyType system used in the smart desk helps in getting rid of all these issues. The table has a motor that works very silently.

10. UpDesk UpWrite – Top Sit-Stand Desk

The UpDesk UpWrite is the smart desk that is popular for the simplicity in the design and the minimalistic features it is equipped with. It has a very affordable price due to its simple design. It is the standing desk that has got a modern and curved surface which looks very different from the rectangles found with other smart desks. It can also be used as a whiteboard. It is perfect for the ones who would like to sit very close to the keyboard or monitor. The smart desk has got electrical adjustment features for various heights and also has cable management options.

Choosing the right type or smart desk would be a great decision one should make for inculcating the habit of standing and working. It is good to look for the desks that are stable, that comes with cheaper replacement parts, speedy lifting, and silent operation. It is always good to choose the one that is very easy to set up and also to use. It is advised to avoid those options that are very cheaper, not easily adjustable or not suitable for the user's height. Try to pick the standing desk which makes it work perfectly for you from:

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