Top 10 Under Desk Ellipticals For Home and Office 2024
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Top 10 Under Desk Ellipticals For Home and Office 2024

|Mar 15, 2023

Maintaining one's health should always be a top concern. However, many people nowadays are so occupied with office jobs that they have little time for the gym or other healthy habits.

Under desk elliptical machines are a convenient and transportable alternative to fitness equipment like a foldable treadmill or stationary bike. You can keep one of these compact machines tucked away beneath your desk and put in some pedal time during lunch or other breaks. We have compiled a list of the best under-desk ellipticals to assist you in your search.

10 Best Under Desk Ellipticals for 2023

1. Stamina Inmotion Under-Desk Elliptical

If you're looking for the best under-desk elliptical on the market, look at the Stamina Inmotion, through which workouts can be done anywhere, whether at an office desk or in your living room. Users can easily adjust the resistance with the knob provided, allowing for a comfortable and noiseless workout.

This Stamina under-desk elliptical machine also has a tracking system and reverse-motion pedals, which are essential features you won't find on any other elliptical machine. It can record your caloric expenditure, the number of steps you take every minute, and more.

Dimensions17"D x 24.5"W x 12"H
Item Weight‎24 lbs
MaterialSteel frame
Weight capacity‎250 lbs

2. Cubii Jr. Under-Desk Elliptical

Over 12,000 customers have left positive feedback on Amazon for the Cubii JR1. It provides superior convenience and versatility and may be used for upper- and lower-body workouts. The revolutionary magnetic resistance mechanism allows for quiet and smooth activity, making it ideal for use at home.

Thanks to the device's built-in display monitor, you can keep tabs on your progress regarding distance covered, calories burned, and speed. You can also select eight precisely calibrated resistance levels for the ultimate personalized office workout.

Dimensions23.15"D x 17.56"W x 10"H
Weight capacity13 kg
Power sourceBattery Powered
Special featureDistance Travelled Monitor
Item weight35.75 lbs

3. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Under-Desk Elliptical

A central digital monitor on this Sunny Health elliptical allows you to keep tabs on your workout stats, including time, distance, pace, and calories burnt. You may quickly scan through the different parameters of your workout with this electric under-desk elliptical built-in scan function.

Dimensions24"L X 19"W X 11"H
Item Weight‎25 lbs
Weight capacity‎100kg

4. Cubii Go Under Desk Elliptical

Cubii Go is one of the best electric under-desk trainers that can be transported from place to place. The 19-pound Cubii Go may be easily transported thanks to its retractable handle and wheels. You can monitor your progress on the LCD screen or with the companion app for the Cubii Go.

With its height adjustable resistance levels and convenient "clean after use" feature, this elliptical machine is perfect for shared use. 

Dimensions11.5"D x 11.4"W x 26"H
Item Weight23.9 lbs
MaterialMetal, Plastic
Weight capacity300 lbs

5. DeskCycle - Under Desk Elliptical

This under-desk elliptical machine from Deskcycle is packed with fantastic features, such as adjustable pedal heights, extra-long pedals, and a bidirectional stride action. Different kinds of motion are also possible thanks to the stride motion option.

Lastly, this is one of the best under-desk elliptical machines, offering eight resistance levels.

Dimensions23" x 18" x 10"
MaterialSteel and High-Impact Plastic
Number of batteries 2 AA batteries required. (included)

6. LifePro - Under Desk Elliptical

Lifepro's under-desk elliptical is a reasonably priced choice that doesn't skimp on functionality. In addition, a floor mat and an arm-toning resistance band are included.

This under-desk elliptical machine's eight adjustable difficulty levels allow you to create a fitness plan that's just right for you. Additionally, a pedometer, workout timer, and calorie counter are also included.

Dimensions18.5"D x 22.7"W x 12.9"H
Item Weight14 kg
ColorBlack and Blue
Weight capacity300 lbs

7. AGM Mini Exercise Bike

This mini exercise bike is an excellent option for individuals on a tighter budget who cannot afford a walking desk or other expensive equipment. With this exercise bike, you can get an LCD screen, non-slip pedals, and foot straps that can be adjusted to your arms or legs for less than fifty dollars. In addition, an adjustable tension screw allows users to adjust the resistance level to suit their needs and objectives.

Dimensions15.98"D x 13.8"W x 12.6"H
Height adjustment30.4 - 35cm
MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene ABS, Plastic, Metal
Number of resistance levels‎6

8. BluTiger Seated Elliptical Machine

Due to its eight magnetic resistance settings, famous trainer Harley Pasternack recommends the BluTiger seated elliptical for light or intense workouts. This electric under-desk elliptical fits under any table, and the digital display tracks pace, calories burned, duration, and distance.

Dimensions12.75"D x 11.13"W x 20.38"H
Item Weight14 lbs
ColorBlack and Blue
Material‎Iron, Plastic
Number of resistance levels8

9. Ancheer Under-Desk Elliptical

At 20 pounds and with a carry handle, the Ancheer elliptical trainer is the lightest and most portable under-desk elliptical. This can be one of the best workout room ideas, as you can easily move the trainer from the office to your house.

The display shows time, distance, speed, and estimated calories burned. In addition, you can also manually or automatically regulate the machine's resistance and speed.

Dimensions14"D x 18"W x 10"H
Resistance mechanismManual

10. Wakeman Portable Folding Under Desk Indoor Exercise Bike

This foldable under-desk cycle is the easiest and cheapest option for commuters who need a compact, lightweight, and space-saving bike. Its basic appearance hides several valuable functions, such as foot straps and non-slip foot pads that stabilize the pedals. It also features a tension dial and an electronic screen to track progress.

Dimensions14"D x 19.5"W x 9.5"H
Item Weight5.82 lbs
Height adjustment‎12.5" - 14.25"

How To Choose The Best Under Desk Elliptical?

The following are the essential factors to consider while selecting the best under-desk ellipticals. These under-desk elliptical benefits will help you enhance your workout experience.


It is imperative to consider the weight and size of your under-desk elliptical if you plan to use it both at home and in the office. A bulky, difficult-to-transport machine is unlikely to be used frequently; therefore, the best under-desk ellipticals are light and compact.


Although there are fewer features to consider when buying an under-desk elliptical than full-sized workout equipment, there are still some crucial features to look for, like pedals, a monitor, bluetooth functionality, a digital meter, and a tracking metric. These features will enhance your exercise experience greatly.


There should be no question that secrecy is required while pedaling away at a desk in the company of one's colleagues. That's why a quiet elliptical or bike that can fit beneath your desk is your best bet. Specific models can even be used in a silent mode that won't disturb anyone.

How To Choose The Best Under Desk Elliptical?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do under-desk ellipticals work?

Under-desk elliptical machines, like stationary bikes or curved treadmills, aid in weight control. Other under-desk elliptical benefits include muscle toning, reduced stress, and decreased inactive work hours.

Do under-desk ellipticals burn calories?

An under-desk elliptical can help you shed pounds, but you also need to change your eating habits and perform more exercise if you really want to see positive results.

Compared to walking on a treadmill to lose weight, one study estimates that using an under-desk elliptical machine for an hour a day could help people lose about 5.2 pounds each year.

How long should you use an under-desk elliptical?

Your under-desk elliptical usage depends on your ability, health, and comfort. It's better to start with 10–15 minutes and then, to set achievable goals, consult a doctor or trainer.


If you have a desk job and spend most of your day sitting, an under-desk elliptical machine will come in handy. When used consistently, they can be a powerful tool for weight loss because of the ease and low cost involved in incorporating more exercise into your daily routine.

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