10 White Adjustable Standing Desks for Minimalist Workers
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10 White Adjustable Standing Desks for Minimalist Workers

|Mar 5, 2021

Adjustable desks are the centerpiece of every work environment. The true ability lies in the personalization of height settings, which can fit your specific needs. By doing so, it prevents you from sitting in a chair all day. Instead, you can preset standing desk height with a push of a button.

If you’re a minimalist worker, you need an adjustable desk to suit your height preference. You should also consider the physical appearance of your desk. What color do you want it to be? One of the best neutral selections is white since it can work with most work environments. Consider one of the many reasons to get a white adjustable standing desk!

What Does It Mean To Be A Minimalist Worker?

A minimalist lifestyle often involves the freedom to do what you want in your workspace. For one reason or another, remote workers freelance within the comfort of their homes. They can set their schedules, provided they meet deadlines for their projects.

However, for a minimalist worker to be productive, they need to set up an efficient workspace. One method they can use is color psychology for their standing desks. Which color should you use for your workspace? Neutral colors tend to conform with just about any color. Why not consider white as your main desktop color?

What Does It Mean To Be A Minimalist Worker?

Why Use White As A Color?

In terms of color psychology, think of white as a blank canvas for your workspace. A white automatic standing desk is a good way to neutralize your surroundings. With an artistic touch, you can bring out the color with your plants or paintings. White brings out natural lighting around your room, which prevents darkness in your area. You want to work in an area with plenty of light since darkness makes it difficult to search for items.

A white desk also promotes a cleaner aesthetic. It forces you to maintain a tidy approach since you need to keep an eye out for dust and dirt. Once you consistently keep your desk clean, you build a stronger work ethic. It takes a little time to practice, but it’s worth the effort.

Why Use White As A Color?

Benefits of Minimalist Work

A minimalistic desk setup can provide you better productivity during the day. You want to perform tasks in a simple manner. In order to meet your end goals (i.e. faster productivity), you need to remove unnecessary distractions.

A white height adjustable desk prevents back problems since it forces you not to rely on sitting too long. Workers waste time by constantly readjusting themselves due to discomfort. A standing desk keeps you active, while also promoting a healthier lifestyle including both mental and physical health.

Benefits of Minimalist Work

Top 10 White Adjustable Standing Desks for Minimalist Workstation

A white electric standing desk can make a positive impact on your work environment. Here are 10 of the best office white desks currently on the market! Each of the products lists pros and cons, to give you a fair assessment of their capabilities.

1. Autonomous Desk 2 from Autonomous

The Autonomous Desk 2 is one of the more well-known Autonomous products. It’s a white adjustable standing desk with several key features, such as the seamless transition between height changes. Like other Autonomous products, this one has monthly payments. You can significantly reduce your expenses by opting for this instead.

Autonomous Desk 2 from Autonomous

What makes the Autonomous Desk 2 stand out is the white desktop. At a full one-inch thickness, the desktop is built to be durable. The highest quality materials allow the desk to remain wear-resilient. With a good amount of space to work with, your desktop can handle any monitor or desk accessories. You can choose between a classic top or a bigger XL Top for even more space in your workplace.

Pros and Cons of Autonomous Desk 2

  • icon checkHigh-quality craftsmanship with the materials
  • icon checkA sleek desktop allows for a modern appearance
  • icon checkHeight adjustment is made easy with the control pad
  • icon checkYou have extra space to freely move around with the desk
  • icon checkAssembly level is easy with the clear instruction guide
  • icon checkMDF wood is scratch-resistant and survives wear-and-tear
  • icon checkAffordable monthly payments with free shipping
  • icon timesSlightly expensive without monthly payments

2. Art Desk by Autonomous

The Art Desk is another white electric standing desk, courtesy of Autonomous. If you want to get in touch with your creative side, the Art Desk allows you to achieve your artistry. The Art Desk is a variation of the Autonomous Desk and carries most of the basic features. However, the main difference is the curved shape of the desk. Due to the wide range of this desk, you get more room to place your monitors and supplies. If you like to draw, the Art Desk gives you plenty of space to work. It also uses finished wood for the desktop.

Art Desk by Autonomous

A solid foundation allows the desk to prevent wobbling. It is a perfect option for your white desk setup. It's achieved by the highly durable steel frames of the legs. The Art Desk also uses programmable height settings with a powerful motor. Everything is at your convenience with this improved variation of the Autonomous Desk. Keep in mind if you order this desk, it should go somewhere in the middle of a room.

Pros and Cons of Autonomous Art Desk

  • icon checkOffers a wide range of space for the user
  • icon checkBeautifully designed is truly a work of artistic value
  • icon checkHigh-quality materials increase the life expectancy
  • icon checkProgrammable height adjustment has four different presets
  • icon checkSturdy foundation makes it easy to do your work without issue
  • icon checkA five-year warranty and 30-day trials give you an incentive
  • icon checkAffordable monthly payments with free shipping
  • icon timesSlightly expensive without monthly payments
  • icon timesThe curved shape might not be for everybody

3. Electric Standing Desk by Flexispot

Flexispot allows you to customize your standing desk with a material whiteboard. In addition to a sleek design, the electric desk uses a responsive keypad to adjust the height. A single motor powers the lifting system, which can lift 154 lbs. It also uses inverted leg orientation, which means there is more stability at the base of your standing desk.

Electric Standing Desk by Flexispot

Pros and Cons of Electric Standing Desk by Flexispot

  • icon checkA clean desktop allows for a smooth appearance
  • icon checkHeight adjustability is at your fingertips
  • icon checkReverse leg orientation for extra space
  • icon timesWhiteboard charges extra for this appearance
  • icon timesSlightly cumbersome power cord underneath the table
  • icon timesThe black power cord clashes with white walls

4. Jarvis Designer Desk by Fully

Jarvis combines power and durability with a white motorized standing desk. It’s easy to clean the surface, which makes it low maintenance. The desk also gives a stylish vibe, with a modern corporate look. You can order the white laminate desktop for the best appearance. Although expensive, monthly payments mitigate the costs.

Jarvis Designer Desk by Fully

Pros and Cons of Jarvis Designer Desk by Fully

  • icon checkLaminate surface protects the desktop
  • icon checkStrong, durable, and resilient materials
  • icon checkAffordable monthly payments
  • icon timesExpensive without monthly payments
  • icon timesDesktop lacks a contour shape

5. Height Adjustable Desk by Realspace

Realspace offers a white adjustable standing desk. The main highlight of the desk is a scratch-resistant surface. You can maintain a clean look without any potential damages. There is also a single-motor that powers the height adjustment. With durable steel legs, you have limited stability issues. You can also expect the product to last a long time.

Height Adjustable Desk by Realspace

Pros and Cons of Height Adjustable Desk by Realspace

  • icon checkResists scratches and protects the surface
  • icon checkThe lifting system transitions heights quickly
  • icon checkSingle file drawers allow extra space
  • icon timesOnly lifts to 100 lbs
  • icon timesThere are reported instances of button issues
  • icon timesNot as powerful as other desks

6. Glass Standing Desk by Solos

Solos uses tempered glass as their primary material for this standing desk. Due to the efficient design of the desk, assembly is fast and easy. Once you have your glass standing desk, you can admire the reflective quality of the desktop. The standing legs shine with a white color, so consider black desktop accessories to a nice contrast. There is also a fourth-generation control pad that is easy to use. It allows for seamless transitions at a touch of a button.

Glass Standing Desk by Solos

Pros and Cons of Glass Standing Desk by Solos

  • icon checkTempered glass allows natural light to shine
  • icon checkQuick assembly makes everything a breeze
  • icon checkThe control pad is user-friendly and convenient to use
  • icon timesBe careful with the glass desktop
  • icon times

7. White Office Desk by AVIX

AVIX gives you plenty of workspace with a white height-adjustable desk; it provides a 48x24 inch work area. You can also quickly adjust heights at your convenience. The white automatic standing desk is powered with solid construction and premium-grade materials. AVIX makes sure you have a sleek design for your product. As a white electric standing desk, it does its job exactly the way it needs to.

White Office Desk by AVIX

Pros and Cons of White Office Desk by AVIX

  • icon checkGives you a good amount of space
  • icon checkHeight adjustment is quick and easy
  • icon checkHigh-quality materials make it last a long time
  • icon checkSolid foundational support
  • icon timesReports of poor packaging
  • icon timesYou might need help with the screws on the back legs
  • icon timesIt takes time to calibrate the height adjustment

8. Sabine Standing Desk by Upper Square

Upper Square offers a snow-white adjustable standing desk. The eco-friendly materials allow for green living, especially if you want to make a positive impact on the environment. Upper Square offers cable management with built-in USB ports. As an electric standing desk, this one stands out in terms of modern technology. There is also a five-year warranty to protect you as a consumer. However, expert assembly is an additional feature that costs extra.

Sabine Standing Desk by Upper Square

Pros and Cons of Sabine Standing Desk by Upper Square

  • icon checkEnvironmentally friendly materials
  • icon checkLaptop efficiency with cable management
  • icon checkFive-year warranty protection
  • icon timesExpert assembly is costly
  • icon timesDesktop is not scratch resistant
  • icon timesInstructions might not be as clear as they should

9. Remi Standing Desk by Fully

Fully is an affordable option for a white height-adjustable desk. With a budget-friendly approach, you can easily afford this product. Like with other Jarvis products, the Remi uses high-quality materials to ensure strength and durability. First-hand visualization is a great method to learn, which is why there are video instructions on the assembly process. Everything is made easier at your convenience with the Remi standing desk.

Remi Standing Desk by Fully

Pros and Cons of Remi Standing Desk by Fully

  • icon checkAffordable price range for remote workers
  • icon checkHigh-quality craftsmanship with the desktop
  • icon checkVideo instructions make it easy to understand assembly
  • icon timesA few instances of lacking supplies, such as a power cord
  • icon timesShould any problems arise with shipping, contact support
  • icon timesNot as good as the Jarvis

10. Electric Standing Desk by Vari

Vari promotes comfort and convenience with their white motorized standing desk. With excellent stability and quick assembly, you can enjoy a standing desk with minimal effort. All you have to do is select a white finish. The electric desktop is laminate and uses softer edges to avoid sharp areas. What you get is a strong, tough, and reliable desk. There are also four preset memory settings for height. At any time, you can lift the desk at the exact height you want without any hassle. All you have to do is set it up once, and you’re done.

Electric Standing Desk by Vari

Pros and Cons of Electric Standing Desk by Vari

  • icon checkAssembly instructions are clear and easy to read
  • icon checkDamage-resistant desktop proves to be durable
  • icon checkPremium materials give the desk extra longevity
  • icon checkHeight adjustment includes preset memory settings
  • icon timesConsiderably expensive
  • icon timesProducts are not made in the United States
  • icon timesWood patterns aren’t authentic
  • icon timesDesk is quite heavy to lift


Minimalist workers can maximize the full potential for their workspace! A white electric standing desk can make a positive impact on your daily activities. With a clean appearance and natural lighting, white makes your desk stand out. It also forces you to maintain an active lifestyle, since you can alternate between sitting and standing.

Motivate yourself with an energy boost of creativity! A white height-adjustable desk allows you to think about your office interior design. Don’t settle with a dark room and stuffy furniture when you can bring out the brightness with a white desktop.

If you’re looking for a white adjustable standing desk, you’re in a good position. From Autonomous to Flexispot, there are several places to look for high-quality products. Every workplace setup requires a standing desk, so make yours a good one! Start with any of these products and increase your potential for work productivity.

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