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10 Simple Work from Home Wellness Ideas
Work Wellness

10 Simple Work from Home Wellness Ideas

|Apr 8, 2022

Working from home comes with its perks of flexible timings, control over work hours and the freedom not to dress up every morning to attend office. But social isolation, anxiety, depression, and not having enough work from home equipment have also been a challenge for remote workers. Especially for people who have tiny homes and have a hard time managing work from home and life happening around them.

And since the majority of the organizations are now remote in the post-pandemic world or work in a hybrid arrangement, hence you need some work from home wellness ideas to keep your employees motivated, energetic and productive with their online office. Employee wellness work from home is not just associated with employees' productivity, but they also pay close attention to keeping the mental wellness of employees a top priority. Hence employers need to take several measures to ensure work from home health and wellness.

Here are some helpful ways to encourage mental wellness during work from home.

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating work from home wellness ideas

The famous concept that we are what we eat focuses on the fact that our inner health is a true representation of our lives. A person who is healthy and well from inside will be healthy in exterior adventures and challenges of life as well. Focusing on your diet despite not finding yourself going to the office is important since the mind needs energy even if your physical body seems to be at rest most of the day.

Taking Care of Physical Health

Taking Care of Physical Health work from home wellness ideas

Especially with quarantine and work from routines, we are no more restricted to sedentary lifestyles. Encouraging physical wellness in the form of physical workouts is essential in such cases because better physical health will give rise to improved mental health; hence you will be able to combat challenges positively and healthily.

Thankfully there are several helpful methods to improve your physical health even when at home. An indoor cycling bike or a foldable walking treadmill should be a part of your daily routine after a few hours of work.


Work from home wellness challenge is huge and should not be taken lightly, especially if you are strictly working from home with no physical interaction with the office or your colleagues. For people fond of working in an office, no social interaction or chatty lunch hour with a colleague hits hard, especially when you are dumped with work-related stress and have no way to vent it out.

In such cases, ensure your communication is effective. Other than just related to work things and updates on the progress of reports, having random chats with colleagues can help you stay positive and let some of the gathering stress out of your system.

Set Up Your Workstation

Setup Your Workstation work from home wellness ideas

Just like your bed is a place to relax, your work desk should be a place where you get active and alert. One cannot expect the same work energy and productivity level whilst they are working in bed checking and responding to emails.

This calls for a proper work from home desk setup with all the essential work from home accessories that you could not do without. By having a proper set-up in a corner with all your accessories, you can be sure of not missing the home office vibe, which plays a vital role in motivating us to work.

Friendly Competition

Friendly Competition work from home wellness ideas

Here is another work from home wellness idea for you. One of the key factors to growth in a workplace is to carry out various wellness challenge ideas for the workplace, whether your workplace is physical or remote. Practicing such ideas give rise to healthy competition and also encourage employees to be more active if they sense there is some win or accomplishment at the other end.

Employers must ensure employees engage in a healthy competition where the main focus is doing better than before rather than competing. Carrying out healthy team challenges is also a great way to encourage unity and eliminate loneliness while working from home.

Virtual Hangout

Virtual hangouts are underrated because we often think that our source of depression is technology and constant adherence to the office computer. Still, the truth is using your desktop or online work platform for some healthy and fun chat time will do you a lot better. Organizations should practice online virtual hangouts in the form of a gaming night with a colleague or a coffee session with the team members.

You can also introduce personal wellness programs with training and helpful activities while working from home. Providing an open communication channel where employees can come up with their feelings of complaints and anxiety is also a great way to get rid of work from home stress.

Taking Breaks

Taking Breaks work from home wellness ideas

This is one of the necessary work from home wellness ideas. It's necessary to take a break now and again, just as in any other working environment, to allow your brain and body to rest. Take a 10-minute walk, do mild exercises in your living room, prepare lunch, or talk on the phone with a friend. You'll be able to refocus on your work responsibilities if you take short pauses.

Group Meditation

Meditation practices can aid in the development of a healthy mind and body in your employees. They'll be better prepared to deal with stress and uncertainty in their personal and professional lives. Morning meditation sessions, access to meditation apps, and sharing links to free meditation programmes are all things to consider.

Give Importance to Mental Wellness

Give Importance to Mental Wellness

Unlike physical health, mental health doesn't show and often, this is how the trouble begins and lasts. Consider including a wellness package that includes psychologists, counselors, and therapists as part of an individual's wellness programme. This will concentrate on other aspects of their well-being that directly impact their employment. Allow your virtual employees to participate in a complimentary session with a life coach to delve further into their personal lives.

Evaluate your Performance as a Team

This is one of the important work from home wellness ideas. When it comes to virtual teams or even physical ones, the main goal should be the 'we' approach rather than the 'I' approach. At the end of each day or week, you should proceed with a virtual call that focuses on the wins and challenges that occurred during that time.

During this call, each team member discusses a day's achievement, something they learned, and something they're excited to alter the next day. Even if you don't have a team meeting, it's crucial to take a moment to reflect on your day. Remembering your accomplishments and highlights while looking ahead to the following day with hope will help you keep a positive attitude.

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