21 Best White Standing Desk for 2023
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21 Best White Standing Desk for 2023

Autonomous|May 20, 2021

Standing desks are a new common piece of furniture in the workplace. They improve efficiency, enhance the health of the workers and reduce various health-related risks. A height-adjustable white desk or an adjustable standing desk can be varied in height according to the person using it. It allows the employee to work smoothly without straining their shoulders or tiring their entire body. Moreover, it also adds to the aesthetic in your office, and the importance of having a great look in your workplace is crucial. Since our surroundings play a vital role in impacting our productivity, the best white standing desk can easily enhance your workplace's vibe.

The color looks minimal, and you can pair it with any office theme. You can enjoy working while standing or even lower it down to the sitting height. The white color will complement any furniture type, and a white standing desk is also one of the most commonly sold products.

A Standing Desk vs a Normal Office Desk

A study has proved sitting for long hours is a huge threat to life. Bus drivers who spend a lot of time sitting are at a higher risk of having sudden deaths. This discovery is very alarming especially considering the huge number of employees sitting more than 9 hours each day in their workplaces.

A Standing Desk vs a Normal Office Desk

Sure, back pain and neck cramps are all loud indicators of the negative impacts of sitting; nobody talks about the hidden and long-term harmful effects of sitting. Standing desks are known to be very helpful in reducing the damage done to health over the years. Not only are they a way to get rid of sitting, but standing desks themselves offer a lot of health benefits as opposed to a conventional office sitting desk.

  • Reduced Back Pain
  • Regulated Blood Sugar Level
  • Reduced Risk of Obesity
  • Boost Energy
  • Improved Heart Health

Types of Standing Desk

The modification of a hybrid workplace does not end anytime soon. And if you have one of those workplaces that are developing and modernizing with new technologies, you must be aware of the types of standing desks and the purpose of each desk type.

Knowing each type in detail can help you make a better decision without wasting time and resources. Although all the standing desks serve the same purpose: improved health and increased productivity, certain types can be better suited for your workplace than the others.

Sit-Stand Adjustable Desks

Sit-stand adjustable desk platform is just an addition to your common standing desk at work. This is a cost-efficient option since it does not demand getting rid of your previous work desk. The platform can be placed over the conventional desk, and it can be modified into both sit and standing work desk.

Sit-Stand Adjustable Desks

This standing desk is ideal for home offices and tiny workspaces that do not have enough space to have a separate section dedicated to standing desks. Or, for someone who does not want to spend a ton on their flexible office furniture, installing these platforms are both productive and affordable.

Manual Standing Desk


A manual standing desk lets you play with the height of your work desk with the help of a simple lever. You have to operate through the manual crankshaft to adjust the desk height accordingly. Although the manual setting is not hard to use, it is not as easy as a powerful electric standing desk. But for a lower-priced option, a manual standing desk is a great pick.

White Electric Standing Desk

A white height adjustable desk eliminates the need for manual adjustment of height. It is a common type of white adjustable desk that does not require manual operation to lower or increase the height. The electric system of this white adjustable standing desk is hassle-free, and it is also very quick to operate. Electric standing desks are gaining popularity because they are easy to use and make less noise than a manual white standing desk.

Bench System Sit-Stand Desk


It is the ideal type of work desk for a workplace. This type of desk not only offers a lower price but is very durable in the long run. Many employees share the same platform, but individual staff can operate the standing desk separately. This saves the cost of buying individual standing desks for everyone and lowers workplace utilization.

Fixed Height Standing Desk

Not every standing desk is a white height adjustable desk, and you must be aware of this fact. While an adjustable standing desk comes with a motor and height adjustment system, a fixed height standing desk is made in a standard height for people to work. Although the manufacturers offer the choice of various heights in this product, you cannot just control or manage the height of this work desk yourself.

Corner Standing Desk


corner standing desk is a popular type of desk from the standing desk family. It is usually an L-shaped standing desk that rests against the corner. Unlike a common rectangle desk that takes up a lot of space and wastes the corner space, a corner standing desk increases the space utilization per square footage. It offers greater space, and more than one person can work on a corner standing desk at one time.

The Best White Standing Desks for Your Workplace

Choosing the best white standing desk for your workplace can improve efficiency as well as aesthetics. There are many types of white standing desks for a workplace. As you explore a white standing desk for your office or a corner desk for your home office, here is our selection of the 21 best white height adjustable desks.

1. SmartDesk Core

sm core

SmartDesk Core is a common type of standing desk. This white height adjustable desk boasts a simple structure with a solid frame and a strong layout. You can easily adjust the height, and the heavy-duty steel frame provides reliability to the product. The SmartDesk Core looks great in white, and this white sit-stand desk will go with every office theme. A SmartDesk Core is also a great choice for the home office as you can use it for multi-purposes.

2. SmartDesk Corner

sm corner

A SmartDesk Corner saves space and allows a higher versatility. Several employees can work at once on a corner standing desk, and the height adjustment makes it easier for many people to relax while working. This is a great choice, especially in the white color, as the aesthetics speak about the quality of the product. 

3. SmartDesk Pro

sm pro

This is a highly powerful and motorized option of white height adjustable desk from the list of the smart desk. The SmartDesk Pro is strong, decent, and versatile. It can hold a lot of loads, and the height adjustment system is also hassle-free. This could be your perfect choice for the best white standing desk for your workplace.

4. Posturite DeskRite 300

Posturite deskrite 300 is from the category of electric standing desks. It covers up a lot of your needs because of the spacious platform that is 180 cm wide. The electric mechanism makes height adjustment easy and hassle-free. Although this product is an expensive option, it is an ideal standing desk.

5. Nitro Concepts Standing Desk


Made in a modern, stylish black and white color, this nitro concept's standing desk is ideal for both your office work and a long shift of gaming. This white adjustable desk is strong enough to hold your multiple monitors and takes up a tiny space in your room. The desk allows you to manage cables through the three cable grommets, and it can be adjusted from 70 cm to 120 cm. The maximum load capacity is 70 kgs.

6. Yo-Yo Standing Desk

Yo-Yo standing desk is a smart piece of furniture that is made with maximum thought. This white sit-stand desk has two platforms, both of them being adjustable. The first platform is for the desktop, while the second one is for the keyboard. You can use any of them or both of them at a single time. Another great thing about this white adjustable desk is that it comes in 15 preset height settings sufficient to make the model work for everyone.

7. ViraDesk Pro Plus


If you don't want to spend a lot on an office desk, this white adjustable standing desk to a basic desk is smart enough to do the job. You can place it on the top of an ordinary desk to make it into a standing desk. The ViraDesk pro plus also comes in two platforms. It is big enough to accommodate two screens at the same time.

8. IMovR L-Shaped Desk

L-shaped standing desks offer dual advantages. With this white height adjustable desk option, you can get many color choices to pair up with your office theme or even home office. The tops are made of specialized laminate, are ergo-contoured, and are very sturdy. Unlike other electric L-desks, the wood grain runs in the same direction around the entire deck floor.

This desk has high-tech features such as a Bluetooth-enabled height control paddle that connects to a mobile app, allowing users to save their height expectations and fitness coach settings. With the features it offers, this white adjustable desk is a bit pricey, but it is worth each penny.

9. Humanscale Float Desk


Floating Desks are the best white adjustable standing desk option for minimal space and maximum functionality combination. This desk is easy to use and one of the top choices as well. There are no electric motors or crank handles on the Float Table; instead, a counterbalance mechanism provides a silent and seamless gliding change in the blink of an eye. Users also lauded the large desktops and uncluttered foot room as being extremely well built. This white sit-stand desk offers great strength and versatility for a floating desk.

10. Flexispot E6

Flexispot E6 is a simple design of a white sit-stand desk but a highly functional white adjustable standing desk. It offers many color options so that you can choose either of them according to your theme. The simple height adjustment mechanism comes with three preset settings, and you can get a height range of 60 to 120 centimeters.

11. Ikea Bekant


Who needs a reason to visit Ikea anyway? Ikea has made its take on ergonomically workplace furniture with the help of this white adjustable desk. The Ike Bekant is a simple and attractive design. It has a height range of 65 to 125 centimeters, and the top platform is strong and smooth for office purposes.

12. Flexispot EC1 White Standing Desk (48” x 30”)

Here is the EC1 series of a white adjustable desk by Flexispot.  It offers you a large work area with 48” x 30” of space. This desktop is made from a single piece of wood to give your desk greater strength. Adjust the height of this desk between 28" to 47.6" (minus the one-inch desktop). The electric motors raise the table at one inch per second speed producing a 50 dB noise.  It offers a weight capacity of 154 lbs only.

13. Seville Classics' Airlift Electric Desk

Seville Classics' airLIFT Electric Desk

This beautiful white standing desk comes with a tempered glass desktop for desk aesthetics. Don’t miss the beveled edges for your convenience. Raise your desk between 29 to 47 inches for your work.  It is powered by dual electric motors that work the two-sectioned legs. It has a dual USB charging port for all your electronic gadgets.  The touchscreen height controller allows you to pre-set up to four settings.  You also get a functional drawer to store small knick-knacks at work.  This drawer is lined with non-slip liners for your convenience.

14. Home Depot’s Computer Desk (55 inches)

Now feel free from all body aches and pains as you use this adjustable standing desk by Home Depot. It takes up very little space. Use it in any room where you need it. This white adjustable desk is available in wooden grains for aesthetics. You have lots of choices of wood colors available. Think about how you will manage the office desk décor with this desk.

15. Motion Wise’s Standing Desk

Motion Wise’s Standing Desk

Now work free from any stress. Now raise or lower the white adjustable standing desk as the electrical cords are protected in a cord well that runs vertically rather than horizontally. The desk surface is made from an MDF [medium density fibreboard]. This is much stronger than a common board made from particle wood. 

16. Koble’s Juno  Desk with Wireless Charging (ET118)

Health on your mind? Don’t shy away from this beautifully designed desk by Kolbe for your convenience.  You can raise/lower your desk as per your comfort. Just one-touch buttons to manage all your requirements of heights. You also have a provision of soft start and stop. Don’t miss the unique fast wireless charging that is integrated with the electric motors for your ease. You will love the dual USB charging ports provided for all your electronic gadgets.

17. FEZIBO Standing Desk (55” x 24”)

FEZIBO Standing Desk (55” x 24”)

Need differing heights from your work desk? Not a problem for the Fezibo Standing desk as it moves between 32.48 inches to51.38 inches.  You have a top shelf and a double drawer to help you maintain your desk to be neat and clean. The electric motors work the sturdy steel frame to move the desk height up or down. You can place up to 150 lbs of weight safely on the desk.

18. Motion Wise’s Standing Desk with Wireless Charging Pad

Now no more cables running around your desk. With the wireless charging pad, you are free from all clutter. You can easily assemble and install this desk. You get a large workspace of 30 x 60 inches with a height range of 28 to 48 inches. What's more? A dual motor setup does your job of changing the desk height easily. You will love the added USB charge port giving you 2.4 amperes for fast charging.

19. Flexispot Desk (48” x 24”)

Flexispot Desk

Here's something different if you don't want cables running around your feet as you work or change the desk height. This white height adjustable desk has a gas piston that works the desktop height between 29.4” to 47.9”.  Work free from tensions as you can easily press a lever to manage the desk height. Still, have computer system wires to manage? Ah! You have the cable management storage tray that comes along with this unit. Spread your notes and system on this large 30.7” x 22.8” desktop surface.

20. StandUp Desk Store’s  Standing Desk (48" Wide)

Here is another beautiful piece by Standup Desk Store. This simple-looking white sit-stand desk comes to your rescue for your good health. The three-sectioned telescopic framed metal legs can manage all the height requirements. Don't miss that you get an extra two inches of height with the lockable casters. 

21. BilBil Standing Desk (55 x 24 Inches)

BilBil Standing Desk

This white sit-stand desk is one of the best. It offers you anti-collision protection to avoid the chair or anything else hitting the desk. Now use this desk for heights between 27" to 45" for your working comfort. Record your most used desk height settings with a voice prompt mechanism. It has a payload capacity of 180 lbs. Added on are a cable management basket and two extra desk hooks.

Why is Office Ergonomics Important?

Ergonomics refers to improving efficiency and productivity in the workplace. It consists of a series of practices and habits to improve productivity and enhance the employees' health. Office ergonomics has gained popularity over the last decade, and many organizations now pay attention to ergonomics in the workplace.

Cost Reduction

Ergonomics reduces cost in terms of more work done in less time and reduces the money and space spent on conventional modes of workplaces. The several modifications of the hybrid work model such as hot-desking, office hoteling, ergonomic chair, standing desk are all aimed to reduce the cost utilization in terms of infrastructure and square footage in the workplace.

Increases Productivity


If your body is tired, your mind cannot stay fresh. Conventional office furniture and workplace layout tire the body before the brain, so many employees undergo chronic stress. With an improved posture and a better workplace arrangement, employees feel more productive and do well to their capability.

Better Work Quality

Poor workplace ergonomics result in exhausted and quickly frustrated employees who are unable to perform at their best. They could overlook a significant detail or fail to contact a customer. Investing in workplace ergonomics is the perfect way to keep your workforce in top shape. All will be in peak working condition if the office is designed well.

Shows Employers’ Commitment

Investing in the employee well-being gives a sense of understanding and care to the employees. This is how successful organizations retain talent and grow towards better. Investing in ergonomics demonstrates a commitment to employee health and safety. You will build a better safety culture in your workplace by making health and safety a key priority of your business. Your most important commodity is the employees, so keeping them healthy and happy is both good business and the best thing to do.

Why Should You Choose the Color White?

Why Should You Choose the Color White?

You have many colors for your standing desk. Though it is a personal choice for those who prefer white, it is one of the best colors. So why is it a good color?

Firstly, white is a universal color.  It blends well with all types of office and home office decors.  You can be assured that you wouldn’t have to change the color scheme of your soft furnishings or the lighting in the room where you place your white standing desk.  If you don't like it for some reason, you can always add hues of a different color to your convenience.  

Secondly, with white color, you can focus much better on your screen and text.  It cuts out the clutter around visually and psychologically.  It is one of the most soothing colors that you can want. Thirdly, white color standing desks give you an appearance of large and wide-open spaces. Even the tiniest room looks and feels bigger and better with white color. And lastly, white is a simplistic color. With a white standing desk, you can easily create a minimalist room setup for your work.


To sum up, as you look at various options available, choose a simple yet elegant piece of a white adjustable standing desk. A color that helps you focus at work and minimizes stress levels, and gives you a peaceful mind is a white colored standing desk. Excellent choice!

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