11 Best Windowless Office Lighting Ideas For a Brighter Office
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11 Best Windowless Office Lighting Ideas For a Brighter Office

|Nov 10, 2022

Planning an office is never an easy task because there are several aspects, like good lighting vs. bad lighting, that you have to consider. You must choose your office's location and layout wisely; otherwise, your team's productivity would get impacted. It is not possible for everyone to have a spacious office with large windows. If you are facing this challenge, you must know the right windowless office lighting ideas to optimize your office.

It is usually a challenge for first-timers who are planning an office space because they have a tight budget. Therefore, changing the entire layout and installing big windows might not be something that they can do. That’s why they often wonder how to brighten up an office space with no windows.

If you are among those people, you don’t need to worry about this problem because we’ve got you covered. As you read further, you will learn details about the best lighting for an office with no windows. We have also shared some tips on a few changes that you can make in your home office plan and have the best lighting for a home office with no windows.

These tips are such that you can put them into action whether you have a home office or an on-site office to get the desirable results. So, let’s dive deeper! 

How to Brighten Up an Office With No Windows?

Here are 11 ideas for brightening up your windowless office. You may make these little changes in your office layout to create a bright and spacious office. 

1. Use Light-Colored Wallpapers

When you are trying to make your office brighter, you must choose the wallpapers and wall covers wisely. The darker shades absorb light and create a dull impact. It even makes your room look more crowded if the print is not good.

Use Light-Colored Wallpapers

So, you must go for lighter colors and choose wallpapers that are vibrant so that they reflect light and make your room brighter. A light-colored wall and surface covering can be helpful here, too, because that will make your room look brighter and more spacious. You may think of creating a minimal, monochromatic white office. 

2. Invest In Sensible Lighting

Choosing lights wisely is very important, especially if you work in teams. You cannot put up large fluorescent bulbs in a windowless office room to make it brighter because there might be someone who has light sensitivity issues.

Therefore, you must be smart when it comes to brightening up the office space. Ideally, you should make it as bright as much is required. For instance, putting some LED strips at your office desk’s edge can be a sensible move. 

3. Put Up Light Mirrors

You can think of putting up light mirrors to increase the brightness of your office. A light mirror bounces light off another surface to make the room brighter. You can maximize its functionality if there is even a little opening for some natural light in your office. The light mirrors will reflect the light rays and make your room look comparatively spacious. 

Put Up Light Mirrors - windowless office lighting

4. Use Cove Lighting for Specific Areas

Consider putting cove lighting in specific areas like your office's entryway, desk edges, seating area, or simply some dark corners in your office. Cove lighting not only brightens up your office, but it looks aesthetic too. 

5. Install Ceiling Lights

If you wish to have even lighting for an office with no windows, go for ceiling lights. Ceiling lights make your office room brighter and ensure that every corner receives the same amount of light. 

Install Ceiling Lights

6. Get a Desk Lamp

Getting desk accessories like a desk lamp can be a great way to accessorize your office if you wish to have the best lighting for an office with no windows. The Autonomous has desk lamps that come with adjustable light intensities and temperatures for effective office desk lighting. So, selecting your desired light intensity becomes easier if you have one of the best lightings for a computer desk

7. Get Some Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are always a great option when it comes to brightening up your office space. No matter whether you have a home office or it is our workplace, you can think of putting a floor lamp in a dark corner and adjusting its height to meet your lighting requirements. 

Get Some Floor Lamps

8. Hang Few Art Pieces

Hanging a few art pieces is a great way to decorate and brighten your office space. An art piece with a white frame or a metallic shade usually does the job. Monochromatic light-colored art pieces can add more definition to your office room and make it look spacious. 

9. Choose Light-Colored Office Furniture

You must choose your office furniture thoughtfully when you must brighten up a windowless office. Therefore, buying a light-colored office desk will be a wise move. As we mentioned earlier, light colors do not absorb light; they rather reflect. Therefore, your office room looks naturally brighter when you have light-colored furniture. 

Choose Light-Colored Office Furniture

10. Adopt the Open Office Layout

If you work in teams, adopting the open office layout can be a wise way of reducing the number of lights you add to your office. Since this office layout lacks partitions, you will have a more spacious workspace that would be comparatively brighter. 

11. Select the Right Spot for Placing Your Desk

Choosing the right spot for placing your desk plays a critical role when you are planning to have a brighter workspace. You must ensure that your desk is not facing the wall, as that may block light, and you won't be aware of who is entering the room.

This is especially the case in home offices. So, you must choose a spot where your office furniture is more of a highlight in the home office to have a bright workspace, even if there are no windows. 

Final Words

We hope that you have a holistic idea of how you can have windowless office lighting if there are no windows in your office. You must follow the tips that we mentioned above to get the best lighting for an office with no windows. So, go ahead and plan your office today!

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