11 Color Scheme Ideas for Ergonomic Home Office
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11 Color Scheme Ideas for Ergonomic Home Office

|Oct 8, 2020

Home office color schemes give your personal workspace a unique touch. You may ask yourself, what is the best color for your office space? It turns out there are several options to choose from. With the help of Autonomous, you can find the right look for your ergonomic workplace.

1. Modern Office Colors

Colors and emotions psychologically interlink with one another. For example, there is a difference between how warm and cool colors make us feel. For your home office color idea, you should choose a combination of colors that make you feel both energy and focus. Here are ten ideas of the right home office color scheme.

Modern Office Colors

2. Monochromatic Style

SmartDesk 2 is an excellent addition to any home. It is a fully adjustable desk with a sleek modern design and programmable height control. A top white SmartDesk 2 in a monochromatic room of black furniture and white walls is a sharp, reliable contrast. It gives a nice contemporary look and feel.


3. Monochrome Style II

You can also use a SmartDesk 2 with a top black design. Neutral colors provide a comfortable base to work with the in-home system. For example, a top black SmartDesk 2 goes well with white objects like a laptop. Black gives a sophisticated touch to any room.

4. A Natural Look

The SmartDesk 2 also has white oak, bamboo, and dark walnut designs. This versatility in wood material gives it the edge in natural home decor - the wooden design of the SmartDesk 2 complement nearby plants or glass panels that overlook the outdoors.

5. Forest Theme

If you use a wooden-theme SmartDesk 2, try an arugula wall color. This shade of dark green accompanies the finishing touch of the wood. It also gives a nice look of refreshment. Green office is traditionally a color that relaxes and comforts. It is also trendy and stylish with decoration.

6. Minimalist Zen

The bamboo-theme of the SmartDesk 2 gives way to Asian-inspired home decor. Minimalistic philosophy allows you to use the natural environments in your home. Whether there is a nearby Buddha statue or orchid flowers, you can maintain a calm healthy focus for your projects. There is plenty of space to move around in a zen-styled home office. You can also try yoga exercises during a break from work. Try neutral or calm blue colors with a light shade.

Minimalist Zen

7. Customization

You can also freely customize the SmartDesk 2 in conjunction with your home decor needs. Frame colors range from white, grey, and black, alongside the original materials of top white, top black, and wood. It provides you more versatility in your color choices.

8. Color Variety of the Smart Chair

There is also the ErgoChair 2, which pairs very well with the SmartDesk 2. The color range is enormous since you can choose either all black, cool grey, evergreen, black and white, red apple, and baby blue.

Smart Chair

9. Warm Colors

Red is a color with intense energy, passion, and drive. A home office with a red, white, and black contrast brings excitement to home design. For example, you can try red apple ErgoChair 2 with a top black SmartDesk 2, since the red color itself is not too overwhelming and is rather eye-pleasing.

Warm Colors

10. Cool Colors

Blue gives a calm approach to your home office. White brings simplicity, so it pairs well with more hushed tones. The baby blue ErgoChair 2 is an excellent addition to a top white SmartDesk 2. Even a color like cool grey gives minimalist vibes that help you concentrate on your projects.

11. Open space with a Zen Work Pod

The Zen Work Pod is a great way to innovate your personal workspace. This outdoor shack has glass panels that allow you a beautiful view of your backyard. The ergonomic design of the high ceiling and overall space lets you maintain focus and energy within a relaxing environment. It comes with the Kinn chair, SmartDesk 2, and a bookshelf.

Zen Work Pod

The simplistic wooden design is both modern and natural, as the premium materials give the work pod resilience and strength for outdoor weather. The Zen Work Pod gives you all the privacy you need.

Pros and Cons of Color Schemes

The best color for your office ultimately depends on you since colors are a universal subject. You need to weigh the pros and cons of your color decision carefully. The advantages of good color designs for your home office include your personal touch, use of specific colors to convey emotions, a minimalist approach to how your workspace looks, and improved concentration through interior design. There is a disadvantage in color design's subjectivity since not everyone feels the same way about specific colors. In that case, this could potentially make the decision harder for you, but there are still many options to choose from.

With that said, the color designs of the Autonomous standing desk and ErgoChair give you plenty of options when you design your workplace. The Zen Work Pod is a substantial addition to an outdoor work-from-home area. Use these ideas for your home office inspiration. Give your workspace a personal touch with state-of-the-art ergonomic design and beautiful home decor.

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