14 Tech Products and Cool Gadgets for Working from Home
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14 Tech Products and Cool Gadgets for Working from Home

|Sep 29, 2021

Most of us have been working from home for almost a year since the pandemic started. If you haven't already, set up your workspace to suit your needs. You may need some extra gadgets for working from home to type comfortably, meet online, or concentrate, whether you're working in the guest bedroom, couch, or dining table.

In some cases, it will require purchasing a new desk, monitor, or lamp; in others, it may simply mean finding gadgets for working from home to make remote working easier. Here are some of the best desk accessories suggestions to make remote working more appealing, easier, and more practical for others. We found some interesting things.

Top 14 Cool Gadgets for Working from Home

1. Wireless keyboard

Wireless keyboard - gadgets for working from home

Despite its compactness, you can quickly type using the keys. If you don't need the number pad, you will have the option to go with the no-frills version of a regular or giant keyboard. The setup does not look cluttered, thanks to the lack of cables since it is wireless. 

2. Hard drive

You can store your files on a portable hard drive if you have separate computers at home and at work. This is one of the best gadgets for working from home. Identify those with fast read and write speeds and the more reliable SSD types. You should also make sure that the moving parts will not be damaged when tossed inside a bag.

3. Wireless mouse

Wireless mouse

The wireless mouse tops our list of the best work from home gadgets for good reason. It is possible to reduce hand and wrist fatigue by using the right mouse. You get ergonomic models with customizable buttons, adjustable scroll wheel speed, so you can use them for hours. As it is wireless, you can eliminate clutter caused by cables with ease.

4. Smart displays

If you need a clock or some music playing nearby, you need a smart display like Google's Nest Hub. Apart from the time and media playback, it can answer your search questions as you work.

5. Gel or silicone wrist pads

Gel or silicone wrist pads

Add a wrist-rest to your desk to prevent wrist fatigue. An active wrist pad comes in either a soft gel or silicone,and you can locate where it is most helpful. It's excellent to angle and removes it throughout the day as needed, but the sticky underside keeps it from shifting around. If you use a mouse or keyboard, you might want to get the best desk pad.

6. Video cameras

Here is one of the popular gadgets for working from home. Consider investing in a top-quality web camera if your work entails many internal or external meetings. Many laptops feature a built-in webcam, but it might not have the best resolution or work with specific applications. It would be best if you had a second web camera with a 1080p resolution as a backup.

Ensure that you perform a quick test to see if the web camera is compatible with your laptop, PC, tripods, and other accessories you use. There are plenty of Plug-and-Play web camera options with advanced control and filtering options for all users.  

7. Good PC monitor

While having curved, 4K monitors are on-trend, and they might set you back hundreds of dollars. For about $200, you can get a decent display. In general, most people should find full HD LED screens, which are large and high-resolution enough to meet most of their needs. Several of these tech gadgets for working from home even feature settings that limit blue light reflections along with other interruptions.

8. Ergonomic office chair

Ergonomic office chair - gadgets for working from home

The New York City Insider’stop choice in office chairs is the ‘Knoll ReGeneration Ergonomic Chair.’ Today most shopping sites are filled with premium options at the best prices. Might we suggest our Autonomous Chairs range? With a price of just $175 onwards, the foam memory, mesh panels, and adjustment features are almost identical to the pricey one.

9. Ergonomic desk

Ergonomic desk

Our recommendation is to buy a standing home standing desk. It is one of the most modern gadgets for working from home. Because of its ample drawer space, stylish design, and reasonable prices, we recommend one of these desks for every remote worker. They help you save space, money, time, and energy when remodeling your home office for your ergonomic good! Standing desks have one more advantage; that they can adjust electronically to prevent bodily aches associated with prolonged and intensive work hours. 

10. Desk converters

If you can’t get an excellent ergonomic standing desk, consider a desk converter alternative.The benefits of standing desks have made them more popular this year, but they are pretty expensive. Consider standing desk converts instead of buying entirely new furniture. You can place these on top of the desk when you feel like standing instead of sitting as they are much more affordable. Most are adjustable, too, especially this one, so height discrepancies will not be an issue.

11. Smart speakers

What is the best part? The smart speaker is a big trend because it has amazing sound quality when delivering background listening during work. It is one of the must-have gadgets for working from home. They can even be used to set reminders and alarms, get weather and news updates, and get quick answers to questions. With its voice control function, you can do all this from the comfort of your home trading desk setup.

12. USB-C Port hubs

USB-C Port hubs

If your laptop is a recent model manufactured within the last two years, it probably has some USB-C ports. Along with that, you might even be using other devices and accessories that have USB-C ports too. One useful solution would be a USB-C port hub that connects and charges all these devices simultaneously. Many USB-C port hubs also feature other USB port types:lightning USB, USB A, USB B, USB B Mini, USB B Micro, and even HDMI ports.

13. Desk lamps

A LED desk lamp adds brightness when you're working long hours or just in need of some extra illumination.You can customize the level or the height on certain desk lamps too. Some of the best desk light models even feature wireless charging, color tone, brightness controls, etc.

14. Cable organizers

Cable organizers

Finally, after setting up your desk, lamp, laptop, mouse, keyboard, and other desk accessories, you will notice one thing – wires. Most of the devices we may use have wires for powering, charging, and connecting our most important work tools. Not only will you get stressed out, but you could also easily trip over tangled cords lying on the floor.

Cable organizers could help you sort out a mess of wires. These gadgets for working from home come in all shapes and sizes based on your cable-clutter needs and are very affordable. You can stick them on your desk, walls or even wrap them around the wires.

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