14 Surprising Productivity Tips For Students The Might Not Expect

14 Surprising Productivity Tips For Students The Might Not Expect

|Oct 8, 2020

Sometimes, the best productivity tips for students can seem like an oxymoron. These productivity tips for student life can even come across as bizarre, hence the title of “surprising productivity tips.” One can enhance their student productivity through these real, if not surprising, tricks. There are obvious tips, but these lesser-known ones should still inspire students to perform their very best in high school, college, and beyond!

How to Be Productive at College

College is often a stressful time for some students, as they are expected to live independently. To try to be as productive at school as possible is no easy feat. Hence, the first few tips are designed to keep it relatable to most readers. Of course, this advice has to be taken carefully and not abused liberally. For instance, the first of many productivity tips for students is related to having fun. It isn’t just having fun like watching TV or browsing the Internet, but rather to mess around with source material. This can include the second tip, which is finding like-minded individuals to goof off with. Productivity isn’t just working hard, for a person’s mental and emotional health is paramount to their survival. Hence, it is essential to find people similar to one another to chill with during leisure.

Productive at College

Believe it or not, owning an animal can significantly bolster one’s mood. If a student has a pleasant mood, they are more likely to work efficiently and happily. Depression is a serious matter, so any attempt to alleviate it can help improve student productivity. On a similar note, the fourth tip is related to focusing on the present. Some students have anxiety and worry too much about the unknown, so it’s more efficient to work with what a person has at the moment than what they could become in the future.

The fifth tip is related to focusing on an individual’s physical health. It is challenging to be productive when a person feels bad, so a student should focus on physical activity. Whether it’s yoga, running, there are several benefits to being physically healthy. A healthy body and mind can help student productivity enormously!

Tips Related to Working

Whether it’s work for pay or just working on assignments, the sixth tip is all about avoiding the possibility of working too hard. Efficiency is similar to a bell curve, in which there comes the point where working too hard can limit a person’s productivity. Hence, it is ideal for the seventh tip, which is working smart, not hard. Find shortcuts and alternative methods to prevent stress from stacking up.

Tips Related to Working

The eighth tip is to experiment with schedules. Sometimes, a student’s current schedule isn’t an ideal way to be productive at school. Instead, an answer on how to be more productive in college can be as simple as studying sooner, rather than procrastinating. This piece of advice also ties into step 9, which is doing homework as quickly as possible. This tip doesn’t mean doing homework as soon as a person is assigned, but rather, it relates to a person willing to do work as soon as they can. Procrastination can significantly ruin a person’s work, and this can lead to failing assignments concerning student life.


If a student is ever stuck on a problem and doesn’t know how to advance, then using the Internet is a great solution! YouTube videos can streamline college life, especially in situations where a person has an incompetent professor. Afterward, a person should calculate how efficient they need to be for their courses. For example, if a student has a 110% in a class, and the final is only worth 10% of the final grade, there is no need to beat oneself up over something so insignificant.


Tip number 12 is related to the power of positivity. Students should try and be happy during their stay at college. Why be gloomy and in debt when you can have fun with the situation at hand? Debts can go away in due time, but a miserable attitude often doesn’t. The 13th tip is to stay in contact with old friends and family, which can always help alleviate a person’s mood.

Choose Ergonomic Equipment

The final tip is related to buying ergonomic equipment. Believe it or not, but a student’s workspace can have monumental influences over their study habits. Whether a student is in college or not, there is a lot a parent can do to ensure their success. One such example is through buying them an ergonomic desk. Autonomous.AI has numerous school and office equipment worth checking out, but the most important piece to a student is a suitable desk.

Choose ergonomic equipment

Lo and behold, the SmartDesk 4! This specially designed desk is made for boosting student productivity in several ways. With its own app to accompany it, a person has several ways of controlling their efficiency. A person can use a timer for remembering key scheduled events or use the robust yet quiet desk for maximum performance. The latter statement, in particular, is related to how the SmartDesk 4 pushes its hardware to the limit, as it isn’t an average wooden desk. Best of all, a student doesn’t need much experience in setting it up!

The Pros and Cons of Ergonomic Equipment

  • icon checkCan be assembled within 15 to 30 minutes.
  • icon checkComes with a 5-year warranty on the frame.
  • icon checkRobust yet quiet hardware.
  • icon checkCan be elevated or lowered easily.
  • icon checkActs as both a standing desk and a regular desk.
  • icon checkComes with an app for more convenience.
  • icon timesCosts money.

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