14 Tips for Remote Workers - How To Get Healthy Work From Home
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14 Tips for Remote Workers - How To Get Healthy Work From Home

|Nov 11, 2020

Healthy work from home is important for remote workers. You need a wellness program to maintain your work productivity. Use these 14 tips to plan out your long-term health goals. Build towards your healthy work from home habits so you can reap the benefits.

1. Try Ergonomic Chairs

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Autonomous provides the ErgoChair 2, one of their best ergonomic chairs available. You gain several health benefits as you sit in the ErgoChair 2, including better blood circulation, correct alignment of your spine, and stress reduction.

Ergonomic Chairs

  • icon checkLumbar support keeps your back straight.
  • icon checkReduces stress on your body.
  • icon checkFree-range movement.
  • icon checkFully customizable.
  • icon checkAffordable monthly payments.
  • icon timesSomewhat expensive.

2. Try Standing Desks

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Standing desks allow you a free range of movement, but the SmartDesk 4 revolutionizes your work routine. With state-of-the-art technology, healthy work from home is made easy through this ergonomic design. You can maintain the best healthy work from home habits with an ergonomic chair and standing desk setup.

Ergonomic Chairs

  • icon checkMove around freely.
  • icon checkActivity log for breaks.
  • icon checkSchedules sit-and-stand sessions.
  • icon checkPersonalize your work intervals.
  • icon checkAffordable monthly payments.
  • icon timesSomewhat expensive.

3. Superfoods

Try healthy work from home lunches. You can give your workday a boost with oatmeal, chicken, blueberries, dates, avocados, lentils, and almonds. They are high protein energy boosters with nutritional value. Make sure to plan your meals accordingly. Enjoy healthy work from home lunches to regain your energy.

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4. Exercise from Your Desk

With a standing desk, you can perform exercise routines while you work. Sitting exercises keep you mobile while the standing desks maintain your neutral position. Work out while you work at home with a couple of stretches and squats to help improve your overall health.

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5. Plan Ahead

Maintain your schedule throughout the week. Take healthy work from home lunches in between breaks. Prioritize major projects and finish before their due date. Organization is key to your success in your workplace.

6. Take Breaks

You need to take breaks regularly. Don’t overwork yourself in a stressful manner. Breaks allow you time to put yourself back together and recover from stress. You need to restore your energy so you can continue your work productively.

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7. Look for Healthy Vitamins

When you take your healthy work from home lunches, make sure to pack in your daily vitamins. These may include Vitamins A, C, and E. Don’t forget beta-carotene, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients boost your energy considerably. Omega-3 fatty acids are typically found in fish, so if you are not comfortable taking all those pills, then you can opt for healthy alternatives with food!

8. Listen to Music

Try playing your favorite soundtracks. Music helps keep you motivated and can result in a positive change of mood. Try calm relaxing music to maintain your concentration. It helps remove body tension so you can stay energized.

9. Create Your Own Personalized Space

Your mental wellbeing is just as important as your physical. Your workspace should keep you in a calm state of concentration. Customize your workspace with your personal touch. Make sure you remove any distractions from this space.

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10. Stick to Your Schedule

One healthy way to maintain work productivity is with a schedule. Find the right work hours for yourself. Once you figure it out, you can work more efficiently under your schedule. Don’t forget lunch breaks and exercises.

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11. Keep an Activity Log

You should keep track of your current progress. Write down a list of superfoods to eat during your scheduled breaks. Look at your activity log to see what days you are most productive. Use it as a guide for your productivity and health.

12. Maintain Your Hygiene

Even if you work remotely from home, it’s still important to shower every day. Keep yourself clean so you can feel good about yourself. Cleanliness has a positive impact on your overall physical and mental condition. Wash your body regularly. The smell of shampoo can also make a positive impact on your mood. Feel good about yourself through self-care!

13. Avoid Social Media

Not only is social media a distraction, but your mood might also go on a downturn depending on articles you read online. Research shows social media can have a negative influence on your mindset. Put your phone away and focus on the task at hand. You can use it after you finish your projects. It also keeps you motivated to complete your assignments. You can use the promise of checking your phone as a reward system for finishing your projects.

14. Work Early

Don’t put off your work. It only leads to stressful attempts to finish your projects. It can result in negative effects on your mind and body. Start your morning strong. Once your work is done, you can sit back and relax. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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