15 Best Adjustable Standing Desk for 2024 Just For You
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15 Best Adjustable Standing Desk for 2024 Just For You

|Dec 17, 2020

Remote workers understand the importance of ergonomics more than ever before. If you sit around all day working long hours, your back might start to ache, or your neck may start to get stiff. Uncomfortable chairs worsen this issue since you constantly adjust yourself. Stress and body pain limit your work productivity significantly. The solution is sitting and standing sessions. What you need is a standing desk with height adjustment. 

The best adjustable standing desk takes into consideration your height. With adjustments, you can customize the height settings to your liking. Every remote worker should buy a standing desk to support themselves during long work shifts. Consider what goes into a good standing desk and why the health benefits are important for you. 

Why You Should Consider Adjustable Standing Desks

Before you buy the best electric standing desk for you, consider the health benefits. When you schedule break intervals with sitting and standing, you improve blood circulation in your legs. You also straighten your back and prevent slouching for long periods of time. Avoid stiffness in your joints with a good standing desk. They should encourage you to spend less time sitting and more time standing in a comfortable position. 

You can also adjust the position of your monitor. When you work at your desk, the computer screen should be at eye level. Your keyboard and monitor should be in a proper position, which a standing desk provides with an optimal surface area. Make sure when you sit, your knees are above your ankles. Your feet should be pointed straight and be firmly planted on the ground. 

The best standing desk lets you avoid phases of inactivity. Every now and then, you need to move your body to prevent stiff body parts. With adjustable height settings, you can raise or lower your desk. Ergonomic space allows you to move around and try out physical activities during breaks freely. Exercise is a good way to get the blood rushing. 

Adjustable Standing desk

What to Look For In The Best Adjustable Standing Desk

The best electric standing desk should allow you comfort, customization, and control. As previously stated, height adjustments are an important function. You should also optimize your surrounding areas. Standing desks should fit anywhere within your home. A good standing desk should also build healthier habits. With sitting and standing sessions, you can use these break intervals to eat nutritious superfoods or exercise. Note standing desks are not replacements for food and physical activity but rather provide you energy throughout the day. 

Consider these 15 choices for the best electric standing desk. Each of them takes into consideration the functionality, practicality, and usefulness. From height adjustment to high-quality materials, a standing desk should allow you to accessorize. Everybody has their own height measurements, which is why desks need to have customizable features. Here are 15 of the best motorized standing desks for the year 2022. 

1. SmartDesk Core

One of the best-motorized standing desk options is SmartDesk Core. Autonomous provides you heavy-duty steel for extra reinforcement. The standing desk boosts your overall energy with easy-to-use height adjustments. Sitting and standing sessions are done with a dual-motor system that lifts the desk. Press a single button, and it does all the work for you. Since it is silent, it provides no distractions while you work. 


  Four programmable height settings

  Strong foundation with steel frame

  Capable of lifting up to 300 lbs

  Silent dual-motor system

  Offers a stylish look

  30-day trials with a five-year warranty

  Affordable monthly payments


  Slightly pricey without monthly payments

SmartDesk 2

2. SmartDesk Pro

Among home offices, the SmartDesk Pro is one of the best adjustable standing desk choices. The steel frames allow great support and strength. You can boost your work productivity, whether you work from home or in an office. Since this version of the SmartDesk is a premium build, you get higher quality as a result. The desk is fully adjustable to fit your need. Like other SmartDesks, it can lift up to 300 lbs. Minimal design gives your workspace plenty of room to move around as you work. 


  Better height range than normal SmartDesks

  Great stability allows you to maintain focus

  Quiet motorized power system

  Only takes seconds to lift up the desk

  High-quality materials with premium manufacturing

  30-day trials with a seven-year warranty

  Affordable monthly payments


  Expensive without monthly payments 

SmartDesk 2 premium

3. L-Shaped Standing Desk

The best adjustable standing desk should consider space. Autonomous introduces the L-Shaped Standing Desk, which offers practical design. You can place this in the corners of your household to maximize your space. The workstation has plenty of surface area for multiple monitors. It uses an upgraded triple-motor system, which carries up to 330 lbs. Fully adjustable, you can glide the desk up and down with a quick press of a button. The desk is also attachable, so you can build it however you want. The L-Shaped Standing Desk offers a great ergonomic design. 


  Practical ergonomic design for space

  Triple-motor system is silent and strong

  Plenty of surface area to cover your workstation

  Sleek design offers a modern look for your home

  Assembly is easy to understand and easy to do

  30-day trials with a five-year warranty

  Affordable monthly payments


  Expensive without monthly payments

L-Shaped desk

4. SmartDesk 4

The SmartDesk 4 is a strong contender for the best adjustable standing desk. Build your own daily performance rituals with SmartDesk 4. With the use of the Autonomous App, you can preset the height settings with a powerful motor. Schedule your sitting and standing sessions during breaks. Ergonomic design allows you to perform physical exercises in the meantime. You can personalize your work intervals in effective ways. There are also great pre-order promos when you order from Autonomous, saving you up to $200. Increase your work productivity by maintaining focus and energy throughout the day.


  Fully adjustable height settings with memory presets

  Schedules intervals for sitting and standing

  Increases mood with mid-day energy breaks

  Generous pre-order saves you money

  Step-by-step workout guides online

  30-day trials with a seven-year warranty

  Affordable monthly payments


  Expensive without monthly payments

  Only a few hundred left in stock

SmartDesk 4

5. RealSpace Electric Standing Desk

Home Depot and Office Depot offer an electric standing desk from Realspace. You can easily change from sitting down to standing up with this desk. Height adjustment is electronically controlled, and color choices range from black to white.


  Steel legs give a sturdy foundation

  Surface is scratch-resistant

  Height adjustment is easy to control

  Offers a nice clean look


  Somewhat expensive

  Lacks monthly payments

  Weight capacity is 100 lbs

6. Flexispot Value Electric Height-Adjustable Desk

Flexispot offers an electronic desk with an ergonomic design in mind. You get smooth transitions along with stability. It comes with a reasonable price tag. From black and white to mahogany and maple, you get a wide range of desktop colors.

Flexispot Value Electric Height Adjustable desk


  Good stability

  Adjustments are smooth

  Improves work efficiency

  Affordable price range


  Adjustments are slow

  Surface is easy to scratch

  Only supports up to 150 lbs

7. Ailith Height-Adjustable Desk

Joss and Main use a stylish blend of wood and metal for the Ailith standing desk. The distressed finish gives it a polished look. Adjustable height gives it functionality, while the metal frame gives it durability.


  Beautiful mix of metal and wood for a unique aesthetic

  Solid foundation with metal frame



  Prone to scratches

  Slightly expensive

8. Ferndown Height-Adjustable Desk

Williston Forge used solid wood with a finish on this particular desk. It has an industrial look with a metal frame. You can use a crank to adjust the height of the desk.


  Polished look with metal and wooden materials

  Good quality with a sturdy base

  33% off with a current sale


  Metal frame underneath desk limits space

  Turn wheel is slow

9. Kamen Height Adjustable Desk

Upper Square offers the Kamen standing desk with height adjustment. You can work in a seated position while standing thanks to the ergonomic space of the desk. It is relatively cheap, with 41% off and comes with a two-year warranty with full protection.


  Easy to assemble

  Good quality materials

  Two-year warranty

  Affordable price range


  Mechanisms might not be smooth

  Prone to wobbles

10. Ferril L-Shaped Standing Desk

The best adjustable standing desk options should be multifunctional. The Ferril L-Shaped desk from Ebern Designs is a great choice for maximizing the space within your work area. It fits within any corner of the room. You can also put it up against walls. The steel frame allows extra support for the entire desk.

Ferril L-Shaped Standing desk


  L-Shape provides a multipurpose work area

  Plenty of space with the desktop surface

  Sturdy foundation gives it strength

  Easy to assemble


  Only has one color - black

11. Electric Height-Adjustable Desk Converter from ApexDesk

ApexDesk introduces their electronically controlled standing desk with height movement. Power adjustment is easy to use with a dual-motor system. There is also a keyboard tray and USB port built-in for convenience. You can get this electric standing desk white, black, or walnut.

Electric height-adjustable desk


  Electric lifts are hydraulic and energy efficient

  Smooth transitions with silent dual-motor system

  Good surface area

  USB port


  Desk height is rather short

  Somewhat stiff

  Cannot use chairs

12. Trendway Standing Desk

Trendway uses a height-adjustable standing desk with straight corners. Exceptional craftsmanship allows the standing desk to adjust the height at a faster rate. With a simple clean design, it can look good in any household. The corners enable you to put it anywhere. Unlike most products, Trendway offers a lifetime warranty for this particular desk. While considerably expensive, it is a good candidate for the best adjustable standing desk.



  High-quality build with premium materials

  Speedy adjustments for sitting and standing

  Hidden silent motors prevent distractions

  Lifetime warranty


  One of the most expensive products on the market

  No monthly payments

13. Carmel Furniture Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

Carmel Furniture offers its standing desk. A mixture of manufactured wood and metal make up the composition. While the desk is heavy, you get a sturdy build. The materials are sourced directly from the United States.


  High-quality materials

  Great stability

  Offer plenty of space

  Made in the United States



  Only a few left in stock

  Heavy to lift

14. VARIDESK Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

VARIDESK has one of the cheaper standing desks on the market. With a certification from Greenguard, this type of desk is good for the environment. The work surface is slim but also saves space within your household. You can even place it in tight corners.

Varidesk height-adjustable standing desk


  Takes into consideration space within your workstation

  Eco-friendly materials in mind

  Budget-friendly price tag


  Metal-framed legs limit space underneath the desk

  Slightly on the smaller side

15. Atlantic Sit-and-Stand Desk

Atlantic offers an ongoing sale with their standing desk, making it one of the more affordable options. The surface is laminated, so it provides an easy clean. With a steel frame, you get a durable desk and good support. Height adjustment is easy.

Atlantic sit-and-Stand desk


  Spacious work surface

  Easy to clean the desk

  Considerably affordable


  Metal bar underneath is inconvenient for leg movement

  Not sold in stores - only online

  Materials are somewhat cheap

Best Standing Desk 2022

When you consider what makes the best standing desk, you can make an informed decision. The list should provide you with 15 good choices for standing desks. From sitting to standing, height-adjustment is an important function that allows you much-needed breaks. There is no need to work long hours without moving around. Remote work can be made easier. A good standing desk gives you all you need to break up the monotony. Significantly improve your work productivity and boost your energy with any of these standing desks.

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