15 Best L-Shaped Office Desk for Workspace 2024
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15 Best L-Shaped Office Desk for Workspace 2024

|Jan 17, 2021

The L-shaped office desk is a popular option for a home office. When looking at it, it appears in the shape of the letter “L,” and it fits parallel with two walls. This is an optimized set up for the corner of the office. Those who want to increase the workspace surface area and have a free corner are sure to appreciate the L-shaped executive desk. The shape of the desk matters, and we feel that L-shaped versions are the top choice.

Why Should You Get an L-Shaped Desk?

There are many reasons to consider an L-shaped desk. Owning a computer corner office desk means that you have more space to work, and you can also leverage the room more effectively. Many people feel that the best L-shaped desk for home office is one that gives them corner symmetry. This means that there’s balance to the room, which adds harmony.

Typically, the best corner office desk uses the space more efficiently and gives you more area in which to work. You can optimize the area in which you can work. Most people have a free corner of the room, so even if you can’t devote a bedroom to an office, you can still concentrate and have a specific place to do it.

Why Should You Get an L-Shaped Desk?

Top 15 L-Shaped Office Desk for 2022

1. L-Shaped SmartDesk from Autonomous

The Autonomous brand is synonymous with motorized sit-stand desks. Therefore, we think the L-shaped SmartDesk is the best L-shaped desk for home office use. The practical design means that you’re going to be inspired to go to work.

It’s strong enough to handle 330 pounds of weight, but the motor is quiet enough that you don’t hear it while it’s running. Plus, you’re going to appreciate the four preset buttons. Set them up when you assemble the desk. That way, you can raise/lower it with a button press.

With this L-shaped office desk, it’s 77 inches long and 35 inches wide. Each ‘short edge’ is 29 inches wide, as well.

There’s also the frame, which is made of steel and has rounded edges. You can actually adjust the width and length to meet any tabletop settings. That way, if you decide you want a different tabletop, you can change it to meet your needs. This is one of the best corner office desk choices because of its versatility.

L-Shaped SmartDesk from Autonomous

2.  L-shaped Standing Desk Frame from Autonomous

There are countless L-shaped office desk options out there, but what if you already have the tabletops? Some people use L-shaped desks frequently, so when their old one is no longer satisfactory, they keep the desktops. If that’s the case with you, consider repurposing them and buy the standing desk frame from Autonomous. There are multiple styles available, including the L-shape. You’re bound to enjoy the ability to sit or stand without having to buy a brand new table. Just get rid of the old desk legs and start over!

L-shaped Standing Desk Frame from Autonomous

3. Tribesigns Industrial L-Shaped Desk

Those who want an L-shaped office desk should check out the one from Tribesigns. The industrial design comes from the iron and solid wood aesthetic. It’s pleasant to look at and well-built.

You’re going to enjoy the two built-in areas for storage right under the desktop surfaces. You can store printers, books, and other office supplies so that they’re out of sight and out of the way. This is primarily for an organization because when you’re organized, you are more productive.

The desk is built with working in mind. You have much more surface area, and there’s the two-thirds symmetry. This ultimately means that one side of the desk is a bit longer. Use it as the primary workstation.

Tribesigns Industrial L-Shaped Desk

4. Vasagle File Cabinet L-Shaped Desk

A top choice for an L-shaped office desk is the Vasagle File Cabinet Desk. There is plenty to like about this desk because it has a file cabinet built into the bottom. You can also use the two shelves at the opposite end to store everything you could possibly need for work.

If you don’t need the file cabinet, you can use it as a regular drawer, too. That’s one of the reasons why this is the best L-shaped desk for home office use.

However, we also like the rustic brown appearance of the desktop. It goes well with any décor. There is a longer side to this corner desk, which is 59 inches long. Therefore, you have enough space for multiple monitors, the computer/tower, a printer, and other necessities.

Vasagle File Cabinet L-Shaped Desk

5. Z-Line Belaire Glass L-shaped Desk

The best corner office desk is one that features a sleek design. The Z-Line brand has gone above and beyond with the glass and metal styling. In a sense, it reminds us of Apple and how it designs its products. The clear, simple glass option is strong and easy to use.

You’re going to appreciate the multi-pitched surfaces. That way, you can put your monitor higher up. There are two of them, and you can choose to use both or just one. This means you’ve got versatility and flexibility with your L-shaped executive desk.

Since the entire thing is made of glass, you can see the floor below. This is a nice touch for open layouts and office spaces. More light can get in and reflect off the surfaces to create a well-lit area during the day.

Z-Line Belaire Glass L-shaped Desk

6. OneSpace Ultramodern Glass L-shape Desk

Owning an L-shaped office desk doesn’t mean that you have to suffer in quality or durability. OneSpace offers an Ultramodern Glass L-shaped Desk that has a sleek design. You’re going to like that it’s a little smaller, so if you’ve got less space in the office, you can still utilize it to its fullest.

The glass creates a futuristic vibe for the work environment. Plus, there is storage for the computer tower or a CPU stand. That way, everything is out of sight while you’re working. There’s also a foldout spot for the keyboard, which can be pushed in when it’s not being used.

OneSpace Ultramodern Glass L-shape Desk

7. Currency Right Hand L-shaped Desk

Smart Furniture offers the Currency L-shaped Desk designed for right-handed people. You get two storage drawers under the work surface, and the bottom drawer can lock. The keys are included with your purchase, so you can protect your valuables.

This product is made using MDF and features many color choices. Since there’s plenty of room, you can have a printer, laptop, multiple screens, a stand, and whatever else you require.

Though this option is for right-handed people, there’s a reverse desk available for left-handed people. You’re going to appreciate that most of this desk is assembled already. Just screw together the legs and the two tabletops.

8. Smart Furniture Glass L-Shaped Desk

Going back to the glass design, Smart Furniture has a Glass L-shaped Office Desk available. There’s a built-in tray for your keyboard, which gets installed on either panel of the desk. With this product, there is less to assemble here, and it takes about 30 minutes to do. We like that the legs feature a cherry finish to provide contrast to the clear, glass sleekness of the desk. You’re going to have plenty of room for your printers, monitors, towers, laptops, and whatever else you require to do your job.

9. Bush Furniture Anthropology L-Shaped Desk

The best corner office desk could be the one from Bush Furniture. It’s functional and durable with the glass finish you crave. Everyone can appreciate the elegance of this minimalistic desk. Still, there’s a small space underneath where you can house your office supplies and paperwork. The best part is you can see what’s in there, making quick access easier to attain.

Bush Furniture Anthropology L-Shaped Desk

10. Monarch Specialties Left/Right Corner Desk

Those who want an L-shaped executive desk are sure to appreciate the Monarch Specialties brand. It’s imported and includes a filing cabinet, side shelves, and shelves underneath. We aren’t convinced that the one side is all that great, though. It’s not level, so it can take some time to get used to it. Still, if you like the minimalistic approach, this is likely the right choice for you.

Monarch Specialties Left/Right Corner Desk

11. Union Rustic Vansant L-Shaped Desk

The Union Rustic brand has a great L-shaped office desk. You can bring modern styles to the office with the unconventional design. Still, it’s meant for ergonomics, so you can work without getting overly tired.

We like the laminated particleboard, which makes it inexpensive and durable. There are also hairpin legs that are powder-coated and metal. Though it looks vulnerable and shaky, it holds about 135 pounds.

You can use this table for drafting, writing, and other DIY projects. Plus, there is an adjustable shelf that can go on either side. Use it to house the items you don’t need right now to keep the desk uncluttered.

12. Teraves Reversible L-Shaped Desk

Do you like combining the old with new stylings? If so, then you need the reversible L-shaped office desk from Teraves. It has old wood styling, but the design is also modern. Since it’s L-shaped, it works well in various locations of your home. However, there isn’t much symmetry, as one side is much longer than the other. Still, it’s durable and features plenty of wire-style shelves to hold all of your accessories. There’s enough room for some plants, a lamp, your keyboard, monitor, and everything else you could possibly want or need.

Teraves Reversible L-Shaped Desk

13. Inbox Zero Reversible L-shaped Desk

With the Inbox Zero brand, you get a reversible L-shaped executive desk. It stands apart from the crowd because of the sturdy and simple design. Plus, you can set it up to use left- or right-handed. We like that it’s cost-effective and made using recycled materials. You’re protecting the earth while getting your work done remotely.

With the metal and wood construction, it holds up to 300 pounds effortlessly. This could be the best L-shaped desk for home office use. If you’re working in an area without carpet, you don’t have to deal with floor scratches because of the adjustable footpads on the bottoms of the legs.

Inbox Zero Reversible L-shaped Desk

14. Rosecliff Heights Jace L-Shape Desk

Rosecliff Heights isn’t well-known, but its Jace L-shape Desk offers a vintage style to the home office. You’re going to like that there’s laminate over the wood to protect it from decay and damage.

If that wasn’t enough, the table fits well into any corner of your home. The angled design is perfect, and its small footprint ensures that it can be used in bedrooms or living rooms. If you don’t have a devoted home office, this could be the best corner office desk for your home.

15. Vasagle Industrial L-Shaped Desk

If you’re interested in a computer corner office desk, the one from Vasagle might be ideal. When you sit in the middle, you can reach everything with speed, whether it’s on the left or right side.

We like that there are two desk shelves underneath. That gives you plenty of space to store books, papers, and other items that you need periodically. You’re going to find that there’s ample work room, so you can fit your monitor, computer, and everything else that’s necessary. Plus, it’s easy to assemble, even though there are multiple parts.

Vasagle Industrial L-Shaped Desk


Everyone understands the benefits of having an L-shaped office desk. However, the question is where to go to get it. Autonomous believes in creating office desks with automated height adjustments. That way, you can get the benefits of standing while you work without having to put in much effort to get to a standing position.

Its L-shaped SmartDesk glides up/down in silence and can hold a combined 330 pounds of weight. With the triple motor system, you’re sure to be standing in mere seconds. About the options of purchasing a corner desk, we think this might be the best L-shaped desk for home office use because it’s simple, automates the process of raising and lowering the desk, and easily matches your décor. Plus, it’s possible to put the ‘short arm’ to the right or left, depending on your home’s setup and needs.

If you want the best corner office desk, consider the Autonomous brand!

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