Getting More Space and Storage with These 15 Large Modern Desks
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Getting More Space and Storage with These 15 Large Modern Desks

|Dec 17, 2021

It's not just about the style of choosing the right large modern desk - you must consider the size and use of the desk and how you use it. You want to make sure that the desk size you choose is right for your workplace and your needs, whether you're setting up a new home office or replacing an old standing desk.

15 Best Large Modern Desks You’ll Love

1. Autonomous SmartDesk Core XL 53" x 29"

Autonomous SmartDesk Core large modern desk

With a range of adjustment options from 29.4" to 48", the SmartDesk Core large modern desk is ideal for people of all sizes. It lifts 265 Lbs. at only 50 dB and can be set to 4 custom heights. This wheel moves 1.1 inches per second with its maximum load and remains rock-solid throughout.

2. Autonomous SmartDesk Pro XL 53" x 29"

SmartDesk Pro large modern desk

There is enough room for two monitors in Regular. But the XL large modern executive desk fits all your needs - and more. With the SmartDesk Pro large modern office desk, you can work easily regardless of how much space you have. When do you perform at your best? Ten years of solid productivity at 310 pounds at 1.3 inches per second. With an average operating noise level of 40 dB, even when jostled at its maximum height of 52", the large modern computer desk wobbles at less than 0.5°

3. Autonomous SmartDesk Corner

SmartDesk Corner large modern desk

SmartDesk Core desks come in various configurations, including single and double desks. Together, the frame and desktop weight of SmartDesk Corner are more than 100 pounds. In contrast to white/black tabletops, bamboo tabletops are more durable and come in two sizes. The large modern corner desk is now equipped with dual motors. In addition to being incredibly quiet, it can now handle weights of up to 300 pounds.

4. Conner L-Shaped Desk

With the support beams at the bottom of the standing desk with a drawer for additional durability, this L-shaped large modern executive desk is affordable (on the lower end of the price range for L-shaped desks). The surface storage area of this office corner desk is elongated and clean. Suitable for a laptop or multiple monitors. An ideal place to use your creative mind is against an open window (a living room, large office, and bedroom).

5. L-Shaped Desk from Tremont

Work from home set-ups will benefit from the professional and practical colors. There is no hutch or large cabinet to obstruct your view of what's beyond the desk as you work. It does not have hutches or cabinets, which allows you to see beyond the desk while working cleanly and clearly, in addition to the two drawers below the desk (open and close fully).

6. Reversible L-Shaped Desk from Inbox Zero

Reversible L-Shaped Desk from Inbox Zero

The tabletop is made of manufactured wood and sits atop a metal frame. This combination makes it extremely robust. It can easily support 300 pounds at once. A firm footing is also assured on uneven surfaces with the adjustable foot pads. You won't have to worry about scratches on your floor either.

7. Hollow Core Corner desk from Monarch Specialties

The desk's surface area is optimized to 60 inches, and you have plenty of room to accommodate a computer, lamp, picture frames, and office supplies. This large modern computer desk features a minimalistic, sleek, and Craftsman-style design in which pieces fit luxuriously together for maximum functionality.

8. L-Shaped Desk from Techni Mobili

Techni Mobili large modern desk

A cabinet and two drawers are also included, and two shelves are on either end. 59.5 x 59.5 x 30 inches are the exact specifications of the desktop.  It's a nice choice of design to join the two desktop panels together with a thick column.

9. L-Shaped Desk from Alenna

There is no under hanging cabinet or manufactured wood on the bottom of the desk, which makes it light, portable, and easy to assemble. A small to medium monitor, under 27 inches, can be placed on the shelving, though if you have a larger monitor, it should be placed on the left of the L.

10. L-Desk from Branch

Branch large modern desk

This large modern desk features a premium tabletop resistant to spills and dents, brushed grommets for wire management, a locking cabinet with three drawers, and a steel frame that can support 650 pounds.

11. Topsky Computer Desk

Particleboard is used for the large surface area, reinforced with steel. Adjustable feet will allow you to level the furniture on uneven floors. The desk is big and can handle a lot with two monitors, a keyboard, printer, huge mousepad, a Nintendo Switch, and plenty of room for drinks and other items.

12. Industrial Folding Desk from Coavas

Coavas large modern desk

The particleboard surface snaps onto the black metal frame with little to no assembly required. It's so easy to put together that you can even take it with you. You don't have to assemble it at all - just snap the particleboard surface onto the black metal frame, and you're done. It's so easy to assemble that even a child can do it. The desk is surprisingly stable, and its top, while thin, doesn't feel flimsy.

13. IKEA's Pahl Desk

Designed for children who will use it as they grow up, the IKEA Pahl Desk can be adjusted to almost 28 inches of height for adults as well. Its clean and simple design makes it an excellent choice for anyone needing a large, flat work surface. Cables can be stowed between the front and back legs using the two cable holders. For other gaming storage ideas, it is also possible to pair the Pahl desk with other IKEA products, such as a desktop shelf or cabinet addition.

14. Flexispot's Standing desk

An adjustable height office computer desk with a hutch that allows you to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day, which is better for your health than sitting at your desk all day. Using a button, you can adjust the height of the Flexispot large modern office desk from 28 to 47.6 inches at a rate of 1 inch per second, which is fairly quiet and smooth. Many monitors and laptops could be set up on a large, sturdy surface. Assembling it is straightforward. There is nothing better than this desk. The set-up is easy; all tools except a screwdriver are included,

15. Studio Hillsdale L desk from Red Barrel

Studio Hillsdale L desk from Red Barrel

The Hillsdale L-Shape Desk from Red Barrel Studio offers a true executive office experience at a reasonable price. There are nearly five feet between each part of the "L." A computer tower cabinet with frosted panels is on one side, and two gliding drawers are on the other. An integrated USB hub with four ports and a cubby shelf minimizes desktop clutter.


The list of 15 above large modern desks are the most popular options on the market today with proper features and stylish design. All you need to do now is to choose the most suitable one that meets your needs to put in your working corner.

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